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How To Be A Human Being Characters

How To Be A Human Being Characters; Musical Personalities

How to Be a human being’s characters are some of the most creative and inspiring pieces of musical history. 

Glass Animals created shockwaves with their album, “How to Be a human being,” a big part of this was how the songs spoke of different characters.

These characters have been a point of fascination for many music lovers for years, and we will take a deep dive into the album and the characters in this article. Let us see what the album was about, why it stood out, and what impact it has made in the industry; 

How To Be A Human Being Characters

The album “How to Be a Human Being” by the band Glass Animals was an iconic piece in musical history, and fans are curious about its detail to date. 

Each song in the album has a separate personality and message, and the character’s detail as follows;

  1. “Life Itself .”In this song, a young man who is battling with his identity and looking for meaning in life is introduced. He has a rebellious or disoriented personality.
  2. “Youth .”This song portrays the tale of a disturbed young woman battling social pressures and her inner demons. The persona shows resiliency, vulnerability, and a desire for freedom. 
  3. “Season 2 Episode 3”. The protagonist of this song is a narcissistic, self-absorbed person who has a virtual life and is continuously looking for approval and attention from others.
  4. “Pork Soda .”A homeless man who resides in a tent constructed of pork drink cans is shown in the song. This persona leads an unorthodox and outlandish lifestyle, showing a sense of disengagement from society’s expectations.
  5. “Mama’s Gun .”The song examines the lives of a traumatized lady who carries the weight of her past. The persona exudes toughness, tenacity, and a sense of mystique.
  6. “Cane Shuga .”The protagonist of this song is a wealthy, influential person who enjoys vices and excess. They have a hedonistic, cunning personality.
  7. “Premade Sandwiches .”This song portrays a character leading a routine and repetitive life, lonely and socially isolated. They could yearn for human interaction and want to escape their daily routine.
  8. “The Other Side of Paradise .”The character depicted in this song is a drug addict trapped in a cycle of addiction and self-destruction. They exhibit a complex mix of vulnerability, despair, and a yearning for escape.
  9. “Take a Slice .”The character in this song is depicted as being in a passionate and risky relationship. They exhibit a fiery, erratic, and possibly explosive demeanor.
  10. “Poplar St.” The song depicts the tale of a man who remembers a friend from his youth who has passed away. The persona displays melancholy, grief, and a yearning for happier times.
  11. “Agnes .”The album’s closing track pays tribute to a deceased loved one named Agnes. The character embodies a sense of loss, sadness, and a longing for closure. This was the last song in the album, and it set the tone for the project.

These eleven songs make up the unique characters that define the album “How to Be a human being.” They collectively explained the turmoil of being human and resonated with millions of fans. 

Details On The “How To Be A Human Being” Album

The British band Glass Animals released their second studio album, “How to Be a Human Being.” The publication date was August 26, 2016. 

The album featured Glass Animals’ distinctive fusion of indie rock, pop, and electronic music and was warmly welcomed by critics and consumers.

The album’s theme centers on the notion of delving into the lives and narratives of various persons. The album’s songs depict different characters with their backstory, problems, and experiences. 

Each song’s lyrics and musical flavor capture the character’s temperament and feelings.

The album “How to Be a Human Being” is renowned for its eclectic and energetic sound, which combines catchy tunes, complex production, and the distinctive vocal style of Dave Bayley, the band’s frontman. 

The album examines adolescence, identity, societal pressures, individual problems, and interpersonal relationships.

There are several songs on the album, including “Life Itself,” “Youth,” “Season 2 Episode 3,” “Pork Soda,” “Mama’s Gun,” “Cane Shuga,” “Premade Sandwiches,” “The Other Side of Paradise,” “Take a Slice,” “Poplar St,” and “Agnes.”

The album “How to Be a Human Being” explores the complexity of human existence through the eyes of imaginary people, providing a compelling and engaging listening experience. It is theoretically rich and sonically diverse.

What Major Impacts Did The Album Have On The Music Industry?

The album “How to Be a Human Being” by Glass Animals has significantly impacted the music industry. 

2016 was a good year for music fans, and this album held up to all the expectations from fans. Here are some of the notable impacts the album has had:

1. Positive Reviews. After its debut, “How to Be a Human Being” garnered many positive reviews. The album received plaudits for its avant-garde sound, narrative style, and original character-driven premise. 

It was ranked highly on several year-end lists of the greatest albums of 2016 by music outlets and critics.

2. Commercial triumph. The album was a commercial triumph, appearing on numerous international music charts. It appeared on the Billboard 200 list in the US and debuted in the top 20 of the UK Albums list. 

Its success helped Glass Animals become more well-known and reach a broader audience.

3. Streaming popularity. The album’s songs had a lot of popularity on streaming services, with a few pieces amassing millions of streams on Spotify, for example. Singles with addictive hooks like “Life Itself” and “Youth” won over fans and got a lot of airplay.

4. Cultural Influence. “How to Be a Human Being” helped to shape the unique musical sound of Glass Animals, which combines indie rock, pop, and electronic elements. 

Their style has impacted other independent and alternative musicians, ushering in a fresh era of experimental pop.

5. Live Performances and Tours. Glass Animals traveled significantly after the album’s success, including headlining tours and appearances at big music festivals. 

Their status as a must-see live act was further cemented by their energizing live performances and compelling stage presence.

What Makes The How To Be A Human Being Album Unique?

“How to Be a Human Being” is a distinctive and compelling album that stands out in the music industry. But what makes this album different from all the other unique projects in 2016? Let us get into the details and find out; 

  • Character-driven idea. The album’s character-driven concept is one of its most distinctive elements. The songs on the CD each depict a distinct individual with their difficulties, experiences, and stories. 

The narrative structure distinguishes “How to Be a Human Being” from other albums, resulting in a tuneful but varied collection of songs exploring the depths of human existence.

  •  Eclectic Sound. Glass Animals have an eclectic sound that combines elements of indie rock, pop, electronic music, and psychedelic music. The band’s music perfectly incorporates ingenious production, ambient soundscapes, and appealing melodies.  

This genre-blending strategy produces a unique and diversified sound that distinguishes them from other musicians.

  • Quirky and Complex Lyrics. The lyrics on the album highlight Glass Animals’ talent for presenting innovative and vivid stories. The rich details and provocative narratives in the lyrics of each song offer a window into the characters’ lives. 

The lyrics frequently have an eccentric style, creative wordplay, and an air of mystery and reflection.

  • New Production Methods. The album’s production is noteworthy for its focus on detail and aural exploration. Glass Animals combine unusual noises and samples with electronic beats, distinctive vocal effects, and complex instrumental arrangements. 

This creative production method gives their music more depth and texture, creating a unique acoustic environment.

  • Emotional Spectrum: “How to Be a Human Being” exhibits a broad spectrum of emotions, from reflective and depressing to joyful and contagious. 

Through themes of youth, identity, loneliness, and connection, the album explores the intricacies of human emotions and experiences. This variety of emotions adds to the album’s complexity and resonant appeal.

  • Lack of Artistic Cohesion. The album lacks artistic cohesion while featuring various characters and musical genres. The songs easily transition between tracks, resulting in a seamless listening experience. 

The album’s recurrent themes, motifs, and melodic components connect the songs and support the main idea.


“How to Be a human being” characters revolutionized music and made one of the most significant impacts in the music industry. 

Creating songs like characters with different personalities and meanings made this album nothing short of genius and solidified its place in history.

The album had everything that makes an album perfect, lack of artistic cohesion, intricate lyrics, cultural relevance, and emotional range. 

Combining the characters and these aspects made “How to Be a Human Being one of the greatest music albums ever recorded. 

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