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Are Mail Order Spouse Human Trafficking

Are Mail Order Spouse Human Trafficking? International Dating

Are mail-order spouse human trafficking? Mail-order spouses have become common in the US, the UK, and several other European countries, and many people have pondered this question. Immigration is complex, and adding marriage to it makes it more complicated. 

People have been getting married to foreigners for many reasons, and mail spouse agencies have made millions from the business. 

But is all of this above board, or could you get in trouble for doing it? Let’s get into the details and find out more;

Are Mail Order Spouse Human Trafficking?

Mail-order spouses are not strictly human trafficking rings since the people involved know what they are doing and consent to it. 

You can legally get a mail-order spouse if you follow the proper procedure with the guidance of a lawyer. 

The problem is that it could fuel human trafficking. Some agencies might force people into joining such programs for money, which is human trafficking.

What Are Mail Order Spouses?

We need to understand what mail-order spouse services are before arguing how ethical they are. It is becoming a big part of Western societies, so you must understand it.

Mail-order bride services, frequently called international marriage agencies, are internet-based services that connect men from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other Western countries to women looking for cross-cultural relationships. 

Only in the United States is the online dating market well developed. According to the Pew Research Center, three out of every ten Americans have used dating websites at some point.

Mail-order bride sites typically require males to sign up for the service, create a profile, and pay a fee to view the profiles of foreign women on the website. 

They can then look through the profiles of mail-order brides and engage the women they might be interested in. 

If the couple shares a common interest, they may communicate by email, phone, or video chat, and the male may eventually go to the woman’s region to meet her in person. 

If the pair decides to marry, the website may be able to help with visa applications, airline tickets, and other logistical requirements.

Mail-order weddings with Russian, Ukrainian, or Colombian brides continue to exist. Still, the phrase “mail-order bride” is regarded as obsolete and has been replaced by more neutral words such as “international marriage broker services” or “cross-cultural matchmaking.” 

While the concept of arranged weddings has been around for a long time, the current form of international marriage broker services began in the 1990s with the growth of the internet and globalization. 

These services are mainly used by men from rich countries looking for wives from less advanced countries or regions with limited economic options.

International marriage agencies and online dating sites can improve your life and fill it with happy moments and smiles. There are two basic methods for finding mail-order brides: online and offline. 

Although the second option allows you to meet girls in person, it is more time-consuming, and you can be confident that you will find a soul mate right away when you go abroad. 

So, using a mail-order bride site is more straightforward because you may establish a profile, specify your criteria, and browse foreign women’s profiles that perfectly match you.

What Is Making Mail Order Spouse Platforms Popular?

The mail-order bride business is expanding and becoming more popular. According to a Pew Research Center survey, the number of interracial and interethnic marriages in the US has more than doubled since 1967. 

People have greater access to diverse cultures and lifestyles as the world gets more linked, making it simpler to meet and fall in love with someone from another nation. 

Furthermore, the proliferation of low-cost communication technology, such as international dating sites, makes it easier for individuals to maintain long-distance relationships and engage in mail-order marriage.

According to data, international marriages with foreign wives have a lower divorce rate (35.8%) than American marriages (48%). Long-term internet communication explains this.

People get to know one another well before taking their relationships to the next level and considering marriage. There have also been numerous studies that show the efficacy of mail-order marriages.

It’s difficult to say where in the globe is the finest spot to find a partner because every man has different interests. 

Some regions, however, are more popular than others and attract Westerners with a diverse selection of the best foreign brides who captivate guys at first glance. 

As a result, the best advice is to consider Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America as critical destinations for mail-order ladies.

The best part is you can legally get a bride or groom from overseas if you follow the correct procedure. 

Various laws and acts govern the activity of mail-order brides. In the United States, these documents are known as IMBRA and VAWA, and they safeguard girls’ rights. Furthermore, imagine an international spouse who wishes to visit the United States. 

In that situation, she must apply for a K-1 visa so that the authorities can be convinced of the sincerity of her relationship with her American husband.

Various criteria, including the site of your preference and the location of your love-seeking endeavors, determine the cost of a mail-order bride. Users often pay between $100 and $150 for communication features. 

If you want to maximize your dating opportunities and use the site’s advanced features, feel free to spend an extra $100.

Finding a mail-order bride is one of the finest decisions a Western guy can make since he can find a companion who perfectly matches his preferences. 

You’ll meet a woman who shares your interests, values, and aspirations, which are the foundations of healthy partnerships. 

Mail-order bride websites provide various communication options to help you locate a lover so you can be confident that a foreign bride will grow into your closest friend, devoted partner, and passionate lover.

Why Do Women Become Mail Order Brides

Women are a big part of mail-order spouse services since they get married to men overseas or, in rare cases, move a man to their country for marriage. This might seem ridiculous to some people, but it makes much sense if you give it some thought.

  • Mail-order brides who are single are looking for true love. They’re sick of being alone and spending time with guys who aren’t interested in anything serious. 

That is why some females decide to take control of their destiny by joining mail-order bride companies and looking for mates in foreign countries.

  • They wish to marry. These ladies seek a dependable man who shares their goal of starting a family. They will take this step even if it means relocating and settling in their nation. 
  • Mail-order women seek greater opportunities. Some regions’ economies are in disarray, and many women do not have access to well-paying professions. Foreign girls assume that finding a mate in another country will allow them to transform their lives. 
  • Young mail-order brides want to be treated well. Ladies from other countries want to feel special by receiving all the attention from gorgeous men. They are looking for men who have gentlemanly manners and a respectable demeanor. 

Overall, all those women wish to find affection for a good man. If you want a serious romantic relationship, look for a mail-order bride.

Why Do Men Get Mail-order Wives

Mail-order wives are becoming more and more accepted in the US, and many people might not get why men go through the trouble of dating a woman overseas. Here are some of the most compelling reasons that get men to use Mail-order spouse services;

  • Many of them have individual tastes. Some men prefer Asian girls, while others prefer Slavic beauty or stunning Latinas. They register with mail-order bride agencies if they cannot find a suitable woman locally.
  • Men look for women who have traditional family and relationship values. Many modern American girls, for example, do not wish to have children or advance their careers before marrying. That is why men seek partners who share their ideals.
  • They’re ready for something significant. These men are bored of meaningless conversations and dating that leads nowhere. They seek ladies who are looking for a genuine, long-term relationship.
  • Online communication can sometimes be a great approach to starting a relationship. If you are timid or unable to meet a lady with the desired traits, an online love search may be the ideal alternative.


 So, are mail-order spouses human trafficking? Mail-order spouses might seem shady, but several legal and above-board websites offer the service. You must follow the legal procedures when bringing your wife or husband into the country. 

The biggest concern with mail-order spouses is that it mainly involves young women from volatile societies. 

Such women are vulnerable to coercion into using the platforms, which can increase the threat of human trafficking and put women in danger.

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