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What's An Instagram Handle

What’s An Instagram Handle? Things To Know About Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels out there. It uses handles to identify users. An Instagram handle is a username. It is used to identify you and is attached to your account. If you have an Instagram account, your username will be the name that appears at the top of your profile page and in the URL for that page.

You can change your username at any time. When you do, it will change everywhere: in the URL, on your profile page, in your bio, and so on. You will also get a new account URL with each new username, which means that the old one will no longer work—so if you are hoping to build up a following under a specific handle (for example, @peanutbutterlovers), be sure not to change it! Are you tired of waiting for Instagram verification? Well, you can expedite the process by building a strong following. We can show you how to get more followers on Instagram and achieve that coveted verified badge. Click here to find out more.

As a business, a handle can help you stand out by being creative and unique in how you represent yourself on social media. It’s also beneficial because it allows people to find your account quickly.

How Does Instagram Work?

Instagram allows users to upload pictures or videos and then share them with other users via their personal page or profile page. Users can also send direct messages to each other, upload live stories, and create groups called “stories” where they can post whatever content they want within these groups (but only their followers will see what they have posted).

Users must first create an account before they can access any features on Instagram; this means that all new users must register with an email address and password before they’ll be able to use their accounts.

From there, it’s simple: just upload photos or videos to the app and share them with your friends! You can also view other people’s posts by following them or looking for hashtags related to topics that interest you to find new accounts worth following (for example, #photography if you’re interested in photography).

You can also search for specific things using Instagram’s built-in search feature — just type in a word (or words) and hit enter — which will bring up all posts containing those terms or hashtags related to what was entered into the search box.

Can I Pick My Own Instagram Handle?

Yes! You can pick your own Instagram handle, but we recommend that you use your name. This makes it easy for people to find you and ensures that they will recognize you when they come across your profile. If you want to create a custom Instagram handle, that’s totally fine. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Edit Profile” section of your account by tapping on the hamburger (three-line) icon in the top right corner, then selecting “Edit Profile.”
  2. Tap on the username field and enter your desired username.
  3. Tap “Done” to save your changes.

Once you’ve done that, your new username will appear next to your name at the top of your profile page and within the search bar when people are searching for you.

Can I Change My Instagram Handle Daily?

While you can change your Instagram handle daily, it’s not suggested. Instagram’s guidelines say that you should pick a name that “represents who you are and can use for a long time.” That said, if you do feel inclined to change your handle every day, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Changing your handle too often could confuse other people or make them think there’s something wrong with your account.

You could also lose followers if they don’t realize you’ve changed your handle, and they can’t find you anymore. So, while yes – you can change your Instagram handle daily, it’s unlikely to be helpful to you or people who follow you.

Are Custom Instagram Handles Beneficial For Businesses Or Individuals?

For businesses, the answer is undoubtedly yes. If you have a custom Instagram handle relevant to your business, it is worth having.


  • It’s easier for clients/customers to find you, and it helps them associate your handle with your brand
  • If you’re running ads, using the same handle and name for both your Facebook and your Instagram account makes it possible for you to use existing audiences from one campaign on the other
  • When people want to get information about a brand or business via social media, they go to Instagram now more than any other platform. So, if you don’t have an Instagram account associated with your company, it can potentially disappoint customers

Why Does An Instagram Handle Matter?

Instagram handles are essential for several reasons.

First, they’re crucial in branding your company. As you’ve probably noticed, Instagram handles tend to be short and sweet, making them easy for customers to remember and type out when searching for your page.

It also helps potential clients get a sense of who you are as an organization. If you’re a yoga instructor, “breathe deep” might be a memorable handle that conveys the services you provide; if you’re a hot dog stand, “hotdogs r_us” or “wieners_4ever” might convey the essence of your business while being short and sweet.

Second, they serve as your identity on the platform. Instagram is growing at an exceptional rate (currently boasting one billion users), so having a distinctive handle can help people find you more easily among the millions of other users on Instagram.

Third, it’s a form of marketing that costs nothing and offers excellent returns! Even if your Instagram account isn’t public, having an outstanding handle can make people curious about the brand behind it, eventually leading them to search for it online – which means more publicity for your company!


Instagram may not be the ideal platform for promoting your business or brand, but it can certainly add value to your online presence. After all, it’s where one of the most essential marketing demographics (millennials) can be found. If you have relevant content and a brand that looks fun and inclusive, you can likely connect with these young people on Instagram. Just make sure that your company has a unique and memorable Instagram handle and use it appropriately.

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