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Are Takis Bad For You

Are Takis Bad For You? Here’s What To Know

Takis, in fact, are bad for your health and your body as a whole. Takis are loaded with harmful preservatives, sodium, and fat, which are bad for your health. You should consume them in moderation if you want to be healthy.

Takis contain a lot of fat, sugars, and sodium, as do other salty chips, but they lack essential nutrients your body needs. They’re also high in calories, with 140 calories in a 28-gram serving. But who actually follows those recommended serving sizes?

That’s not to say that you can’t eat Takis. You can certainly eat them as part of a balanced diet.

What Are Takis?

A Takis is a fried corn tortilla chip that is rolled into a very attractive shape.  As with many corn chip-based products, these chips are loaded with saturated fats, trans-fats, yeast extract, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sodium, and artificial chemical additives, flavors, and colors.  Chemical additives rob these products of their nutritional value and turn them into “non-foods”.  Foods with fewer ingredients on the label are generally healthier for you, and those with ingredients that are hard to pronounce should be returned to the shelf.

They come in a variety of sweet and salty flavors, which explains their generic listing of “seasonings”.  Their official website does not provide nutritional information.  Takis are known for their spicy flavors.  Spices found in “seasonings” blends can result in burning in the throat, stomach irritation, diarrhea, and indigestion.

Are Takis Bad For You?

High sodium and MSG levels are major concerns.  Dehydration, headaches, and bloating may be caused by too much consumption of these chemicals.  Research shows that sodium and MSG can increase the risk of hypertension, kidney failure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis over the long term.

It has been found that the artificial colors used in Takis can cause cancer and tumors in lab rats, as well as cause erratic behavior in children.  FD&C Yellow 6 lake and FD&C Red 40 lake are used in Takis.  Colors such as these are chosen for their visual appeal, yet the consequences can be severe.  You can find them in many processed foods, but they are best avoided, especially in children. 

The controversial preservatives in Takis allow them to sit on the shelf at the gas station or grocery store for several years before you buy them.  Modern advancements in preserving food have many advantages, but they also come at a price. 

Researchers have discovered that Tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) can cause tumors and DNA damage in high doses.  Furthermore, long-term exposure to the preservative can cause cancer. As an antioxidant preservative, Takis also contain Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).  Even though definitive research is still in the works, BHT is associated with cancer and asthma. BHT has also been found to disrupt children’s behavior. Several popular processed food brands have ceased using the chemical due to these concerns. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the content of both preservatives in food items. Therefore, if you or your children consume more than one serving, you could consume a toxic dose of chemicals.

What About Takis Fuego?

Nutritionally speaking, there isn’t a lot of difference between Takis and Takis Fuego. In comparison, the searingly hot Fuego variety is higher on the Scoville scale (the Scoville scale is a measurement of how spicy something is).

You might assume that eating spicy food is bad for you, but there are actually some good evidence suggesting that regular consumption of spicy foods might have certain health benefits.

Take for example this 2015 study of almost 500,000 people. In the study, researchers found that people who consumed spicy foods 6 or 7 days a week had an overall relative risk of death of 14 percent lower than those who consumed spicy foods less frequently.

Nevertheless, some people have a more sensitive digestive system than others. There are some medical conditions that spicy food can also aggravate, for example, IBS or gastritis. If you are experiencing digestive issues, regardless of whether or not they are triggered by spicy food, you should speak with a healthcare professional.

What Are The Harmful Effects Of Spicy Foods?

Takis are very spicy chips, and the seasonings in the chips that provide the spice can make your stomach hurt if you eat too many of them at once. Takis is often associated with stomach pain after bingeing.

As a result of eating Takis, an increase in acid production occurs, which is an aftereffect of the spices on the chip. Takis chips cause stomach problems such as indigestion and constipation because of the spices.

Takis can cause stomach cancer, according to research. The spice, as well as the artificial colors that make Takis red, can cause cancer.

Saturated Fats And Their Effect On Your Health

Foods contain both good and bad fats, so fat isn’t always bad. For those who consume Takis regularly, this brand of chips is full of unhealthy fats.

The accumulation of these fats in your blood can lead to high cholesterol levels.

One of the main causes of heart disease is excessive cholesterol in the body, a reason why a high-fat diet is not recommended, and yet another reason why you should not consume Takis on a regular basis.

What Should I Eat Instead?

You don’t have to give up snacking, and if you find it difficult to do so, change what you eat instead. If Takis is something you can not live without, choose the homemade version.

Corn tortillas can easily be made at home with your choice of flavorings and dips, a much better alternative than store-bought tortillas.


There are many unhealthy snacks available on the market.  However, Takis is one of the most unhealthy snacks available on the market.  The snack is delicious, and if you enjoy the taste and texture of it, maybe you could make a homemade version of it by baking some corn tortillas, adding a little sea salt, and adding organic dried-out spices.  As an alternative to this, you can make some plain homemade corn tortilla chips and a tasty guacamole dip using organic fresh vegetables as well!

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