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Flying with Edibles

Flying With Edibles: What’s The Risk

Flying with weed is one of those risky endeavors that may land you some legal action. What about edibles? Can you, for instance, fly with your edibles bought at any of the dispensaries in Los Angeles Cali to another state? Most airlines frown at any cannabis product being ferried on their planes.

So, is it possible? Can you bring edibles on a plane? Carrying some pot brownies or weed gummies in your bag during a flight is possible. Several people do it every single day. What matters is the packaging and quantity of your carry-on cannabis products. 

The Legal Status of Flying with Weed

Owing to federal laws, traveling with any amount of marijuana is illegal. This also includes traveling with edibles. Since airlines operate between states where use may be legal or illegal, they remain fixed on their no cannabis on planes policy. Even when traveling between states where recreation use flies, you cannot fly with it openly. Can you pass TSA checks with edibles? The answer to that is yes. Even though they use sniffing dogs, they rarely ever detect well-packaged edibles. 

 Countries you can Fly into with Weed 

USA residents cannot fly into any of its states with weed. There are certain countries where their legalization status allows visitors to carry their marijuana. What happens is that these countries have to enforce regulations that control the amount of your infused products. So, what countries can you fly into with your ounces of cannabis?


As you look for travel destinations, you will be searching up can I travel with edibles if you are a frequent user. Lucky for you, Mexico has legalized the recreational use of marijuana and the possession of the same.

If you carry weed in smokable versions, you will have to limit yourself to 5 grams. Anything on top of that may get you in the cross hairs of the authorities. Regarding general use, you can blaze up or eat your edibles anywhere in the country. 


Belize is one of the travel destinations that attract tourists. To top it off, they are part of the nations that legalized the use of marijuana. What this means is that recreational and medical use flies in the country. 

At any point, you are required to have 10 grams of the plant. Possession of anything more than that is frowned upon. Also, residents can grow their plants at home for their personal use. 

Costa Rica

Though weed is still illegal in the country, their general laws allow for the recreational use of the drug. Sadly, you cannot fly into the country with your cannabis not properly packed. The chances of getting in trouble for small amounts when caught are low. 

Their positive attitude towards use allows tourists and residents to carry small recreational amounts. 


In Ecuador, people can carry around 8-10 grams of cannabis at any point. The general culture may not allow for use openly, but it does not hinder its use entirely. You may want to package your stash discreetly to pass the local checking points when traveling with your stash. 

How to Pack and get Checked with Edibles in your Bag

As you prepare for your trip, you may wonder, what happens if I get caught with edibles at airport? The answer to the same depends on the TSA agents. At times they let you off with a warning and discard the weed or edibles. When the amount is too large, they may involve state authorities. 

You will want to successfully package the contents to travel with your infused products. In the right conditions, you can carry your weed products in your carry-on and pass TSA checks without hassle. Here are a few pointers to packing your traveling pot products;

Use Discrete Packaging

Rather than carrying your infused cookies or gummies in packaging identifying the contents, you can try some discreet packaging. Most TSA officials do not mind small amounts of snacks and food. You can store them in food packaging with brands renowned products. 

Carry Small Amounts

Maintaining small amounts is key to traveling with any kind of edible. Ensure you do not have huge numbers of cookies or brownies. A small sufficient number will not raise the hairs of your TSA checking agents.


Carrying weed from one state to another is still illegal in the United States. Especially if your mode of travel is by airplane, airlines will have stringent measures to catch anyone traveling with cannabis. Though you can travel to other countries by air with the product, it is always safer to be discrete. When flying with infused products, or the weed itself, you must devise measures to pass check points. Try discrete packaging and carrying amounts that are not too large to avoid detection. 

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