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5 Virtual Keyboards That Help You Study On The Go

5 Virtual Keyboards That Help You Study On The Go

Students often spend time away from their regular workspaces. They must work from their laptops or mobile devices in less than suitable conditions. For example, when commuting to the campus or traveling to a neighboring city on a bus. There are several virtual keyboards they may use to make this process go smoothly.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard – Windows

This app is great for those with Windows laptops. Microsoft SwiftKey works like a personal assistant from a write my assignment for me platform a student may use. The software learns the writing style of its users and offers suggestions based on it. The app automatically proposes frequently used words and phrases. The built-in autocorrect tool streamlines the writing process.

Making fewer mistakes means spending less time proofreading. Students may either swipe or type letters to make words and phrases. They can also customize the layout with many themes to choose from. Additionally, the keyboard tracks their assignments thanks to integration with the Microsoft To Do app.

KeyKey – macOS

MacBook owners should check out the KeyKey app to improve their typing skills. The virtual keyboard teaches key placement in various layouts. If you don’t like the standard QWERTY format, train yourself in AZERTY, COLEMAK, or DVORAK styles. The app shows how to place hands and fingers in the most efficient way.

One of the few drawbacks of KeyKey is its limited language support. It works with English, Spanish, French, Italian, and several other languages. Their choice is tightly connected to the type of layout you wish to master. Practicing the combination of letters trains one’s muscle memory and minimizes the risk of making mistakes.

Students may use these functions to increase typing speed and accuracy. With enough practice, they will write assignment drafts a lot faster. In turn, this leads to less time spent on editing the documents. This skill will serve students long after graduation.

Fleksy Keyboard – Android and iOS

Fleksy Keyboard is one of the few virtual keyboards with many available extensions. Students can use this virtual input device to browse YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms. Collegegoers may even find materials for their papers via browser searches. All without exiting the app they’re working with, like Google Drive. The extensions are especially handy when you’re in a hurry.

This saves time on opening each app manually and increases the chance of meeting the deadlines. Like other virtual devices, it gives access to stickers, GIFs, and other elements. But, unlike those apps, Fleksy Keyboard allows using the spacebar as a cursor. Users may change the keyboard size and theme.

Grammar Keyboard – Android and iOS

Grammarly offers a dedicated virtual keyboard app for Android and Apple devices. Grammar Keyboard is a perfect choice for those with many writing assignments. One may use this app with research paper writing services to finish their work faster. The virtual keyboard ensures several things: proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

Additionally, the software helps with punctuation and synonyms. The app recently added the feature of swipe typing. The Grammar Keyboard also makes suggestions about a person’s writing. But one needs to type for some time before the software adapts to their style. This makes the application a perfect solution when writing assignments on the go.

MOJO Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

College attendants may have a hard time typing away at their small screens. It might be easier for them to write on a holographic input device. The MOJO virtually projects a red keyboard onto any flat surface. It allows for fast and accurate data input. Collegegoers may buy this product if they have $45 to spare.

The product connects to desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones via Bluetooth. But it’s most suitable for portable devices. Attaching peripherals to them is quite complicated. An individual can tap away on MOJO’s keys either on an airplane or a train, all without damaging their writing. It’s a good and affordable product for students working on the road.


Of course, built-in keyboards are enough for daily use. But these apps allow students to take their learning experience to the next level. They’re more likely to produce high-quality work within set deadlines.

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