Monday , December 4 2023


Dog Years vs Human Years: How Do You Calculate Dog Years

Dog Years vs Human Years

As a dog owner, dog years vs human years is a topic you have thought about at some point. Everyone who owns a dog desires that their pet outlive them.  However, canines do not live as long as humans. Breed and stature are also essential factors in determining your dog’s …

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Dolphin Brain Vs Human Brain: A Showdown of Intelligence

Dolphin Brain Vs Human Brain

Recent scientific discoveries highlighting the intelligence of a dolphin brain have sparked the dolphin brain vs human brain debate.  To the disbelief of many, scientific research has proven that dolphins, like humans, have an advanced problem-solving capability.  These cetaceans are also highly social, exhibiting complex social behaviours, and are known …

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Shoebill Stork Size Vs. Human: Who’s Bigger?

Shoebill Stork Size Vs. Humanv

The contrast between shoebill stork size vs human size is rather an interesting one. While most birds are small, the Shoebill stork is known to grow to astonishing heights of up to 5.5 feet!  Typically, bird’s heights are measured from the tip of their bills to their tail tips. Unlike …

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Cat Years vs. Human Years: How Old is Your Cat?

Cat Years vs. Human Years

The contrast between the cat years vs. human years is one of the most misunderstood relationships between cats and humans.  As a cat lover, you must have come across the common belief that one human year equals seven cat years.  Although popular, this misconception doesn’t accurately depict the relationship between …

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Dog Vision Vs. Human Vision: The Eyesight Showdown 

Dog Vision Vs. Human Vision

The discussion of dog vision vs. human vision is common as most people try to figure out who has more visual advantages.  Some aspects of human and canine vision make each one better suited for specific situations, but which is better? There are rumors about dogs having night vision and …

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Blue Whale Vs Human; A Contest Of Size And Intelligence 

Blue Whale Vs Human

The Blue whale vs human contest is based on size, longevity, and intelligence. Despite the differences in their habitats, some interesting comparisons can be made between them.  In terms of size, blue whales are known to be the largest creatures living on Earth. This whale species is estimated to grow …

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Does Human Pee Scare Deer? Here Is The Truth

Does Human Pee Scare Deer

Does human pee scare deer? Many people have heard the myth that human urine can scare away deer, but is there any truth to it?  Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts have been curious to know the answer to this question. Some claim that the scent of human urine can scare off …

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Has A Panda Ever Killed A Human? A Deadly Encounter

Has A Panda Ever Killed A Human

Has a panda ever killed a human? This is a question you want to answer, especially if you are considering visiting a panda zoo. Pandas are known for their adorable appearance and gentle demeanor. Rarely are they associated with aggression or violence towards humans. But is this assumption accurate? Or …

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Does Human Urine Repel Skunks? Pest Elimination Tips 

Does Human Urine Repel Skunks

Many online sources and rumors from friends must have got you wondering: Does human urine repel skunk?  This is a common question since skunks are a big menace, and property owners always look for new and effective ways to eliminate them. There are many expensive ways to eliminate skunks from …

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