Wednesday , May 31 2023


What Currency Does Puerto Rico Use?

What Currency Does Puerto Rico Use

In the midst of the current economic crisis in Puerto Rico, one of the most common questions that people ask is what currency does Puerto Rico use. It seems to be a topic that many want to know more about because they’re curious as to why some places use one …

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Health Tips To Beat The Heat This Summer!

Health Tips To Beat The Heat This Summer

Summers are finally here and so, is the burning heat. Therefore, in order to stay healthy during this extreme weather, we have put together a list of essential tips that will keep you healthy during this season. Although we all like the weather to be a bit sunny and warm …

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Car Pedals: Is The Brake On The Left Or Right?

Is The Brake On The Left Or Right

You might think this is a silly question and that it only applies to insane people who actually drive with their feet on the steering wheel. I’m sure there are indeed someone out there who asks is the brake on the left or right. So, is the brake on the …

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Which State Is Known As The Badger State? Let’s Find Out

Which State Is Known As The Badger State

Which state is known as the badger state? Your friends have been asking you this question for years. After all, you are the resident expert on states. You know them all and which capitals fall within their borders. But, your friends keep pestering you with this question. But, which state …

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What’s The World’s Longest Beach? Here’s What We Know

What’s The World’s Longest Beach

There are many beaches around the world that can lay claim to being “longest.” That’s because measuring a beach by its length isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem. For example, some beaches are made up of several smaller beaches connected by sandbars or small islands; others have multiple …

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Does It Snow In Japan? Understanding Weather In Japan

Does It Snow In Japan

Does it snow in Japan? It’s a question that I get asked repeatedly. This is my attempt to provide a simple answer to this commonly asked question. Yes, it snows in Japan. The climate of Japan varies greatly from the north to the south. The northern island of Hokkaido is …

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