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Can A Human Beat A Kangaroo?

 Can A Human Beat A Kangaroo? Human vs. Kangaroo

Can a human beat a kangaroo in a head-to-head competition? While it may seem unlikely, it is worth exploring the possibilities.

Kangaroos are natural-born jumpers and can cover large distances in a single leap. They are also known for their powerful hind legs and strength. 

On the other hand, humans have unique strengths, such as endurance, intelligence, and the ability to strategize, making them masters in their environment. So out of curiosity, the question becomes, in a head-on collision, who would win? 

We will consider factors such as speed, agility, stamina, and fighting abilities to determine if a human could come out on top in a face-off against these iconic Australian marsupials.

Can A Human Beat A Kangaroo?

It is highly unlikely for an average person to defeat a kangaroo. Kangaroos are superior to humans in many ways, except when it comes to their arms. 

However, a person who is strong and well-trained (such as an MMA fighter) may have a slim chance of winning against a kangaroo. 

If a fight were to occur between a kangaroo and a human, the kangaroo would most likely come out as the winner.

A Breakdown Of Human Vs. Kangaroo

Aspect Human Kangaroo
Physical strength Moderate to high Extremely powerful
Speed  Fast, but limited by two legs

6-8 mph when running

Top speeds of 12-27mph

Unmatched hoping speed

12 mph while hopping regularly

35-44 mph maximum speed

Agility Nimble, but not as agile as a kangaroo Highly agile
Endurance Long-lasting stamina Incredible stamina
Intelligence High Instinct-driven
Fighting Abilities Versatile, but lacks specialized fighting skills Powerful kicking and boxing abilities
Natural weapons None Powerful Tail and Legs
Adaptability Great capacity for learning Adapted their environment
Communication Complex verbal and non-verbal communication Limited vocalization
Problem-solving High cognitive abilities Survival-oriented problem solving
Predatory behavior Cursorial predators that pursue and weaken prey with the aid of tools

Can trap and capture some prey

Kangaroos are herbivorous, so they lack predatory instincts

They will still fight back when cornered by prey

Size Weight: 150-200lbs

Height: 5.77ft (5ft 9in)

Weight: 100lbs-200lbs

Height: 4.9ft-6.6ft tall


Discussion Humans vs Kangaroo: Who Would Win?

Since humans will not enter the fight with weapons, exploring aspects beyond intelligence and tool usage becomes crucial. 

To determine the ultimate victor, this contest will compare natural animal attributes, such as size, speed, defenses, and other relevant data.

Size comparison

When comparing the size of the average human and kangaroo, it is evident that these two creatures are quite similar in physicality. 

This similarity makes determining which of the two would have an advantage is challenging. 

On average, humans stand between 5.2ft and 5.7ft tall and weigh between 150 and 200 lbs. But still, some humans are significantly larger than the average. 

Similarly, kangaroos can also reach weights of 200 lbs and heights exceeding 6ft, which are sizes that some humans can attain. The size comparison is a tie between a human and a kangaroo.

Speed and movements

Kangaroos have a significant advantage in terms of speed and movement. While the average human being can reach a top speed of 12-20 mph, there are exceptional cases where some individuals can momentarily reach 27 mph. 

However, this speed is not sustainable for more than a few seconds. On the other hand, kangaroos can comfortably move at 12 mph and have the ability to reach speeds of 35-44 mph. Therefore, regarding speed, kangaroos outmatch humans and have the upper hand.


Humans rely on intelligence, endurance, ingenuity, and size to protect themselves. 

Without the use of tools, they use their intellect to avoid dangerous situations, their endurance to escape from enemies, and their ingenuity to find shelter. 

Additionally, their larger size can act as a deterrent against certain attacks. Kangaroos, on the other hand, are known for being tall, quick, and great swimmers. 

They also have thick skin on certain body parts, such as their stomachs, which helps prevent attacks. 

While humans may have better defences overall due to their intellect, kangaroos can rely on their physical attributes and protective skin.

Offensive behavior

Kangaroos can disembowel and rip open their enemies with the long middle claw on their hind legs. 

Additionally, kangaroos often strike or grapple with their enemies and then balance on their tails to deliver a fatal blow. 

On the other hand, humans may have weaker strikes than kangaroos, but they can still utilize their feet, hands, and body weight to launch an attack. In terms of offensive behaviour, kangaroos excel better than humans.

Predatory behavior

Humans possess several skills that enable them to effectively trap and kill creatures. While humans can resort to rudimentary ambushes without tools, cursorial hunting is their prominent technique. 

It involves using their endurance to track and attack prey once it has become too weak to continue. Kangaroos, being herbivores, do not possess predatory instincts. 

However, they exhibit some fighting instincts through their boxing behavior, which serves as a means of competition for resources. Here humans outperform kangaroos in terms of predatory skills.

The Power Of A Kangaroo 

Kangaroos have incredibly strong hind legs that can generate a staggering kick force of approximately 759 pounds. 

These muscular limbs enable them to deliver powerful kicks, making them formidable opponents in the animal kingdom. 

Alongside their robust hind legs, kangaroos possess powerful tails that enhance their physical abilities. 

With a punch force of about 275 pounds, these marsupials can deliver a swift and forceful blow. These tail-driven punches add another layer of defence and attack to the kangaroo’s arsenal.

Additionally, kangaroos have formidable jaws with a bite force of up to 925 pounds per square inch (PSI), about the same as a grizzly bear and almost six times stronger than humans.

Kangaroo Attacking Humans

You don’t always hear Kangaroo attacks on humans. While kangaroos are generally peaceful animals, there have been instances where they have exhibited aggressive behaviour towards humans. 

These attacks are usually the result of the kangaroo feeling threatened. Most reported attacks involve wild kangaroos rather than those in captivity.

The frequency of kangaroo attacks on humans is difficult to determine as they are infrequent and often go unreported. 

There are several reasons why kangaroo attacks may happen. One possibility is that the kangaroo feels cornered by a human’s presence, especially if they approach too closely or invade their personal space. 

Another reason could be the protective nature of female kangaroos towards their young. Things will likely not end if a human unknowingly approaches a female kangaroo with a joey.

To stay aware of a potential kangaroo attack, keep a safe distance from these animals and avoid approaching them. 

It is best to observe kangaroos from a distance and not engage in actions that may provoke or threaten them. 

Additionally, avoid feeding kangaroos as this can encourage them to approach humans and potentially lead to an aggressive encounter.

Steps To Take If You Feel Threatened By A Kangaroo

When encountering Kangaroos, it is important to remember that they are unpredictable, and it is crucial to prioritize your safety.

Remember, kangaroo attacks are infrequent, and most kangaroos will choose to flee rather than confront humans. 

However, staying aware of these steps and being prepared can help you handle unexpected encounters. Here is what you can do if you feel a looming attack from a kangaroo.

Step 1: The first step is moving slowly from the kangaroo to a safe distance. Moving quickly can startle the animal and potentially escalate the situation.

Step 2: While moving away, maintain eye contact with the kangaroo. Direct eye contact establishes a sense of authority and may discourage the kangaroo from viewing you as an easy target. 

Step 3: To appear less threatening, make yourself look smaller. Bow your head slightly and keep your arms close to your body. This posture signals to the kangaroo that you are not a threat and are not interested in engaging in a confrontation.

Step 4: Running or turning your back to a kangaroo is a big mistake, as it may trigger their chase instinct. Facing the kangaroo will help you maintain control of the situation.

Step 5: If possible, try to position a barrier between yourself and the animal. This can be any object that provides a physical barrier. A barrier can offer you an added layer of protection and make the kangaroo feel less threatened.


Can a human beat a kangaroo? After considering various factors such as strength, agility, and instincts, it is clear that an ordinary human would not be able to defeat a kangaroo in a physical confrontation. 

Kangaroos possess unique adaptations that make them formidable opponents, including their powerful hind legs and strong upper body strength. 

Furthermore, their fighting techniques, such as delivering powerful kicks, give them a significant advantage over humans. 

While humans may possess intelligence and the ability to strategize, these qualities are unlikely to overcome the physical prowess of a kangaroo.

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