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Harry Potter Tumbler Ideas

25 Harry Potter Tumbler Ideas; Wizarding World Merch

This article has some of the best Harry Potter tumbler ideas to help fans relive each memory. The Harry Potter franchise has featured some of the most inspiring art, quotes, and phrases; therefore, fans want to add them to everyday objects like tumblers.

This is possible thanks to sublimation printing technology, and all that is left is to get the right artwork. 

Numerous designs work well for tumblers, so let us look at some of the best ones and help you get your dream mug;

1. White Harry Potter Collage Tumbler 

White Harry Potter Collage Tumbler 

The first product on our list is one of the best designs for Harry Potter tumblers, and it has all elements of the movie.

It features iconic glasses, Harry Potter, the Hogwarts logo, and more Harry Potter art and quotes.

This flexible design goes on a white background to give a great feeling of elegance and reminiscence.

2. Black Harry Potter Collage Tumbler

Black Harry Potter Collage Tumbler

This is a solid choice for Harry Potter fans that enjoy dark theme images and spells. The black background onto which the Harry Potter art is displayed makes it one of the easiest to draw. This particular design features the Harry Potter initials and art pieces.

There are spells written at the bottom of the tumbler, and you can always choose to write a quote or something more relatable to you. 

3. Hufflepuff  Monogram Tumbler 

Hufflepuff  Monogram Tumbler 

This is another amazing tumbler design with Harry Potter art against a dark background. The black color creates a magical feel to the whole cut, and the Hufflepuff “H” at the middle of the mug is the centerpiece of this design idea.

The drawings in the background and the writing around the tumbler are all Harry Potter references, with the iconic wizard star under the logo. 

4. Ravenclaw Logo Blue Tumbler Design

Ravenclaw Logo Blue Tumbler Design

Ravenclaw is easily one of the most popular houses from the Harry Potter series, and here is an amazing design you can use to showcase your love for it. 

This tumbler features the creative Ravenclaw logo and name against a blue and white background.

The blue part is dotted with different shades to create a beautiful pattern representing everything about the Harry Potter series.

5. Hogwarts Night Sky Idea

Hogwarts Night Sky Idea

Are you a fan of the night sky and Harry Potter? Why don’t you combine your two passions and create this Hogwarts night sky Harry Potter tumbler? 

This idea has the impression of the school buildings at the back with Harry Potter characters at the front.

The stars, buildings, and characters bring all the best things about the series together in one image, and you can see that each time you get a coffee. 

6. Wizard Gryffindor Aesthetic Tumbler 

Wizard Gryffindor Aesthetic Tumbler 

The Gryffindors are the center of attention in the Harry Potter series, and there are many notable wizards from this line. 

As such, numerous fans would enjoy having Gryffindor-inspired art on their tumblers, and this is one of the best.

It features a logo, patterned coloring, the name, and a mix of colors that make the setup more memorable. 

7. Glitter Hufflepuff Décor Tumbler 

Glitter Hufflepuff Décor Tumbler 

Hufflepuff is another popular group in Harry Potter, and their fandom includes thousands of people. 

The Hufflepuff’s colors are yellow and black, and this tumbler décor option features all elements of this group, including the badger. 

The glitter helps bring more of a magical vibe to the entire set as the crowning part of the art as it brings out the logo. 

8. Harry Potter Glasses Tumbler 

Harry Potter Glasses Tumbler .

One of the most iconic elements of Harry Potter is the glasses, and that is the centerpiece of this mug design. 

The background has brown, purple, black, and gray patterns to make the tumbler look more sophisticated.

This is not a difficult graphic to print or paint, yet it showcases Harry Potter in its best and simplest form making it ideal for many people.

9. Hand Drawn Harry Potter Tumbler

Hand Drawn Harry Potter Tumbler

You don’t have to create complicated collages and spells on a mug to create a Harry Potter vibe. As this art piece demonstrates, a bright background and a well-written name can create the same effect as most art pieces with a Wizarding theme.

The font and writing style used in this design is the same as the movie title and most literature titles in the books.

10. Harry Potter Accessory Tumbler

Harry Potter Accessory Tumbler

Here is another option for Harry Potter glasses art on a tumbler, but this one also features the hair. 

It offers a more complete and easier-to-follow look than just glasses, and it will make more sense to people that aren’t too much into Harry Potter.

The patterned glitter background used on this tumbler makes it one of the best design options on our list, and it is ideal for many fans.

11. Black and White Harry Potter Tumbler 

Black and White Harry Potter Tumbler 

This is another simple yet elegant version of the Harry Potter glasses design. The background patterns play a big role in this option since the black, white, and purple contrast each other to create an enchanting mix that showcases the Harry Potter spirit.

This well-polished design will make your tumbler stand out, and each coffee break will feel like a trip to Hogwarts.

12. Plain White Harry Potter Mischief Tumbler

Plain White Harry Potter Mischief Tumbler

This is one of the most mischievous and iconic lines in the Harry Potter series, and you can integrate it onto your tumbler by following this design. It is a simple design on a white surface with writing and patterns in black to create a contrast.

You can play with the fonts and character sizes to get a more personalized design, but it is one of the easiest options on our list. 

13. Harry Potter Line Bright Tumbler Design 

Harry Potter Line Bright Tumbler Design 

Harry Potter features this quote that might be what you need to get past each day. You will look at the tumbler, and it will encourage you to move past everyone that discourages you and puts you down, and eventually, that is something everyone needs.

On the other side of the mug are the amazing Harry Potter glasses and hairline design to complete the look. 

14. Harry Potter Artistic Collage 

Harry Potter Artistic Collage 

Sometimes you don’t have to pick a specific element to focus on when creating Harry Potter tumblers. 

There are numerous symbols, characters, drawings, and quotes in the series, and you might want more than one on your tumbler.

This design features a collage of over 25 different Harry Potter-themed art entries that come together nicely to create an amazing mug.

15. Cartoon Harry Potter Tumbler 

Cartoon Harry Potter Tumbler 

Cartoon art for Harry Potter can be an awesome choice for Harry Potter tumblers, as this idea showcases. 

This will be especially suitable for younger fans or cartoon fans. This particular design is a collage of numerous drawings of Harry Potter characters.

The background is black and white, with the colored image of Harry Potter as the centerpiece of this impressive art piece.

16. Green and Black Slytherin Tumbler 

Green and Black Slytherin Tumbler 

Any Harry Potter fan knows that the Slytherin house colors are silver and green, which is what this design focuses on. It uses a light shade of green at the top and darkens as you go lower until it is almost black.

This creates a beautiful pattern in which the silver Slytherin house logo rests with the iconic “S” shaped snake.

17. Slytherin Logo Tumbler 

Slytherin Logo Tumbler 

This design uses only green and silver in the art of the Slytherin logo, and it’s the centerpiece of the design.

It is a simple design, and it has all the elements of the Slytherin house, including its color, animal, and logo.

The colorless cup is a nice touch, and the background of the art will change depending on what is in the tumbler, giving it a dynamic feel. 

18. Slytherin Quotes Tumbler Design

Slytherin Quotes Tumbler Design

The Slytherin house is known for being cunning and manipulative; therefore, this quote is one of the best ways to describe the house’s character. The Sorting Hat is the origin of this line, and you can join the Slytherin fandom with it.

The Sorting Hat at the top of the tumbler gives the quote context and can be a great conversation starter if you meet another fan. 

19. Starry Design Slytherin Tumbler 

Starry Design Slytherin Tumbler 

The kind of art used on these stars creates a unique wizard feel that is a major part of the Harry Potter plot, and this is one of the best ways to showcase it. It is a Slytherin house tumbler design that features the house colors green and silver. 

The logo has artistic elements in silver, with the background being green, which comes together to create a full representation of the Slytherin house. 

20. Wizarding Art Collage Tumblers

Wizarding Art Collage Tumblers

These are some of the best and simplest Harry Potter art designs, and they have the best of the Wizarding world. 

They are ideal for kids since they don’t have scary graphics and showcase some kid-friendly and nice elements of the series.

The art of wands and plants and stars is innocent enough to leave around your kid for an extended time.

21. Harry Potter Travel Tumbler 

Harry Potter Travel Tumbler 

This mug is also a nice representation of Hogwarts and all its elements. It features the school’s main logo, and what better way to showcase Harry Potter tradition than using Hogwarts’s logo with all four house animals represented?

The slogan on this design is in Latin, which is used in most magical-themed shows, including Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts 

22. Harry Potter Mascot Tumbler 

Harry Potter Mascot Tumbler 

This simple design still features the best parts of Hogwarts and the Harry Potter world. It has a bright background which creates a stage for the creation of various collages of logos associated with the series and its characters.

It has all the house animals and the school’s iconic badge scattered across the tumbler to create a subtle collage.

23. Dumbledore Quote Harry Potter Tumbler 

Dumbledore Quote Harry Potter Tumbler 

Sometimes we need a reminder to get out of our heads and live in the real world, and what better way than this Dumbledore quote? The logo is on a black background with little white stars that make it appear like the night sky.

It also has small Harry Potter art pieces like the glasses to complete the look and create context.

24. Custom Glitter Harry Potter Tumbler 

Custom Glitter Harry Potter Tumbler 

This is one of the most artistic and complicated designs on this list, but it will be worth the effort. It features a background of Harry Potter spells and quotes with huge symbols on top of them. You can customize the tumbler and write your name or someone else’s to make it a gift. 

The mix of colors and the addition of glitter at the bottom of the tumbler brings a magical beauty to this design that makes it stand out. 

25. Hogwarts Harry Potter Travel Tumbler  

Hogwarts Harry Potter Travel Tumbler

The Hogwarts logo is the easiest way to talk about the Harry Potter series in art, and this piece uses only that. It is a logo with the school slogan and house animals, just like in the movie. You don’t need more art; this simple addition will make the best Harry Potter merchandise.

If you want a bolder design, you can give it a personal twist by adding colors or creating a collage background.


You have gone through some of the best harry potter tumbler ideas, and you will now have an easier time creating your own. Sublimation printing makes it much easier to download graphics and print them on the mug or tumbler. 

Harry potter features hundreds of amazing art and quotes that could make for an awesome tumbler. You could start a business selling such tumblers to fans, and an article like this is the best place to get ideas.

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