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How Much Does A Smith Machine Bar Weigh..

How Much Does A Smith Machine Bar Weigh? See The Actual Estimate 

As you kick-start your fitness journey, finding a suitable machine to execute your compound lifts should be a priority. Why? It’s important to maintain the correct form, strength, and balance while trying out free weights. And that’s why smith machines are crucial.

Smith machines serve as a foundation for newbies. They focus on regulated barbell training, which contains mainly vertical (upward or downward) movements. In this case, the barbell doesn’t need to balance on you entirely. 

Now, let’s answer this question.

How much does a Smith machine bar weigh?

The weight of a smith bar has been a subject of debate for quite a while, as many have voiced different opinions on the matter.

However, the machine bar weighs between 15 to 21 lbs (6811 grams to 9534 grams). There are also varied sizes from different manufacturers. The weight also varied over the years due to new adjustments and modifications.

The old version of the smith machine bars weighed 15 lbs (6811 grams). And they were durable, firm, and solid. So, even though they lacked a polished and crystalline look, it doesn’t matter. They were the first pieces of equipment that aided body-building.

Keep reading for more details on the subject. 

What Smith Machine Bar Is

The smith machine is a uniquely designed grand steel bar, which boasts sturdy rollers around it. The sturdy rollers in question happen to be pressure lifts, useful for weight lifting workouts.   

This machine is also a solid basement. It features interlocked iron barbells, together with some heavy rails, which you can move vertically along a rigid path. 

The movement of the rails makes all the difference. It’s super energy-consuming and strenuous. But if you’re interested in building your muscles, you have to push yourself.   

Benefits Of Using The Smith Machine Bar

If you’re still contemplating on whether to use the smith machine bar or not, the following benefits it offer should help you change your mind. 

Easy to operate: 

The smith machine is easy to use and stress-free, which is a big plus for beginners. It’s an excellent choice for any fitness level, as inexperienced users may be uncomfortable using free weight bars.

The machine is a good start for stabilizing your muscles and rebuilding strength when recovering from injuries. It’s more like a crutch that helps you work out while recuperating.

Additionally, the smith machine’s mode of operation makes it a good choice for kick-starting a workout or weight-lifting journey.

Ensure safety: 

The smith machine’s design prevents injuries and casualties during exercises. It ensures the safety of operators during fitness activities. It not only gives a sense of confidence to the users but gets the job done.

Generally, the smith machine takes some pressure off the core and lower back by isolating your legs. And that minimizes instances of splitting pain on the groin, which can immobilize you for a while. Its tension-free setup ensures you can rack the bar without hurting yourself in the process.

It has safety pegs and shorter ranges than free weight bars. The added security ensures you stay balanced even when you fall short.

However, it’s important to note that you can still sustain injuries if you don’t handle the machine bar properly.

Activate the muscles: 

Consistent use of the smith machine can help you to build your desired muscle mass. It engages your biceps, core, triceps, and other body muscles. The equipment doesn’t focus on one part; it builds all muscle parts.

Additionally, the machine helps you isolate muscle groups. That means you’ll be able to get your reps done without twisting or using cheat muscles.

Ability to load weight: 

The smith machine allows you to stack more weight than a barbell. You can combine it with your barbell lifts, as it’ll help you practice with heavier loads before you move to the squat rack.

Activate fitness: 

This is another excellent machine for building fitness. It encourages exercises that build your fitness. As you continue to use the smith machine bar for these activities, you’ll improve your fitness.

Types Of Smith Machines

The following are the types of smith machines out there. Read to learn more about them to make an informed decision.

All-in-one smith machine: 

This is multifunctional and boasts many attached parts, with each fulfilling a different purpose. Some features include a bench for chest pressing, cables for lat bars or handles, and attachments for leg extensions.

One of the interesting things about this smith machine is it gives you more workout options. You can engage in squatting, leg movements, and so on.

However, the installation process of the all-in-one smith machine is very tedious.

Angled smith machine: 

This machine includes are type that are inclined or angled at about 5 to 10 degrees. It has bearings that accommodate posture and makes the rotation comfortable. All its accessories like press, bench, and clamp allow easy turning.

Residential smith machine: 

This type of smith machine is an effective workout and leg development machine that consists of bearings and gliders. The connections enable vertical up and down movements and are adjustable. 

The equipment is usually expensive and has accessories for relaxation and squats. It also consists of a weight steel bar of about 20 lbs.

Commercial smith machine: 

This machine is usually fastened to the floor and so is best for gyms. Its weight and stability enable it to handle multiple usages for an extended period.

It has a girdle that allows rotational movement. It’s usually simple and comes as a squat bar with weight trees. 

Additionally, this machine has no other attachment, cable, or bench. But it helps to build your fitness. And it’s a wise choice for wrestlers.

Linear ball bearing smith machine:

As the name implies, the bar works linearly. It has linear bearings and sleeves that move vertically. It also has some accessories like plates, steel cramps and so on.

It has similarities with the angle machine but moves in a linear direction (straight line).

Counterbalance smith machine: 

This smith machine type boasts rods, a pulley, glides, and bearings. The equipment reduces the steel bar weight, and so its weight becomes 20lbs instead of 40lbs. It also builds fitness while balancing the big and small muscles.

Dimensional smith machine: 

Unlike other options, this machine moves up, down, and sideways (vertically and horizontally). It has a rotor that maintains its weight at 20lbs and also has solid clamps and bearings.

It’s beneficial in contests, events, or tournaments because of its unique property.

Selectorized smith machine: 

You don’t have to load this machine with plates, though there’s a barbell attached to a weight stack. So its method of weight-bearing is different from other types of smith machines. All you do is choose the bar height and put a pin in the weight stack to start your workout.

Measuring The Smith Machine Bar Weight

You can measure a smith machine bar weight using various methods. Let’s discuss them.

Use a scale: 

In this method, you’ll need a firm object like a box that can hold up the bar. The bar usually stays connected to the bottom of the machine by the safety bars. Using the firm object will hold the bar off the safety stops. 

Next, put a scale on the box and rest the bar on the scale. Now check the scale reading; it’ll indicate the bar weight. 

However, if you can’t find a box or sturdy object that can hold up the bar, then drop the scale on the floor. Next, hold the bar and stand on the scale. Ask anyone around or a friend to help record the weight. 

After that, check your weight without the bar. Then subtract your weight from the previous measurement. That will give you the bar weight. You can repeat the process more than once to ensure the readings are accurate.

Use rope and weight plates: 

Another method is to make use of rope and weight plates. Get a 10 feet long string and some weight plates of about 2.5, 5, and 10 lbs weight plates. 

The first step is to tie one end of the rope to the middle of the smith machine bar. And then let the string go over the machine’s top crossbar. Next, move the bar to the uppermost hook of the equipment so that the other end of the rope (which you threw over the top crossbar) can touch the floor.

Now tie some weight plates at the other end of the rope. Check that you tied up the string ends effectively. You don’t want them coming off when you’re taking the measurement. Then, lift the bar off the hook and check if it balances.

You may need to add more weights or remove a few till the bar balances perfectly or almost flawlessly. Once the bar balances, note the weight plates’ total value on the other end of the rope. That’s equal to the bar weight.

It’s essential to note that this method lacks precision. So to ensure accuracy, the bar weight will be +/- 2.5 lbs, which is the size of the smallest weight plate. 

Another way to ensure accuracy is to consider that the bar may weigh higher due to friction. The friction is between the crossbar and the rope. Considering that, it’ll be best to subtract about 3lbs from the bar weight result you got.

 Importance Of Taking The Smith Machine Bar Weight

  • It helps you improve and make precise adjustments on the bar weight you lift each week. That’s essential for a progressive plan.
  • It’s also helpful to determine your right bar weight depending on a corresponding free weight exercise. For instance, you may need an extra 10 lb weight plate on both sides of your smith machine bench press if you use a free weight bench press of about 135 lbs.
  • It also helps you keep track of your milestones as your body-building journey progresses.


A smith machine bar weight ranges from 15 to 21 lbs. It’s a sure bet for beginning your fitness and body-building journey. Its ease of use, safety, and other benefits ensure you can use a bar even if you’re inexperienced or recovering from an injury.

To improve on fitness building, ensure you keep track of your progress. And also, increase your bar weight progressively as you maintain a consistent exercise plan.

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