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Mario Garcia

Hello I am Mario Garcia, I find human beings fascinating, especially our more or less endearing behavior. Bit by bit I’ve come to see us human beings not as autonomous agents in conscious control of our lives, but as incredibly complex biological organisms embedded in the process of our evolving culture. Here in our blog you will find a lot of life hacks, tech tips and information about just Being Human

Does Human Urine Repel Skunks? Pest Elimination Tips 

Does Human Urine Repel Skunks

Many online sources and rumors from friends must have got you wondering: Does human urine repel skunk?  This is a common question since skunks are a big menace, and property owners always look for new and effective ways to eliminate them. There are many expensive ways to eliminate skunks from …

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Has A Dolphin Ever Killed A Human? The Truth

Has A Dolphin Ever Killed A Human

Dolphins are known for their intelligence, playful nature, and close interactions with humans.  However, there have been instances where these gentle creatures have displayed aggressive behavior towards humans, leading to the question: Has a dolphin ever killed a human?  While it is extremely rare, there have been documented cases of …

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Discover The Best Liver Health Supplements: Herbs For Liver Support

Discover The Best Liver Health Supplements

The liver, often referred to as the body’s powerhouse, plays a vital role in maintaining overall health. Its functions include detoxification, metabolism regulation, and the synthesis of essential proteins. Considering its significance, maintaining optimal liver health is crucial for a balanced and vibrant life. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, …

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Does Human Microbes Actually Pay? Stool Donor Network

Does Human Microbes Actually Pay

Does Human Microbes Actually Pay? This question explores the mutual link between our bodies and the trillions of microbes inside us. It affects our health, well-being, and understanding of humanity beyond microscopic species. The human microbiome bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms affects our immune system, digestion, mental health, and metabolism.  But …

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Is Human Resources Capitalized? Grammar Rules

Is Human Resources Capitalized

Is human resources capitalized? When capitalizing certain words in a sentence, grammar rules can often be confusing.  One such word that often sparks debate is human resources. Many people wonder whether it should be capitalized or not. In this piece, we seek to clarify this matter. But why do you …

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Has A Bobcat Ever Killed A Human? Bobcat Danger Review

Has A Bobcat Ever Killed A Human

You must have encountered these remarkable canines on a hiking trail and wondered, has a bobcat ever killed a human?  Bobcats are relatively big, fast, and powerful, so they seem to have the potential to attack and kill a human, but how much danger do they pose? This article will …

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How Big Is A Wolf Compared To A Human? Size Showdown

How Big Is A Wolf Compared To A Human

Have you ever wondered how big a wolf is compared to a human? Well, we’re here to satisfy your curiosity. Wolves are known for their muscular bodies and sharp teeth, which can be intimidating.  Wolves belong to the canine family, and their size can vary depending on the species and …

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Do Sharks Like Human Blood? The Truth

Do Sharks Like Human Blood

Do sharks like human blood? Sharks have long been the subjects of fascination and fear. With their sleek bodies and rows of sharp teeth, they are often portrayed as voracious predators.  This topic has been the subject of much speculation and sensationalism, fueled by movies and media portrayals.  However, it …

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Can I Use Human Eye Drops On My Dog? Is It Safe?

Can I Use Human Eye Drops On My Dog

Can I use human eye drops on my dog? Many pet owners have probably asked themselves this when confronted with the distressing sight of their animal friend’s inflamed or red eyes.  After all, eye drops from humans seem like they’d be a simple, widely available fix. Nonetheless, your dog’s health …

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 Are The Addams Family Human? The Truth

 Are The Addams Family Human

The Addams Family, a beloved fictional clan created by cartoonist Charles Addams, has captivated audiences for decades with their eccentricity and dark humor.  One of the most intriguing aspects of this unconventional family is their mysterious origins and nature.  The question that often arises is whether the Addams Family members …

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