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How Is The Google Phone Interview

How Is The Google Phone Interview? Tips For Job Candidates 

Working in Google is every tech enthusiast’s dream.  Even for internship positions, Google receives millions of applications yearly. However, securing an interview is not a walk in the park. 

Have you ever been in a waiting room for an interview? The anxiety is palpable. Let’s not even mention the sudden nausea, stomach upset and dry mouth that might creep in.

Due to the volume of applications, Google conducts interviews over the phone. Unlike physical interviews, scaling your phone interview depends solely on your ability to properly communicate your thought process, as there will be no visual assistance.

Now, here’s a crucial question. 

How Is The Google Phone Interview?

The online interview is nothing spectacular. It’s similar to a standard interview, except that it is conducted over the phone. Therefore, there would be no visual assistance. 

Testimonials from people who have had interviews at Google indicate that nothing is surprising to expect. You would be assessed in the same traditional manner, although over the phone.

However, Google is known for asking technical questions. These questions test your ability to figure out scenarios yourself. Google will test your problem-solving skills.

Therefore, your preparation should be based on the common questions for your job role. Make sure you cover every area, just as you would if you were being interviewed in person – except maybe your outfit. 

Google Recruiter Checklist

Google receives a large number of job applications from people all over the world. Your résumé won’t be the only thing that distinguishes you from the competition. Others will have impressive resumes and work experience.

Kind-heartedness, communication skills, collaborative skills, empathy, and problem-solving skills are all sought-after skills that will set you apart. Here are the qualities that a recruiter looks out for in an applicant.

The Pattern Of Google Phone Interviews

Google conducts phone interviews according to the pattern below.

Structured interviewing:

Google evaluates all candidates for a certain job role using a well-defined set of criteria. Each candidate is assessed from the same perspective, allowing their individuality to shine through.

Open-ended questions:

This is where ambiguous questions are thrown at you. You are expected to work your way through the questions, talking through your thoughts to get to your answers. 

These questions will enable them to assess how your mind works, your ability to communicate, interact with a team, get to know your strengths and weaknesses. The key here is, do not to be afraid to ask questions to gain clarity. 

Google is not looking for engineers or developers who know how to solve problems that they come across countless times. 

They are looking for people who can come across problems they (Google) have not before, yet work out answers to these questions. 

Google receives approximately one million resumes and applications each year. Only 4,000-6000 applications will be hired, representing a less than 1% hiring rate.

With over 60,000 employees scattered across 70 locations in 40 countries, Google must have strict policies for recruiting new personnel.

So, how do you increase your chances?

Tips On Taking Your Google Phone Interview

If you applied for a job role and you have been called for an interview, here are some useful tips to ace your interview. 

Be prepared:

Have all of the paperwork you’ll need within arm’s reach. During the phone interview, don’t move across the room looking for your documents.

Send your recruiter at least three days and time zones for the technical phone interview.

Also, let us know which programming language you prefer to utilize during the interview: C++, Python, or JavaScript.

Make sure the phone number you give your recruiter is the one you use the most.

Make sure you leave adequate time on your calendar. Doing this will assist you in relaxing and improving your performance.

Find a connection between the job role and your resume:

you must understand the job role you’re applying for and then find ways to connect it with your resume. 

In doing this, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in that phase of the interview process. Ensure you have read the job description and have found a connection with your resume. 

You’ll be asked questions to see how the skills on your resume fit the job role you applied for.

Focus on data:

This will help the recruiter understand the level of impact you’ve made. Simply put, tell the story of how far you’ve come in the industry. Using numbers, substantiate your story with data.

Tell them how much you’ve accomplished, as measured by what, doing what.

For example, instead of just saying the software you created helped increase service delivery, talk about the percentage of time saved or how much of the client’s time is saved. 

Go through your past work experiences:

You can be caught up in the anxiety of interviewing with a giant tech company that you forget what a badass you are.

Your resume looks good, and that’s what got you the opportunity to interview with them in the first place. It’s easy to forget your wins, and that’s why going through your work history should be part of your preparation. 

You will need to project confidence; what better way to do this than to see what you’ve achieved over the years? Moreover, there will be questions in the lines of “how do you tackle this situation?”, “tell us about when….”

It would help if you remembered the example of when you achieved the feats listed on your resume.

Come with questions:

Coming to an interview with questions goes a long way to show your interest in the position you’re being interviewed for. 

For a company like Google, it is proof of your research into the company. Ask questions about your job role and the company as a whole. 

Talk through your answers:

Your assessment on the Google phone interview is based on your ability to communicate your thought process properly. It is important that you clearly and precisely express your thoughts.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when necessary. Your questions will go a long way to allow the recruiter to clarify his questions if you don’t understand. 

Feel free to take some minutes to put your thoughts together. Write them down if you need to.

If you are making an assumption, make it clear to the recruiter that the ideas you’re expressing are assumptions. Also, be sure to explain why you are making the assumption.

Do not cheat:

This last tip may come as a surprise to you because why would someone cheat in a job interview? If you knew the number of applications recruiters go through at Google every week, you’d understand that the pressure is real.

Some people try to make a phone interview look like a group-on; you could hear other voices whispering in the background.

A recruiter can easily detect this. This behaviour is a red flag and it could cost you the opportunity to move to the next stage. 


Don’t be a loner. Ask for help and advice from people who have gone through Google phone interviews. 

There are a number of them online. If you know people who work at Google, meet them for tips on what to expect.

Practise talking loudly. You could have mock interviews with your friends and family. You could also leverage online platforms that conduct mock interviews for tech companies. 

Take advantage of online resources that prepare you for interviews. They include:

  • Google careers page 
  • YouTube channels
  • How to Prep for a Google Interview Video
  • Project Euler
  • Google Code Jam -Practice Problems
  • Google Students & Life at Google YouTube Channels
  • Google Tech Dev Guide
  • Google Coding Interview

What Is The Ideal Way To Answer “Do You Have Any Question For Me?”

Except you say something offensive or demeaning, there is no one way to answer this question. Frankly, this is not a trick, behavioural, follow-up or technical question. It does not add or subtract points from you after you’re done with your interview.

It is up to you to answer – no or yes (accompanied by your question). However, the recruiter asking the question is a staff at Google and therefore has internal information. They have answers to questions you would need, and it will be more beneficial to ask. 

Because you signed an NDA before your interview, they are at liberty to answer all your pressing questions with straight answers. You could ask questions to find out the true nature of the Google work environment.

Ask questions on how working at Google is more beneficial than other companies. Ask them what they love most about working there and what challenges they have experienced within the Google work environment. 

This interview could be a learning experience for you. It is your time, be sure to make the best out of it. 


Google recruiters are looking for people who can solve problems they have not encountered before.

Google phone interview is not rigorous. You would be assessed just like any other company interviewing you for the same job role would do, although over the phone. 

Therefore, your preparation should be based on the common questions for your job role. Make sure you cover every area, just as you would if you were being interviewed in person.

Unlike physical interviews, scaling your phone interview depends largely on your ability to communicate your thought process properly. 

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