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Does Aldi Take Apple Pay

Does Aldi Take Apple Pay? How To Setup And Why You Should!

Aldi is a large supermarket chain offering good prices for its products. They are also expanding the payment options available for their customers to make shopping easier. However, what about Apple Pay? Does Aldi take Apple Pay?

Aldi does take Apple Pay in their stores, beginning September 2017. The reason is to allow additional payment options since Apple Pay is witnessing a large user update around that time. You may use Apple Pay for pay during checkout and also for Aldi delivery through Instacart.

This article explores if Aldi takes Apple Pay and how to use Apple Pay when paying for your Aldi purchases. We also explore the process of setting up Apple Pay and why Apple Pay may be a good option to use to pay at Aldi.

Can You Use Apple Pay At Aldi?

Aldi started accepting Apple Pay for payments in its 2,000+ US stores beginning in September 2017. Provided you have set up your Apple Wallet properly, you can pay at Aldi using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Aldi does not charge additional fees to payments made with Apple Pay. Instead, they offer a 3% cashback. 

Aldi’s CEO, Jason Hart, remarked that their decision to take Apple Pay as a payment option is driven by their drive to improve the shopping experience. One way to improve the shopping experience is to offer faster, easier payment options. 

Apple Pay fits this goal and is added to Aldi’s list of payment options. Aldi also probably realized that Apple Pay is widely used and accepted by many retailers nationwide, meaning they must offer the same to keep up.

Provided that you set up your Apple Wallet and your devices properly, you may use your Apple devices to pay via Apple Pay. It could be your iPhone, iPad, or your Apple Watch. Simply bring the devices close to the NFC reader when prompted by your cashier. 

Aside from Aldi, you may also use Apple Pay in over 85% of retailers in the United States. This ranges from supermarkets such as Aldi to restaurants such as Chipotle or Chick-Fil-A.

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Why Should You Use Apple Pay?

Users benefit in many ways if they use Apple Pay at Aldi. They get to make digital payments securely through Apple’s safety systems. You get to make a contactless payment, reducing exposure to germs. You also get to checkout faster and make purchases without using cash. 

There are reasons why digital payments using phones are getting increasingly popular. They bring massive benefits to many people, and as a result, more and more merchants are offering Apple Pay as a payment option. 

Aldi also recognized this. Hence, they also offer additional benefits to encourage their customers to pay using Apple Pay.

Secure And Safe

Paying with Apple Pay is secure and safe. Your personal information is never kept on the device or Apple servers when you use Apple Pay. Apple never shares your card numbers. 

This means the merchants do not receive your full information, meaning your privacy is much more protected. You have less risk of being billed for purchases you never made. 

Contactless Payment

When you pay with Apple Pay, you simply bring your device close to the NFC payment machine, and you will be billed accordingly. This means you do not need to get into contact with anything when making payments. 

This means you have fewer chances of contracting contaminants or germs, which may cause you sickness. You will also avoid spreading germs.

Faster Checkouts

One possible reason Aldi took Apple Pay is to reduce the checkout lines. As payments are made digitally, there is little need to have a cashier scan your items one by one during checkout, receive your cash, and then return the change. 

If you use a credit card to pay, the cashier still has to swipe or use chips to process the payment, taking up more time. Apple Pay could shorten the process to as short as only several seconds.

No Cash? No Problem

We are truly getting closer and closer to a cashless society, as digital payment systems such as Apple Pay are now accepted in many places. 

You may leave home and purchase things without bringing a single dollar in your wallet. Just use your phone, and you are good to go.

Cashback From Aldi

Aldi, in their attempts to encourage digital payments such as Apple Pay, gives their customers a special cashback offer. When you pay with Apple Pay at Aldi, you receive 3% cash back. This is additional savings that could be channeled into other purchases.

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How To Set Up Apple Pay For Purchases?

First, prepare a credit card and your Apple device to set up Apple pay, preferably an iPhone. Key in your card details, confirm the user agreement, and confirm your card to start using Apple Pay.

If you intend to use Apple Pay at Aldi, start by setting up your Apple Pay. Fortunately, setting up Apple Pay is quite a straightforward process. 

You only need your Apple device and an active credit or debit card. 

To set up Apple Pay using your iOS device:

  1. Launch the ‘Wallet’ app on your phone dashboard.
  2. Once launched, you may see a ‘+’ symbol at the top corner of the app. Tap on it. This will help you to insert a new payment method. 
  3. You may be shown some introductory content about Apple Pay and its workings. You will also notice some information on how Apple manager your personal data. Read this up if you are concerned about your privacy. 
  4. Tap ‘continue’ to proceed.
  5. You should now see some payment options. Tap ‘credit card’ and continue. 
  6. You may manually key in your card numbers here or scan your card with the phone camera to automatically add in the details. 
  7. Double-check the details to confirm before proceeding.
  8. Enter your CVV number. You should find your CVV numbers on the back of your card. For American Express cards, you may find your CVV on the front left of your card, usually in four digits. 
  9. Read the terms and conditions. Choose ‘agree’ to proceed. If you disagree with the terms, you will not be allowed to use Apple Pay. 
  10. You also need to allow Apple access to your location. Apple needs the information to track the location of your purchase.
  11. You will now perform some verification processes on your card. You may receive a verification code through a phone call or text from Apple. 
  12. If required, you may need to contact your bank and confirm your intention to use Apple Pay.
  13. Once your card information is verified, you should see a graphic representation of your card inside your Apple Pay app. Done, and you are now set to use Apple Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay?

To pay at Aldi with Apple Pay, just proceed with your items to the checkout, and inform your cashier that you want to pay using Apple Pay. Bring your phone to the NFC card reader. You may need to confirm your payment by entering your ID or scanning your fingerprint on your phone.

Beginning September 2017, Aldi now accepts payment for your purchases over the counter with Apple Pay. This allows you to pay without cash or a card using your Apple devices. 

To make payment for your Aldi purchases through Apple Pay:

  1. First, observe the checkout station for signs that the station accepts Apple Pay. All Aldi checkouts should accept it, but you may still want to confirm again, just in case. 
  2. If you use a self-checkout station, start scanning the items individually, ensuring they are entered into your purchase order.
  3. If you are at a served checkout cessation, help the cashier to scan and bag your purchases. 
  4. Once you complete your scanning, the cashier should inform you of the amounts payable and may ask how you will pay.
  5. Let the cashier know that your payment choice is Apple Pay.
  6. After setting up the cash register, the cashier might ask you to bring your Apple device close to the NFC card reader.
  7. You may hear a beep sound. 
  8. Your device may ask you to enter your ID or perform a fingerprint scan to confirm your identity.
  9. A notification should appear on your phone’s screen if the transaction works.

You are done, and you should get a receipt. Walk out from Aldi with your cart full of groceries!

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Can You Use Apple Pay For Delivery?

You may use Apple Pay for Aldi grocery delivery. You may order your Aldi groceries using Instacart, and during checkout, make your payment using Apple Pay. Your groceries should be delivered to you after that. 

Aldi does have a groceries delivery service. Aldi has partnered up with Instacart as a delivery partner. This means you can have your groceries delivered, usually as fast as a matter of hours only. 

Orders may be made through Instacart’s app, with a minimum order of $10. Deliveries are done via contactless delivery to reduce the risk of spreading germs. The shopper may place your order on your doorstep and then notify you that it has been delivered. 

Orders may cost more if your orders are small, but if your orders are above $35, your delivery costs would be around $3.99. You may need to pay more if you prefer a speedy delivery service. Speedy delivery service may have your orders delivered to you in an hour. 

To pay for your Aldi groceries delivery through Instacart:

  • Log into your Instacart account, or create one if you don’t have one. 
  • Select Aldi from the list of stores. 
  • You may now see the products grouped in categories. Simply select what you need purchased and delivered to you. 
  • When completed, you may now view your cart to review your order. 
  • If confirmed, you can now proceed to checkout. During checkout, you will be asked your preferred payment method. 
  • Select Apple Pay. If you do not see this, ensure your Apple Wallet is set up properly. Refer to the section How To Set Up Apple Pay.
  • Proceed to pay. To complete the payment, you may need to confirm your identity through a Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. 
  • You are done. Just relax and wait for your Aldi purchases to be delivered to you. 

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