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Is The World Financial Group Legit

Is The World Financial Group Legit? This Should Clear Your Doubt

Has anyone approached you either to start working at the world financial group (WFG) as an advisor or to buy one or more of the products they sell? You’re not alone! 

It seems like everywhere you look, a WFG associate is around to persuade you to let go of money. This explains why many people have doubts about the company’s legitimacy. 

The WFG doesn’t get much respect either; even though they have grown considerably in the past years, spreading, expanding, and making money. 

So, let’s answer the question. 

Is the world financial group legit? 

The world financial group is a hundred percent legit. The business is legal and operates within the confines of the law. 

The company has over 42,000 associates. And they have been able to pay a commission of over $792 million to its associates in the past years. 

This post contains helpful information on this topic. Read on:

What Is The World Financial Group? 

The world financial group is a company that sells insurance, retirement, savings, and other financial planning products and services. They sell these products through licensed associates. 

WFG started in 2001. Aegon insurance company started the World financial group and later sold it to Transamerica. 

How Does The World Financial Group Get Its Customers?

The world financial group is entirely dependent on their associates to get customers. The associates end up as customers because they purchase products. 

New associates get pulled into the world financial group culture, and they end up buying and using their products. Then they have to work on getting more associates and customers aggressively. 

The WFG associates are the backbone of the organization. They do most of the heavy lifting the business needs.

They work aggressively to spread and multiply their product lines at different levels. If you’re an associate, WFG expects you to make a list of all your family and friends and try to get them to be customers or associates or both. 

Well, this isn’t a WFG thing alone. MLM companies all across the world thrive on the hard work of their associates. And the associates bring in sales from their family and friends before moving out to other people. It is not illegal, and it seems to work, at least for the world financial group. There has been a steady increase in their sales over the years. 

The WFG pitch seems convincing and compelling; we see it in their yearly returns and how many associates get on board regularly. 

How Are Associates Hired At The World Financial Group? 

The system the world financial group uses is the Multi-level marketing model. This system is how the business grows and how new associates get added to the company. 

So, when you have passed all the license exams and gotten hired, WFG expects you to recruit other associates. 

Within the first month of joining the group, they would tell you about the, “fast start,” and how it is essential for you to start with the “fast start.” The fast start involves you bringing in three new members and sitting in on three sales training sessions. 

Of course, this recruiting style doesn’t sit well with a lot of people for many different reasons. One is because it seems to benefit the company more than the individuals involved. 

So, if you bring in new members, you get a percentage of the commission from the products they sell to others or the ones they buy themselves. 

A large percentage of sales made in WFG is from associates. It is how multi-level marketing works. To find the shape of the WFG business model, check the WFG website. 

How Much Can You Earn As An Associate In The World Financial Group? 

Your earnings as an associate with WFG come from commissions. You get commissions from making sales and from the associates you recruit (whether they buy or sell products) 

If you can achieve a contract level of 100%, you will earn 100% of the first-year commissions. WFG Associate contract level is a pitiful 36%. Contract levels for Senior Marketing Directors are only 64%. There are better and more reputable brokerages available.

Types Of Members Of The WFG

According to the WFG, there are two types of members. They are: 

The dedicated members:

Dedicated members are those members that have chosen to sell only the products and services by the World financial group and nothing else. 

The non-dedicated members:

The non-dedicated members are members of the WFG chosen to sell products and services from the World financial group alongside other products. 

Different Associate Levels In The World Financial Group Business Model 

There are various associate levels in WFG. These levels determine how much commission you receive for every qualifying sale you make. 

For you to progress, you must have recruited other people. This recruiting process is where WFG’s pyramid structure comes in, so many people refer to it as a pyramid scheme or an illegal venture. Starting from top to bottom, here are the different levels:

Senior Marketing Director:

The Commission for Senior Marketing Director is 65%. To progress, you need three direct recruits – all SMDs – and either 500,000 net points in 6 rolling months or 750,000 net points in 12 rolling months are required.

Marketing a director:

The marketing director gets a Commission of 50%. At this level, the requirements for progression are ten associates, 6 out of the ten must-have a  life license. It doesn’t stop there; you must have three legs of personal recruits.

One of the three personal recruits must be Marketing Director level. You must have 75,000 net points within three months. Lastly, you must have a cash flow of $35,000 within 12 months or $20,000 in 6 months.


As an associate, you should expect a 35% Commission. 

Progression Requirements: 3 direct associates via personal recruits, five life-licensed associates on your team, and 40,000 net points in three months. 

Associate Training Commission:

This level is known as 3:3:30. There is a 25% commission at this level. 

To progress, you need to make three sales and recruit three partners in any consecutive 30 days.

Why Do People Think The World Finance Group Is A Scam For Associates? 

People think the WFG is a scam for associates because of the World Financial Group’s MLM business model. Only a few people make actual money. 

Typically, those at the top of the MLM pyramid make all of the money, while those at the bottom make very little or nothing except meet the high targets set. 

Why Do People Think The World Finance Group Is A Scam For Customers? 

It’s worth noting that the commission rates have risen to 65 percent. That means that when a client purchases a financial product, 65 percent of the money goes to the sales agent, and 35 percent goes to the insurance company. The insurance company, in this case, AEGON, also profits. That is, the majority of what a customer pays is for marketing and sales rather than the product itself.

An index fund, on the other hand, may charge a fee of less than 1%. This hiccup is why people believe World Financial Group customers are getting duped because the markup on the products they sell is exorbitant.

Should I Become A World Financial Group Associate? 

Yes, if you’re willing to work extremely hard, bring in all of your friends and family, and aggressively try to make new sales, you might be able to succeed with WFG.

Some people have become successful from WFG. And, of course, their marketing materials are full of stories of people who became rich via WFG.  However, it will be a tiny proportion of the total number of recruits.

Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Member Of The World Financial Group 

If you read this post to this point, you are probably familiar with some of the Pros and cons that come with being a member of the WFG. 


WFG has had substantial sales numbers, according to recent reviews. So, the marketing and sales system is likely to be effective, and you’ll get trained on their tactics. 


  • There is continuous pressure to recruit other associates to form your branch or leg. 
  • It is challenging to become rich using a multi-level marketing system. There is only a tiny percentage of members that are experiencing long-term success. 
  • As a consumer, you will only have access to a few products, and it might pose an issue because the WFG associate may try to sell you a high commission product.
  • People see multi-level marketing as a pyramid scheme. This thought can be challenging to get out of their heads when trying to close sales. 
  • There is a possibility of becoming a social outcast, especially if you’re overly aggressive with your family and friends. 


The answer to the question “is the world financial group legit?” was covered in this post. The reason the question comes up often is because of the business model the WFG uses. 

Their operations are within the law, and anyone can become a member as long as they are willing to work. WFG may have had some negative reviews in the past. But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re legit. Even large corporations have negative reviews. It’s hard to satisfy every customer. 

This post is an overview of World Financial Group (WFG), including how they operate. We hope you learned a thing or two about the company and can now make an informed decision. 

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