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How To Find The Right Companies That Will Help You Find A Job

How To Find The Right Companies That Will Help You Find A Job

Not everyone needs help looking for a job, but finding an agency with a list of targeted companies is never the wrong choice. You’re lucky if someone may introduce you or create a positive reference. But what if you’re applying to a company having zero experience and no one to put a recommendation to?

There are plenty of reasons people might seek help when job hunting. This article will tell you how to find the right career service agency to land an interview.

Reverse Recruiting

One of the options is finding a reverse recruiter. It’s the person who submits resumes and visits interviews on your behalf. While it’s a very hands-on experience, it’s also one of the most expensive.

Reverse recruiters are like your personal assistants: they search for open vacancies, apply, and network with key decision-makers. The best reverse recruiters on the market are:

  • Find My Profession
  • Stewart, Cooper & Coon

If you want an innovative and more affordable alternative, try Skillhub –  a great spot with professional resume writers and practical career advice.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is another type of business helping you to find a job. Professional coaches bring the philosophy of “teaching a man to fish” to life. They will teach you the most valuable skills and best practices.

The main difference between reverse recruiters and career coaches is that the second one won’t perform a job search for you. Different coaches concentrate on particular aspects of a hiring process: they can provide interview training, help to determine a job type, or focus on polishing your leadership expertise.

Career coaching services are usually more affordable. However, you’ll have to spend more time researching the job market using this method. Here’s the list of the best career coaching services available:

  • A Path That Fits
  • The Muse
  • Jody Michael Associates
  • Ama La Vida
  • Allison Task Career & Life Coaching

Career coaching allows customizing a hiring process. It upgrades you as a job seeker, enabling you to gain some skills vital during a job search.

Resume Writing Companies

Professional writing service is the most popular online spot to land a job. They add an expert touch to every resume making it visually appealing to HR directors.

However, with many claiming to be resume professionals, finding your perfect match is challenging. Review their feedback, check the validity of certifications, and review the available resume samples to find the qualified writer for your resume. Here are the best resume-writing companies on the market:

  • Skillhub
  • ResumeZest
  • The Writing Guru
  • ResumeSpice
  • Briefcase Coach

Most agencies provide a 30 or 60-day interview guarantee to back up any resume they write. They also ensure each resume and cover letter complies with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) requirements and is keyword-optimized.

Recruiting & Staffing

Many job seekers don’t consider staffing agencies reliable sources to land a job. However, we’ve still included them in our short list of companies that help to speed up the hiring process.

Recruiters work to fulfill the open positions. They won’t assist every applicant individually but won’t ask for an additional fee. It’s unlikely that recruiters would help polish your skills or write a resume, but it won’t hurt to network with industry-related professionals to get yourself a dream job. The agencies you can research right now are:

  • Randstad
  • Robert Half

You may use those companies’ websites to get intelligent tips when job searching. On the other hand, you can get inside expertise from knowledgeable recruiters directly.

Free Online Services

If you’ve come this far and scrolled through reverse recruiting and career coaching, you’re probably interested in more affordable options. For your own sake, let us say that paid services can provide more personalized assistance, and you shouldn’t ignore them completely.

Yet, it’s helpful to know all the cards on the table. The Internet contains free resources, such as career advice blogs and resume templates. Find some of the popular examples below.

Career Advice Blogs

  • Find My Profession
  • The Muse
  • Career Sidekick 

Resume Builders

  • Novoresume 
  • Visme 

Plus, the job search engines (like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) are here, whether you like them or not. That’s why our main advice is — don’t ignore any of the options. Choose the field you’d like to work in and find your spot!

Create a Target List of Companies

Job hunting is an overwhelming process. But if you identify the key employers you’d like to work for, you can make it much more manageable.

Where to find company information? Use LinkedIn or Glassdoor, the main job search engines. How to choose companies?

  • Review the websites for lists of the best companies to work for;
  • Try your local Chamber of Commerce;
  • Benefit from professional associations;
  • Think about the stand-out companies from your industry, and make sure to network with future or former colleagues;
  • Prioritize your search: find the companies that match your values and priorities.

It’s essential not to rush at this stage. Spend time finding an employer who’s the right fit for your qualifications. Afterward, the time you devote to investigating companies will benefit you in the long run.

The Main Takeaways

Every job search is a challenge: despite thousands of resources, jobless people are still struggling to find a workplace. And yet, you have to channel your weak spot and see what’s taking you back from a dream job.

Start by asking yourself: “Where do I struggle in the job-hunting process?” Then, set down priorities. For example, if you don’t have time to research companies, try to reverse recruiting. If you want career guidance, ask a career coach or resume writing service for help. Finally, if applying for vacancies doesn’t bring positive results, upgrade your resume with a professional writer.

There are many great and modern ways for you to get hired. The only thing is clearing down the obstacles marking your professional search. So, don’t hesitate and use every opportunity to join a new team you’ll be happy to work with!

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