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What Is A Group Of Whales Called

What Is A Group Of Whales Called? Understanding Whales

Have you whales been found to sing in US waters? This might seem weird to you, but whales are complex singers and can sing for 20 minutes. Just like this, there are many other exciting aspects about sharks. Many whales are reported to travel in groups. So, you might see them often together. Do you know what a group of whales is called?

This article will tell you more about whales, their groups, origin, lifespan, and species.

Get yourself ready and read on!

What Are Whales?

Whales are a diverse group of aquatic placental marine mammals. They are the largest animals on earth, bigger than elephants. You can find them in every ocean. The size of whales ranges from 600 pounds to more than 200 feet, and 100 ft long will match the size of your basketball playground.

Usually, whales are warm-blooded creatures. It is essential to know that the population decline of wages from human hunting has decreased. Still, there are many endangered and threatened species of whales found.

Whales travel in a group of like 100 whales together. So let us tell you what a group of whales is called?

What Is A Group Of Whales Called?

A group of whales is known as a pod. A pod will include that bond better together due to biological reasons or some friendships developed between them. The average size of a pod falls between 20 to 30 whales.

In many cases, like during the mating seasons where there is lots of food, you will find thousands of whales together. They come to mate and forge. After that, they separate back to small pods after they have become a part of the larger pod.

Interestingly, whales have very dramatic social behavior. In some pods, you may find 6 or 12 whales. On the other hand, some pods will include thousands of whales together.

Mostly, the large pods consist of small toothed whales that travel together to help each other from predators when they hunt for food. Also, it helps them to hunt food better. In contrast, the giant whales travel in small pods. After all, they don’t fear predators because they can fight alone. So, they prefer to travel with small pods or swim alone.

We know that a group of whales is known as a pod. So next, let us know the reason for them to form pods.

Why Do Whales Form A Pod?

Whales who live in a pod hunt together with other whales. So, they have a better organization hunting method. They even socialize with each other and protect bug sharks from killer whales. So, the giant and adult whales don’t have to worry about attacks by groups of Killer Whales.

But their minor children easily fall prey to the group of sharks and giant whales, so female whales travel with their children to protect them. For this reason, you will see more children in pods.

For parenting, women form pods with their children and other females to protect them together. While this makes whales often wander along. So, the pods have more females and children in a protective group. The pod or a group of whales stays together for a few days or a lifetime together.

Whales are huge human creatures that have seemed attractive. You might rarely see a group of whales because they stay in deep oceans away from land. However, they produce a unique sound to communicate when they roam together. The Antarctic blue whale is also known as the largest animal up to that is equal to 33 elephants. Even a group of dolphins is known as a pod, and hundreds of pods together are super pods.

Now we know what a group of sharks is called and why they are forming a group. So, let us know about their exciting origin.

What Is The Origin Of Whales On Earth?

The first species of whales have been considered to appear on earth for 50 million years. So, they appeared after the extinction of dinosaurs but before humans appeared on earth. As a result, the whales found today are well-versed in living in the water.

For millions of years, whales’ body has favored the transformation of whales over time to enable them to have this environment. Their nostrils have changed, hind limbs have disappeared, and they have lost all their fur and hair. Their transformations have reduced the relationship between whales and their closest living relatives.

Now, after understanding the origin of whales, let us look at the species of whales found on earth.

How Many Species Of Whales Are There?

Until now, humans have recognized 90 species of whales known as cetaceans that range from the largest whale to the unicorn whales. In addition, whales are classified into two different whale family categories, baleen whales and toothed whales.

After understanding the species of whales, let’s know about the lifespan of whales.

How Long Do Whales Live?

Whales have a lifespan of about 20 to 100 years. One whale species is known to have lived beyond 200 years. You might find it weird, but their ear wax decides the lifespan of blue whales.

The layer of wax in a blue whale’s ear indicates her age. So, the scientists found that Antarctic blue whales live about 90 years. However, the killer whale struggles to love more because its lifespan ranges from 30 years or less.

Do Whales Eat Humans?

Despite occasional reports that whales eat humans, it is infrequent. The reason is that it is difficult for whales to swallow humans. A humpback whale can easily fit a human up to 10 feet in its mouth. But they can not swallow a human in their mouth.

So instead, they feed on small aquatic life forms such as fish, squid, krill, and a few dolphin species. They have even been known to eat marine animals like sea lions, walruses, and seals but not humans.


Now we have reached the end of this article; we hope you might have found an answer to your question, what is a group of whales called?

Whales are the largest animals found on earth, and their group is known as a pod. The average size of a pod is about 20 to 30 whales. However, it can have more than 100 whales too.

The whales Socialize together because they can save each other from killer whales and big sharks. Remarkably, the female and child whales travel in a pod. The whales have a lifespan of about 20 to 100 years.

The whales first appeared on earth nearly 50 million years ago before humans appeared on earth. Whales are dramatic socializers, and they always have interested humans.

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