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Can You Get A Kredittkort På Dagen Med Bankid & How

Can You Get A Kredittkort På Dagen Med Bankid & How?

Have you just woken up one day and realized you’d like to have a credit card? Probably not. A decision that shouldn’t be made so recklessly, you’ve most likely given it a lot of thought. If you haven’t, and if the idea has just crossed your mind, what I’d advise you to do is take time to learn about the advantages of getting credit cards and then figure out specifically if those instruments could be right for you or not. We are not all the same, meaning you’ll have to assess your specific financial situation so as to determine if this tool is one you could benefit from or not.

As explained, though, you’ve probably given this a lot of thought already. Having realized that it could be quite beneficial for you, you’ve decided to go for it. And yet, you still haven’t taken any concrete steps towards it, probably because the research you’ve done has led you to bumping into one specific concept that sounds rather interesting, but that you don’t really understand fully just yet. So, you don’t want to make any moves before clearly understanding it clearly and before realizing whether the concept you’ve come across is actually a possibility, or just a sort of a marketing trick.

Have any idea what I’m talking about? The concept of getting a kredittkort på dagen med Bankid, that is, getting a credit card on the same day you apply, with your BankID. Does this sound too good to be true? I get why you may be doubting a concept like this, but it’s important not to judge before getting your facts straight, because there just may be something to it.

Can You Get a Credit Card the Same Day You Apply?

So, is there anything to it at all? Well, first things first, let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Technically, receiving your credit card the same day you apply, the physical card that is, is actually impossible. Why? Because it takes some time to have those produced and shipped to your address. This, however, is not the final answer to the question.

Basically, what you can do in one and the same day is complete the entire application and approval process, as well as possibly get access to your funds right away. So, a clear answer to the above question? Yes, you could get access to the money on the same day, but you can’t receive the physical card the same day. As it’s further explained on this website, the waiting period can differ from provider to provider, so that’s another thing to keep in mind.

How To Do It?

You now have a much clearer idea on what it is you can and can’t do in one and the same day, don’t you? Still, you want to be absolutely sure you understand how to go through the actual applying and receiving process the right way, aiming at not making any errors during the procedures, and thus making sure you’ll receive your card as soon as possible. What are we going to do about that, then?

Quite simple. I’m going to take you through the steps you’ll have to take and get you familiar with some important factors to keep in mind when aiming at getting your same day credit card. By following those steps and, of course, by keeping taking into account everything that’s of significance, you definitely won’t have a hard time going through the whole process and successfully completing it. Meaning, you won’t have a difficult time getting your same day card, which is practically what you want.

Remember Your Credit History Will Be Assessed

Understanding that your credit history will be thoroughly assessed is the first crucial thing here, because that assessment is what ultimately leads to you getting either approved or rejected after applying. Apart from having to meet those minimum requirements imposed by the provider, your application will also be assessed in relation to your payment history, income, debt, and basically the credit score that those pieces of information will provide.

Why is this important, though? Because understanding the role your credit score plays here means you’ll have the opportunity to improve it prior to applying, by paying your bills on time, paying off certain debts, or possibly correcting any mistakes that might have creeped up on your report. The assessment is done automatically, meaning that a piece of software will analyze it, and it is your responsibility to provide all the necessary information, as well as to work on improving that score as much as you can.

And You’ll Need a BankID

Pretty much all credit card providers will require you to sign an agreement with them electronically, using your BankID. So, if you don’t have this identification number, it’s time to get it, because you certainly won’t be able to receive your credit card without signing that agreement. Furthermore, using the BankID, you’ll get to sign in to the online banking platform of the provider, making it easier for you to get overviews of the card’s usage, as well as apply for changing the limit, and keep track of any bonuses, cashback returns and rewards you may get. Thus, getting your BankID is clearly of utmost importance.

Explore Different Providers

You understand already what the benefits of credit cards are, but do you understand that those benefits depend not only on the type of the card you’ll choose, but also on the providers you’ll work with? Having probably decided on the type already, based on the perks they are offering and based on your actual financial situation and spending habits, you’ll now have to proceed towards doing the next important thing. Exploring different providers.

Doing so will get you familiar with numerous companies that can offer you the same day credit card opportunity, as well as research them in more details, aiming at selecting the best one for you. The provider you choose should be trustworthy and reputable on the market. After all, working with shady ones can only give you headaches and put you in great debt, which is not what you want. Do the research thoroughly, therefore, before making a decision.

Choose One and Apply

Ready to make your choice? Having compared different providers, you’ll get an idea as to which company is best for you, after which you’ll simply have to apply. The application process, as you might have expected it, is not difficult at all, and you’ll be able to do it all online, from the comfort of your home. Just follow the steps required by the providers and make sure to deliver any documents that may be necessary.

You’ll Get Your Answer the Same Day

Since we’re talking about a very quick process here, you should expect to get your answer to the application on the same day. Right after the software has done your assessment. This is the best part of the process, as it means you won’t have to wait for a long time. Instead, you’ll immediately find out whether you’ve been approved or rejected.

Check Reasons for Refusal if You Don’t Have a Payment Notice

Most usually, if your application is rejected, it means you have a payment notice. If, however, you don’t, and you’ve still been refused for a credit card, you should inquire about the reasons for refusal. Sometimes, it could be a minor issue that can be easily fixed, so asking about the reason could help you resolve the issue right away and then re-apply after you’ve done it, aiming at getting approved this time. Whether you’ll apply with the same company once again after resolving those minor issues, or with a different one, is up to you.

Wait for the Card to Arrive if You’ve Been Approved

Your application went well and you’ve received the confirmation that you’ve been approved for the credit card? As mentioned, some providers will give you access to the funds right away, and you can use their platforms to get that access. In any case, waiting for the physical card to arrive is definitely something you’ll have to be prepared for. It could arrive in a couple of business days, but waiting up to a week or two is also completely normal.

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