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Sims 4 House Ideas

Sims 4 House Ideas – 28 Best

There are dozens of Sims 4 house ideas that you can pick from. These house ideas are great for both pro and beginner Sims 4 players. 

This article lists all the inspirational and amazing house ideas. They’ll surely help you to figure out your next building project. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro or a beginner Sims player; these ideas will boost your creativity levels to the highs you never expected. Read on to learn more. 

Sims 4 House Ideas 

1. Huge Family House 

Huge Family House 

In Sims 4, almost everything is possible when it comes to construction. Therefore, you can utilize your creativity as much as you want. 

The huge family house is best for large families, i.e., those with multiple generations. This house features a large backyard, several bedrooms, and usually more than one story. 

There are several designs when it comes to a huge family house. Pick one that features incredible landscaping, a pool, and a backyard. Ensure it has enough living space that’s comfortable for your family. 

2. Mountain Cabin 

Mountain Cabin 

The mountain cabin is great if you have the Sims 4: Snowy Escape. The Snowy Escape has some Japanese aspects, making your cabin look more interesting. 

A mountain cabin will look better when you use tons of rocks, wood, and full trees. It’ll feel like the ideal place to chill during winter. 

Ensure your cabin’s interior is great too. You can add the concept of a beautiful open kitchen. This will make the cabin a great vacation rental in the game. It will surely impress the sims who enter it. 

3. Modern Dream 

Modern Dream 

Today, we have modern houses almost everywhere in our neighborhoods. These houses are so gorgeous and fancy that you can’t resist admiring them. 

You can make the modern design idea a reality in Sims 4. Like others in the list, there are several designs to choose from; go with one that impresses you the most. 

It’s good to use white for roofing and walls and can include a see-through pool. Ensure the pool is visible from the front since it adds to the house’s beauty. 

4. Modern Country Estate 

Modern Country Estate 

The modern country estate will look amazing; it’ll make you have more fun in the game. Build it in a more modern place like Hen ford-on-Bagley, in Sims 4: Cottage living. 

The house has several features that are in a cottage, such as a garage area and greenhouse. However, it makes them appear more modern with fewer patterns and cleaner lines. 

Add more attractive features like a small pond in the entry area. Landscaping and the interior should be beautiful too. 

The interior of this modern country house has all types of décor and lightwood that make it cozier and more modern. It is the best Sims 4 house idea for a modern gardener. 

5. Modern Farmhouse 

Modern Farmhouse 

The modern farmhouse continues getting increasingly popular among Sims 4 players. It’s because the house is so gorgeous. 

The Modern Farmhouse combines stone and siding with great wood details and several greeneries. All these make the modern farmhouse cute and cozy. 

The modern farmhouse has awesome designs, which work well for sims that love raising animals or gardening.

6. Loft Apartment 

Loft Apartment 

You can use the small area by building a cozy loft apartment. People love loft apartments because of their small, clean and simple look. 

You’ll build a section of the 2nd floor for a loft apartment and add a curving staircase. A loft apartment has a great floor layout; you can make it more beautiful by adding decorating items. 

These can include shelves, artwork, plants, and brick walls. The loft apartment is ideal for beginner sims that can only afford a small piece of land. It’ll make your small land piece look more expensive. 

7. Backyard Gazebo

Backyard Gazebo

After building your dream Sims 4 house, you can add the backyard gazebo. It’ll make your home’s backyard feel less bare and give it a more detailed look. 

The gazebo is a nice backyard alternative to the classic deck and pool look. It’ll make your sim 4 house stand out as one of the best. 

For the backyard gazebo, choose the hexagon shape and add some foundation; this lifts the house off the ground. 

Add posts, fences, and your desired roof to make it more unique. You can make the backyard gazebo more decorative by adding flowers and furniture.

8. Luxury Apartment 

Luxury Apartment 

Most Sims 4 players decorate their apartments with inexpensive furniture to cut costs. Some players do feel that cheap furniture is a great way to start. 

However, there’s an option of decorating your apartment more luxuriously. You can use luxurious décor and simple colors, but they must blend well. 

For example, you can use white wood for the kitchen and some green and blue details. Other things, including the couch, should be high-quality and match your entire room setup. 

A luxurious apartment will make you want to spend more time there. 

9. Container Home 

Container Home 

The addition of the Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle makes it possible to create a container home. There are several container home ideas, and they are all good. 

Container homes feature several interesting details. It includes metal sliding on the containers, industrial décor, and interesting window shapes, making its vibe so interesting. 

On the inside, add tiles, a nice open kitchen area, and lighting that’ll make it feel super cozy. If you do everything right, you’ll not know that your house is an old shipping container.

10. Modern Minimalistic Home 

Modern Minimalistic Home 

The minimalistic home idea is fun in the Sims 4, and many players are going for it. A minimalistic home features several clean lines but needs less landscaping and décor. 

You should go for the minimalistic home if you don’t love much happening in your home. 

Minimalistic homes feature great pools and monochrome furniture. Including monochrome details on the inside, dark woods, and gorgeous floors will do the magic. 

11.  Town House

Town House

The townhouse is another interesting design concept you can try in the Sims 4. Townhouses feature taller houses and not the standard short and wide homes. 

The townhouse design is great because you can add as many rows as possible. This means that many small families can live in one household. But they can have their own space and locking doors. 

You can have a roommate in the townhouse, which makes everything more fun. Ensure the townhouse is beautiful; you can add cream and white details. The interior should feature more of the same light tones.

12. Half Circle House

Half Circle House

The half-circle house is unique and individual. A house shaped like a half circle is a crazy idea but breathtaking. You only get to witness it occasionally in the Sims community. 

With this design, you have options when it comes to outdoor areas. You can add gazebos, a pool, or any other building you love. 

The half-circle house has interesting room shapes and small details. But it could be a more favorable design for beginner Sims 4 builders. 

That’s because you need the outside-the-box decorating style and building.

13. French Villa 

French Villa 

If you want a fancy-looking and feeling home, then the French Villa is the best choice. Most French villas feature beautiful white doors and windows that bring in enough light. 

The French villa is among the best vacation rental in the Sims 4 game. It’ll give your sims a chance to experience something different on their next trip. 

Ensure you add the most beautiful details to your outdoors. These can include pathways, greenery, etc. 

You can also enhance the French Villa’s inside with white details, fireplaces, and stone walls. These things will make it feel cozier.

14. Japanese Townhouse

Japanese Townhouse

The Sims 4: Snowy Escape has more fun, including the Japanese-themed world. The Snowy Escape has several amazing builds and buys details for the Japanese theme. 

Most Sims have the regular American suburban home. You can change this vibe by trying the Japanese home. The few Japanese homes in Sims 4 have several beautiful details. 

These include a garage at the back of your house, a beautiful wood image, and much more. You can design and finish it in whatever way you love.

15. Underwater House 

Underwater House

You can turn your land into a giant swimming pool and make a house at its center. Your basement will be submerged underwater. 

To experience the full aquarium effect, put a large window on all walls. This way, you’ll be able to see right out into the beautiful blue water. 

You can enhance the view by placing pillars and statues under the water. These items will add a detailed look to your setting; you’ll also have more things to look at. 

16. Rooftop Pool 

Rooftop Pool 

Sim 4 gives you options; you can choose to be extraordinary. You can do this by placing your swimming pool in the yard differently than all other Sims. 

Instead, you can build a fancy rooftop pool that can host romantic dates and cocktail parties. You can construct the pool inside a room, no matter the foundation. 

However, note that you can’t stack pools on top of each other to make them deeper. If you own a two-story house, the rooftop pool will be one in that place. 

Lastly, you can include windows on pool walls if you want to avoid the half wall or fence around the pool. The glass windows will make your pool look cool.

17. Compact House 

Compact House

If you need a Sims 4 house idea for a simple house, you should go with the compact house design. This house design is usually relatively small, but it has almost the essentials that a Sim needs. 

A compact house features a minimal bathroom, kitchen, one bed, etc. 

You can include a bookcase for entertainment because it is small. It can fit in the space without causing many obstructions. Use a matching theme to make everything more fun. 

18. Jungle Home 

Jungle Home 

The hustle and bustle of the city tends to be overwhelming; you can solve this with a jungle house. Build your home in the middle of a jungle with calming rivers, animals, and birds. 

However, it’s hard inviting people into the jungle, but it’s worth the peace. It’s because most jungle houses in Sims 4 are quite secretive. Plus, you can access your house using a boat, making it more fun and relaxing. 

19. Haunted Lighthouse 

Haunted Lighthouse 

A haunted lighthouse is the best choice during October’s spooky season. It’s a fun concept in Sims 4 because it allows you to put your creativity to the test. 

You have to add many details when it comes to a haunted lighthouse. These include the stranger Ville, spooky stuff and vampires, etc. 

With this idea, you can go wild, and all details that you think would look great. Plus, you can add many other things, such as cobwebs, stains, etc. 

20. Vampire Mansion 

Vampire Mansion 

Here is another way to test your creativity; the vampire mansion is somehow creepier, but you can build it for your family. If you have the Sims 4: Vampires, you can make this idea a reality. 

Make your vampire mansion more creative by adding beautiful Victorian details. You can also add gargoyles and statues to make the place creepier.

21. Boho Loft 

Boho Loft 

The Boho Loft house is another amazing idea you can construct in any of the apartments in Sims 4. 

Boho Loft works well with items from Movie Hangout and Laundry day. It’ll surely bring several texture tons to your home. With the Boho Loft, it’s best to choose neutral colors and plants; they give the house an extremely cozy vibe. 

22. Country Family Cottage 

Country Family Cottage 

This house utilizes all the elements available in Sims 4: Cottage Living. These include chimneys, thatched roofing, and much greenery. But you should ensure that you place everything so beautifully. 

Add a pond to make your cottage more fun. Plus, you can include different types of windows to make your home cozier and more beautiful.

23. Modern Cottage Farmhouse

Modern Cottage Farmhouse

This Sims 4 house idea has a mix of modern and cottage styles. It is simply a modern farmhouse with more of an English cottage vibe. 

Make your farmhouse more beautiful by adding pathways, great roofing, and windows. You can take a photo of any real-life house and replicate it in Sims 4. 

Ensure the interior is great with a gorgeous kitchen; slightly raise it to have an open but separated feel. You should also work on your bedroom, adding huge windows and a spacious walk-in closet. 

24. Hobbit Village House

Hobbit Village House

Do you love the Hobbit series, or are you a fan of The Lord of the Rings? If yes, then the Hobbit Village house idea is best for you. If you want it to have a unique look, you should have enough greenery like lily pads, flowers, etc. 

Also include water pools, round windows, and anything that makes the hobbit house beautiful. Hobbit houses are usually small, but it’s best to separate the bedrooms. 

25. Barn House 

Barn House 

You can redecorate the barn house to look more like a normal house. You can get an actual barn build design from the Sims 4 gallery. Reconstructing it will be much more fun than you can imagine. 

After reconstructing it to your liking, you can decorate it with other things, such as plants, ponds, etc. This will make its yard look like a farm, making it more interesting and beautiful. 

26. Industrial Penthouse 

Industrial Penthouse 

The Sims 4: City Living allows you to build anything you want; it mustn’t be an apartment building. 

You can make a beautiful industrial penthouse from items like the industrial loft kit, Moschino stuff, and other random packs. An industrial penthouse means you can make something beautiful from dark woods and brick tones. 

27. Houseboat 


You can’t make a houseboat that floats on water, but you can craft something that looks close to this. After building this house, add great exterior details such as conditioner units, circular windows, ship wheels, and a pool. 

Ensure the pool is on the house’s side to make it appear as if it is sitting on the water. 

The good part is that you can make the interior resemble a real boat. Plus, you should decorate every aspect with a nautical feel. 

28. Art Studio

Art Studio

You should consider building a huge art studio using a sim with creative aspirations. Make the studio more cluttered to give it a more realistic look. 

Put tons of art pieces and paintings on the wall and canvases on the floor to improve it. If the floor lights face easels, they appear more realistic and give the room that cozy vibe. 

You can add a work desk in the room’s middle, so it doesn’t look empty. 


The Sims 4 house ideas are great, and the game is pretty simple. However, only some people are good designers, thus will need help coming up with a beautiful house. 

There are many amazing designs in Sims 4 to choose from. As much as most players find building houses extremely daunting, it’s one of the best features of this game. The best way to start is to copy the houses of other great builders. 

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