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Cryptocurrency Mining Algorithms

Cryptocurrency Mining Algorithms: How to Choose Which One Is Better

Also known as functions, cryptocurrency mining algorithms are special measures that enable the process of mining coins from a technical point of view. Each of them possesses unique features, which are specifically tailored to the tokens they are created for. Best os for mining work regardless of the algorithm and settings.

Keep up on reaching this article to get cryptocurrency mining algorithms explained in simple words.

What Is A Mining Algorithm?

These techniques can change the mining difficulty and are extremely secure thanks to their cryptographic nature. They are complex and complicated measures to control how successful your transaction validation per block will be. Without them, it wouldn’t be realized to solve the blockchain puzzles and achieve rewards for them.

Mining Algorithm: What Are the Most Used?

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular and sought-after cryptocurrency mining algorithms:

  • Ethash won’t make you guess a lot, which cryptocurrency it is related to. This is one of the cryptocurrency mining algorithms GPU, letting enthusiasts mine Ethereum. This function complements intense memory operations on computers, but it is pretty resistant to implementation on ASICs. With the help of the Ethash algorithm, the block mining award is 3ETH. Since the launch, the ROI has exceeded two hundred seventy percent.
  • On the list of cryptocurrency mining algorithms to GPU, you will also find Scrypt. It is one of the most compatible features in the market, although its efficiency for ASICs is high-end. It is designed to operate large volumes of data. If requested, the information recovery process can be initiated as well.
  • Another top achiever in the market rating is SHA-256. Its mining strategies will work for multiple cryptocurrencies, including Devcoin, 12Coin, Bytecoin, and others. It is great for novice miners. Additionally, the Double SHA-256 algorithm will work for mining Bitcoin. A typical block reward of 6.25 BTC can be obtained in such a way.
  • Released by Dash, the X11 algorithm is applied for the same-titled cryptocurrency, but not only. It is a good choice for Karmacoin and MonetaryUnit.


Mining algorithms can be better adjusted to GPUs and CPUs or ASICs, but they follow the same objective — to make the general mining industry more secure, reliable, and optimized. The range of algorithms isn’t as varied as the divergence of cryptocurrencies itself, but it is expected to increase in the future.

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