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Playing Online Poker In Australia

All You Need To Know About Playing Online Poker In Australia

Online poker has gained a huge amount of popularity lately, especially since the global pandemic. The many governmental restrictions worldwide have a huge part to play in the shift towards online gambling, including online poker. Lots of people around the world have turned to online means to gamble, and Australians are no different. This is unsurprising considering Australia’s thriving gambling culture, as many Aussies see playing poker as a leisurely social activity. There are also many sites where Australians can play poker online. So, if you’re interested in learning more, read on!

Different Ways To Gamble In Australia

The most popular gambling games in Australia are scratch-off cards and lottery tickets, much like in other places around the world. This phenomenon is due to the accessibility of these gambling games as they require little to no prior knowledge, and purely rely on luck — almost anyone can easily make a quick buck. However, most experienced gamblers tend to shy away from these easy methods as they prefer something more challenging. 

Gambling machines have a huge market in Australia particularly. They are suitable for novices who want to kill time but still hold some degree of challenge and strategic planning that more experienced gamblers enjoy. Another popular way of gambling in Australia would be sports betting. Specifically, placing bets on dog races as well as horse races, amongst others. This is due to their culture that is heavily invested in sports and competition, both playing sports and betting on sports have become a popular past time

Online Poker In Australia

With hundreds of millions of dollars spent on poker, both online and in-person, it is evident that Australians love poker. As mentioned previously, the different travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have confined many people within the walls of their homes. Even when restrictions were lifted, many have been less willing to leave their homes too. As the pandemic dies down, many are still unsure about whether online poker will retain its popularity, however, the pandemic has definitely done for online casinos as many people started gambling on the internet because of the pandemic as a way to make a dollar or two. 

Benefits Of Playing Online Poker 

As more people start to play poker online, they too have learned about its advantages of it.


One of which is the anonymity that comes with playing online. For many people who experience social anxiety and are worried about making mistakes, having your identity obscured is very liberating. They will be able to experiment more with different styles of playing, make mistakes and brush up on their skills as they are around strangers online who do not know them in real life. Being anonymous will also mean that other players will not know your type of play, so you can play the way you are most comfortable with and not fear that other people will see a pattern. 

Convenience And Accessibility

The convenience of logging their computers in their own homes allows many the opportunity to practice their poker skills and learn from other people too. Coordinating a poker game in real life, while seemingly impossible at the height of the pandemic, is also incredibly hard with everybody’s busy schedules. Travel time to and from the venue has to be taken into account as well, particularly if participants live far from each other. With online gambling, people are granted much more flexibility as they can easily access online casinos with a device and a steady internet connection. Plus, they are available to play at almost any time of the day. Hence, it would be much easier to organize a poker game with your best buds who live far away or have irregular or packed schedules. 

You Can Play Multiple Games At Once

What’s more, another big advantage for poker pros would be that you can play multiple games at once when you are playing poker online, which means potentially more returns, if you play your cards right. Of course, this applies to more advanced players who are able to multi-task well. Experienced players will be able to challenge themselves by engaging in many poker games at once too. 

Reference Guides And Materials As You Play

For those that are just starting out, the rules and strategies of play may be quite overwhelming, and it is very easy to slip up and forget them. The steep learning curve may deter many who are interested from starting out, especially when playing in person where there is little to no access to extra help. When playing online poker, there are plenty of guides and software at your fingertips, that can help you during the game. Of course, in order to hone your skills properly, you will have to start weaning yourself away from depending on external help, instead, it would be better to view them as a stepping stone. 

Drawbacks Of Online Poker

There are some unfortunate disadvantages of playing online poker that you should take note of before starting to play. We compiled a few that you should take note of as well as some tips to deal with them. 

It Is Harder To Call Others’ Bluff

Unlike playing in person, it is much harder to read other players or call their bluff. While online chatboxes are available for players to communicate with one another, it is still difficult to read other players’ behavior. This will take some getting used to for those who are used to playing poker in real life, and this could mean some losses at first. One tip when trying to read other players online would be to think about why and when they bet, place more focus on your own hand of cards and raise your account values consistently. 

You Might Get Scammed If You Are Not Careful

There are many fishy online casino websites out there. One of the most important things to do is to find a site that is suitable for you and adheres to Australia’s gambling laws. There have been many instances of unsuspecting prey who have put in their hard-earned money and played but were unable to withdraw their winnings. So be sure to do your research first before depositing your money.


The world of online gambling is very fun and exciting, so it is no wonder why many Australians love it. Just be careful and do adequate research before starting! 

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