Wednesday , May 31 2023


What Kinds Of Nuts Can Dogs Eat? Read This To Find Out

What Kinds Of Nuts Can Dogs Eat

When we think of nuts, many of us probably picture chubby squirrels and chipmunks in our minds. They’re cute, but they’re not dogs. However, many types of nuts are perfectly safe for dogs to eat. So, what kinds of nuts can dogs eat? That’s right—your dog can snack on nuts …

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What Birds Can’t Fly? Facts About Birds

What Birds Can't Fly

Humans have been fascinated by birds for a long time. They soar through the sky, their feathers ruffling in the wind, and we can’t help but look up and wonder: how do they do that and what birds can’t fly? Well, it turns out that not all birds can fly. …

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Can Pets Benefit From A Wellness Plan Including CBD Supplements

Can Pets Benefit From A Wellness Plan Including CBD Supplements

In the same way that humans develop a wellness routine, it’s essential to ensure pets’ optimum health and well-being. Furry friends can’t tell their pet parents how they feel with most companion animals, like dogs and cats, disguising ailments, and injuries until they get a high severity level.  That’s a …

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What Do You Call A Male Cow? Facts About Cows

What Do You Call A Male Cow

There are several breeds of cattle that can be raised for beef or dairy production. This includes Holstein cows, which are well-known for their distinctive black and white coloring. The Holstein is the highest-producing dairy breed in the United States, producing over 21,000 pounds of milk per year. Other breeds …

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Difference Between Elk And Caribou: The Answer Here

Difference Between Elk And Caribou

When most people think of elk and caribou, they think of the same animal. After all, both are large, four-legged mammals found in the northern parts of North America. They’re both even members of the deer family! But these two creatures are very different. The main difference between elk and …

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Does Petsmart Take Apple Pay? Let’s Take A Look

Does Petsmart Take Apple Pay

The ability to pay with a smartphone seems to be gaining in popularity, and even some pet stores are getting in on the action. The new payment system from Apple called Apple Pay allows users to purchase goods at any store that supports the payment system by placing a finger …

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How Many Tigers Are Left In the World? The Unfortunate Answer

How Many Tigers Are Left In the World

World Wildlife Foundation and the Global Tiger Initiative have released news that three subspecies of tigers have gone extinct in the wild. There are still eight subspecies left in the wild. To answer the question, how many tigers are left in the world, it’s estimated that there are about 13,000 …

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