Sunday , June 23 2024

Mario Garcia

Hello I am Mario Garcia, I find human beings fascinating, especially our more or less endearing behavior. Bit by bit I’ve come to see us human beings not as autonomous agents in conscious control of our lives, but as incredibly complex biological organisms embedded in the process of our evolving culture. Here in our blog you will find a lot of life hacks, tech tips and information about just Being Human

How Fast Can An Average Human Run? Running Beyond Limits 

How Fast Can An Average Human Run

Have you ever wondered, ‘How fast can an average human run?’ This simple question leads to much discussion about the human body’s limits regarding speed. Running is one of the most common forms of exercise, but there is a lot to learn still.  Athletes like Usain Bolt and Eliud Kipchoge …

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Why Do Flies Land On Humans? And How To Get Rid Of Them

Why Do Flies Land On Humans

Why do flies land on humans? These little insects that are always buzzing around can be quite a nuisance. They are often associated with transmitting germs and diseases, making them even more unwelcome.  Despite our best efforts to keep our surroundings clean and tidy, flies still manage to find their …

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How High Can Humans Jump? Breaking Physical Limits

How High Can Humans Jump

The question ” How high can humans jump?” is expected since the jump is crucial in many sports.  Sports like basketball and volleyball reward athletes that can jump higher than others as they get more chances to score. So what are the limits of the human body in terms of …

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Is Horse Liniment Safe For Humans? A Closer Look

Is Horse Liniment Safe For Humans

Is horse liniment safe for humans? Horse liniment, a popular product among equestrians, has recently gained attention for its potential use by humans.  However, the question arises whether horse cream is safe for human use. Many are curious about the potential risks and benefits of using this product on their …

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Do Animals Think Humans Are Cute? Through Animal Eyes

Do Animals Think Humans Are Cute

Do animals think humans are cute? This question has piqued the interest of zoologists and animal enthusiasts alike.  Humans often find certain animals incredibly adorable, while others may not be as visually appealing to us.  Animals view the world through unique lenses shaped by their instincts, experiences, and priorities.  While …

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What Is A Centrifugal Force In Human Geography? Beyond Gravity

What Is A Centrifugal Force In Human Geography

What is a centrifugal force in human geography? In human geography, various forces shape the dynamics of societies and nations.  One such force is the centrifugal force. In any given society, you can observe two scenarios – one where people are close and work together in unity and another where …

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