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The Best Skins For Those Who Play On The Side Of Terrorists And Counter Terrorists

The Best Skins For Those Who Play On The Side Of Terrorists And Counter Terrorists

Depending on whether the team is playing offensive or defensive, the choice of weapons is obviously different. It is influenced not only by the tactics and strategy of the team but also by the fact that some types of weapons are available only to terrorists or only to special forces. Players pick up skins based on the weapons they wield. In this article, written by Volodymyr Huda, you will know the best weapon skins that are exclusively for players who play as terrorists and counter-terrorists. You can also learn more about CS:GO features and access useful services, including Steam hex id, using the Profilerr platform.

The Best Skins For Terrorists

The release of CS:GO took place in 2012, and since then the shooter has gained great popularity among US players. Worldwide, the average monthly number of players is around 800,000-900,000 players. Among them are players both on the side of terrorists and counter-terrorists. Terrorists use different types of weapons to implement their plans, including pistols and rifles. If you’re looking for a new skin for your weapon, this collection of skins will help you decide.

Glock-18 | Neo-Noir

This skin often appears in collections, and it definitely deserves attention. Item has an expressive image of a woman, stylish drawing, and minimalistic colors combined with an average price make it very attractive. In addition, the Glock-18 Neo-Noir can be supplemented with other skins from the corresponding collection – you may want to add the AWP Neo Noir to it.

Desert Eagle | Light Rail

Another inexpensive pistol with a catchy design is the Desert Eagle Light Rail. It was added to the game in 2019 and is remembered by players for its design, which combines a metallic sheen with a golden gradient that highlights the barrel of the weapon.

Tec-9 | Decimator

This skin is a great option for those who love futuristic neon designs. The protruding elements of the weapons are covered with a turquoise-pink mesh, which creates an optical illusion as if turning them into geometric frames. In addition to Tec-9 Decimator, there is another skin in the game in the same style – for M4A1-S.

MAC-10 | Disco Tech

Skin from another series, but in the same color scheme as the previous one – MAC-10 Disco Tech. In addition to the contrasting coloration, it has other features. First, it’s the only SMG skin with an iridescent effect that makes the color look different depending on the angle of view. Secondly, this effect is preserved even at high float, so you can save money when buying this skin.

Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love

Despite all the disadvantages of Sawed-Off, it may well find a place in the inventory of someone who prefers an aggressive playstyle. However, the design of this skin seems to create a deliberate contrast with the powerful capabilities of the weapon: Sawed-Off Kiss♥Love is dominated by shades of purple and pink, and the body is decorated with an anime-style portrait of a girl.

AK-47 | Ice Coaled

Of course, you can’t do without skins for the AK-47, which, moreover, is only available for purchase by terrorists. It is not surprising that there are many bright designs for this gun. Let’s focus on AK-47 Ice Coaled, a blue-green skin with a rare color combination that stands out from the crowd. This skin was spotted in the inventory of a Ukrainian pro player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev from the Natus Vincere team. The cost of the skin does not exceed $60 for the Factory New version with a StatTrak counter.

SG 553 | Dragon Tech

Finally, let’s mention another interesting skin – SG 554 Dragon Tech. Despite the relatively low price of the skin, the body of the weapon from the Recoil collection is decorated with a detailed image of an Asian dragon, which combines traditional motifs and modern technologies. It turned out that only three colors, black, white, and various shades of green, were enough for the designer to create an image recognizable from afar.

The Best Skins to Play On The Side of The Counter-Terrorists

For the counter-terrorists, the designers have also prepared many interesting and memorable skins. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest weapon skins available to players on any budget.

P2000 | Imperial Dragon

This pistol has a lot of noteworthy skins, and Imperial Dragon is one of those that reveal this weapon in all its glory. The case retains its copper metallic luster while being adorned with an engraving depicting a dragon’s mouth pointing toward the enemy. Even a version in Factory New condition can be found at a fairly low price.

USP-S | Cortex

And if you want to pick up the skin for a pistol with a silencer, you should pay attention to USP-S Cortex. Despite the fact that it is made in literally three colors (pink and blue on a black background), once you see this design, you cannot confuse it with anything. It’s hard to say which detail is more remarkable: a skeleton with an exploding brain, sinuous lines, or the USP lettering on the silencer.

Five SeveN | Fairy Tale

Another pistol skin to show off in the opening rounds is the Five-SeveN Fairy Tale from Operation Broken Tooth Case. He appeared in the game relatively recently, in 2020. The body of the pistol is decorated with an image similar to a child’s drawing – a princess, a unicorn, a magic castle, and flowers. Perhaps players are attracted by the contrast between the cute design and the effectiveness of this weapon.

MP9 | Starlight Protector

Let’s move on to more powerful weapons while continuing the theme of unicorns. Starlight Protector is not as bright as the Five SeveN skin described above, but its creators paid more attention to small details, such as stars decorating the body and golden line accents.

FAMAS | Commemoration

Another “historical” skin FAMAS Commemoration was added to the game in honor of the twentieth anniversary of Counter-Strike. On the weapon, you can see the names of famous maps, as well as many other details that remind you of significant moments in the history of CS:GO.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the inventory of skins for playing on the side of terrorists and counter-terrorists can be supplemented with many other noteworthy items. However, the ones listed above are a great opportunity to add to your collection at affordable prices. You can learn more about the features and secrets of playing CS:GO on the Profilerr website. The service is available to players from various US cities, including Chicago (Illinois) and Los Angeles (California).

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