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Propane Tank Cover Ideas

19 Propane Tank Cover Ideas: Tips From Experts 

Are you using propane and looking for the best propane tank cover ideas to conceal the tank? Many homeowners acknowledge that propane is the best fuel source for appliances and heating. That’s because it’s so safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. 

There are several ways to install the propane tank at your home; you can install it above the ground or underground. Each method of installation has its perks and cons. 

For example, installing the propane tank above the ground will make it easier to check its condition. But again, installing the tank above ground can present unique landscaping challenges. 

This article provides the best tips on how to cover or camouflage your propane tank safely, tastefully, and creatively. Read on to learn more.  

19 Propane Tank Cover Ideas 

As much as your home needs a propane tank, it doesn’t mean it should be an eyesore. Here are some creative propane tank cover ideas that’ll help it blend well with its surroundings. 

1. Use Trellises to Hide the Propane Tank from View

Use Trellises to Hide the Propane Tank from View
Source: pinterest.com

The trellises are common and cheap yet are relatively effective at covering the propane tank. They are a simple and quick way to cover or hide your propane tank. 

Not only do trellises look nice, but they can also support climbing plants. After months or years, the climbing plants will offer more coverage to the propane tanks. 

2. Place Pot Plants around The Propane Tank

Place Pot Plants around The Propane Tank
Source: pinterest.com

Using plant pots, urns, or containers, you can cover the propane tank. If you choose pots with the right height, they’ll quickly hide the propane tank. The best part of using pots is that you can reposition or move them when needed. 

There are several pot designs and types – you can use a collection of matching pots of different sizes to enhance the visual space around your propane tank. 

However, ensure that the pots aren’t creating a water pool around the tank’s base. Too much moisture can destroy the propane tank.

3. Place Fences or Wall Around the Propane Tank 

Place Fences or Wall Around the Propane Tank 
Source: pinterest.com

This method is easy and cheap to execute. You can put up any fence, but something a little robust is better since it’ll completely hide the tanks. The broader fence design plus something like a picket fence will be enough. 

Additionally, a wall can also have a bench seating space. This will be useful if you intend to use the area around the propane tank. Note that you’ll spend more time and money to put up a small wall. 

But you can tweak it to suit your multiple needs, making it a worthwhile investment. 

4. Use a Tank Cover 

Use a Tank Cover 
Source: pinterest.com

Many commercial propane tank covers are made to help in this situation specifically. The propane tank covers are usually made from lightweight materials that can effectively hide the tank without making it hard to access. 

These covers usually resemble wood or rocks to fit your landscape. The tank covers can be anything from fancy slipcovers to complete covers with a lid for easy access.

5. Use Flowers or Grasses 

Use Flowers or Grasses 
Source: pinterest.com

People don’t love it when vines climb on the propane tank. However, you can combine fencing with some amazing greenery to effectively shield a propane tank that’s above ground. 

You can do this by hanging a few plant pots with brightly colored flowers that can distract the eyes. If done well, visitors won’t even realize a propane tank exists. 

6. Paint the Propane Tank to Help It Blend In 

Paint the Propane Tank to Help It Blend In 
Source: pinterest.com

You can paint if you own the propane tank and have an artistic side. It is a practical yet enjoyable way to give your tank a new look. However, it isn’t suitable for all situations. 

You’ll have to use a reflective light color to prevent the tank from overheating during the hot summer. Ensure the exterior paint camouflages well to the surroundings and is weather resistant. 

However, you should first consult your propane dealer to find out if there are precautions to take regarding painting. 

7. Burry the Propane Tank 

Burry the Propane Tank 
Source: pinterest.com

Burying the propane tank is expensive, but it’s a practical option. Professional experts recommend burying the propane tank if you live in a place that experiences brutal winters. Or if you generally live in hardy environments. It provides the insulation that you’ll need. 

Before doing this, check with your propane dealer because not all propane tanks are rated for underground storage. You should also consult the town officials; some places have regulations regarding burying tanks. 

8. Plant Over Underground Tanks 

lant Over Underground Tanks 
Source: pinterest.com

You’ll have more freedom when landscaping over underground propane tanks. You can plant anything you want over it, except trees. Additionally, the tanks are usually placed deep in the ground, so it is hard for most root systems to affect them. 

9. Outdoor Aluminum Propane Firepit Table

Outdoor Aluminum Propane Firepit Table
Source: pinterest.com

Here you place the propane tank under the beautiful fire glass. The beautiful rectangular aluminum firepit table creates a fantastic silhouette. 

The table uses weatherproof aluminum and steel and has a black mocha finish that blends well with almost all backyard design plans. Besides concealing the propane tank, this beautiful construction doubles as a table with a burner area and glass windscreen. 

10. Rock Box Propane Tank Cover  

Rock Box Propane Tank Cover  
Source: pinterest.com

Are you looking for ways to conceal your propane tank and don’t want to spend much money burying the tank in the ground? This rock box propane tank cover is an ideal solution for you.

The fake rock cover is made from fiberglass, which resembles a large rock formation. On the top of the cover is an articulated lid that easily rolls back to allow access to the top tank. The best part is that you can get this tank in various colors. Plus, the cover is vented for safety.

11. Screen the Propane Tank  

Screen the Propane Tank  
Source: pinterest.com

Your propane dealer will quickly approve you to screen your propane tank since it’s one of the safest. The screens mostly look like wood but are made of cement board. When using cement boards, it’s best to have metal posts, not wood. 

The screen should have at least a 6-inch opening below it. It should also allow you to access the bottom to clean out leaves and other debris. For this reason, you should use a screen with only three sides, or one side is removable. 

12. Propane Tank Table 

Propane Tank Table 
Source: pinterest.com

This is another creative idea for someone who’s after aesthetics and functionality. The propane tank table will hide your propane tank effectively. Its surface is made of high-quality material, and you can use it as a table, to put drinks, and much more. 

Many propane tank table designs are out here; you must choose one that matches your taste. 

13. Artificial Rock Cover  

Artificial Rock Cover  
Source: pinterest.com

The artificial rock material has a textured surface, solid construction, and realistic coloring. It perfectly resembles natural stone. The texture and color are molded throughout the process and not painted on. Therefore, you won’t have worries about peeling, chipping, or cracking. 

14. Raised Garden Bed 

Raised Garden Bed 
Source: pinterest.com

This is a one-makeover plan that can change the look of your yard. The raised garden bed will help you conceal your tank well. It’s a DIY job that can be done in just a few days. 

There are hundreds of raised garden beds to choose from; pick one that suits your landscaping well. After constructing the bed, you can plant things such as vegetables and herbs on it.  

Some popular herbs you can plant include basil, cilantro, chamomile, peppermint, etc.

15. Cedar Side Table 

Cedar Side Table 
Source: pinterest.com

If you’re looking for a double-duty solution that’s also stylish, this cedar side table is the ideal solution for you. It’ll neatly disguise your spare propane tank while offering a perch for drinks. 

The table is easy to construct, all three panels are identical, and all the pieces are fastened from the inside. All these make the table look great and allow it to last longer by keeping water from the wood.

16. Picket Fence  

Picket Fence  
Source: pinterest.com

Several fencing options can help conceal your propane tank. The picket fence is one of the best options that’s easy to construct. 

It’s the best choice for individuals who own a large propane tank. From this picture, you can see how the picket fence effectively disguises the propane tank. Plus, how it keeps it looking great.

17. Custom Camo Covers  

Custom Camo Covers  
Source: pinterest.com

Some propane dealers don’t allow propane tanks to be painted – that’s whether they are rented or even if you own it. In this case, you can conceal it using camo covers. Custom camo covers are affordable; you can also get high-quality covers at a great price. 

You can then secure the camo covers in place using strings, so it drapes into a more natural shape. Additionally, you can cut a hole in the camo cover to easily access the propane tank. 

18. Fire Pit Art Propane Tank Cover 

Fire Pit Art Propane Tank Cover 
Source: pinterest.com

The look of unsightly propane tanks around the gas fire pit is an issue to many. This propane tank cover can discreetly hide the tank while doubling as an extra side table. 

It’s handcrafted using black painted steel and requires little maintenance afterward. You can leave it outside in the elements all year round. It also has a functional lid that is also the cover of the side table. 

The cover is excellent for storing drinks and snacks while enjoying the blazing fire. This propane tank cover does sit level with the ground and the propane tank placed inside. 

19. Construct a Berm 

Construct a Berm 
Source: pinterest.com

You can construct a berm in front of the propane tank. An earthen berm will effectively hide the propane tank, and it’s also easy to incorporate it into your overall landscaping theme. 

A Quick Word About Safety 

Many creative ideas exist to conceal the underground or above-ground tank. But remember, there are things that you need to do or avoid doing to ensure safety. They include; 

  • Please don’t block the path to the tank so that service professionals cannot locate it. 
  • Avoid putting objects on the propane tank or allowing anything to lean on. 
  • Don’t put anything flammable around or near the propane tank. 
  • Don’t construct a structure that’ll obstruct access to the tank and make it harder for your or your family to use. 
  • Leave enough space in the tank, and ensure the valve and supply line are clear. You can check your propane supplier for more information on this. 
  • Be extra careful when digging holes and putting a post around the propane tank, or you risk damaging it. 
  • Paint your propane tank with colors that blend well with the surrounding 
  • If it’s a fence, choose plants that integrate with your overall surrounding and ensure the leaves can’t access the tank’s fill valve. In addition, if you plant over an underground tank, ensure the plant doesn’t have a deep root system that’ll affect the tank over time. 


Many propane tank cover ideas ensure your tank is well concealed but works effectively and efficiently. Most people prefer an in-ground propane tank because it saves space. 

On the other hand, installing a propane tank over the ground is usually cheaper and simple. Plus, you’ll be able to inspect it and move it when needed quickly. We have listed the best ideas; choose one that works well with your budget and landscape. 

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