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Bedroom Inspo TikTok Room Ideas

35 Bedroom Inspo TikTok Room Ideas; The Dream Room

You might need some bedroom Inspo TikTok room ideas to help you get the perfect setup for a studio or just a nice vibe in your room. 

TikTok offers millions of amazing ideas for room décor, and this article will compile thirty of the best and most feasible décor options.

Rooms are a big part of your life, especially if you are a content creator with a home studio. A lot of content creators like Charlotte, KSI, and more use their rooms, so let us give you some of the most inspired decoration options to use for your room;  

Bedroom Inspo TikTok Room Ideas

1. Red Neon With Starry Roof Concept

Red Neon With Starry Roof Concept

The first idea on our list is simple but easily one of the best as you can get it without spending too much. It features neon lighting and string lights across all edges of the room, with posters and stars on the walls and roof to complete the look.

2. Wall Projection Idea

Wall Projection Idea

This can be an awesome room for someone that likes watching or wants wallpaper that changes easily. You have a projector facing the wall with string neon lighting that gives the room a homey vibe.

You can integrate light shapes into the décor to increase the beauty and make the room brighter. 

3. String White Light and Neon

String White Light and Neon

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to make your room merry. This concept features lighting that creates a festive feel while offering all the comforts of home. The lights reflect on all the walls and ceiling, giving an enchanting feel.

4. Collage Sticker Wall Concept

Collage Sticker Wall Concept

You can use this idea if you have several stickers and posters since it accommodates many of them collaged into a small space. 

This creates an amazing artistic vibe for the room. The lights on the ceiling create a relaxed feel like you are on the beach.

5. Neon and Stickers Room Idea

Neon and Stickers Room Idea

This room creates an 80s vibe thanks to its combination of posters and neon lights. The starry ceiling helps complement the beauty of the bedding and string lights on the walls. You can add more posters on other walls or string light colors for additional beauty.

6. Star Trek Bedroom Décor 

Star Trek Bedroom Décor 
Source: Source:

This idea is a paradise for Star Trek and space exploration fans as it features amazing art on the roof. 

The lights and posters make it more colorful and engaging, which makes it ideal for TikTok. The large mirror and beautiful lights add to the room’s beauty and make it memorable.

7. Bedroom Mural With Neon Idea

Bedroom Mural With Neon Idea

This amazing idea allows you to decorate the room with photos, whether of art, friends, family, or other objects. The mural on the side, the photo collage, and the neon lighting make for a gorgeous site each time you walk into the room.

8. Old Record Décor 

Old Record Décor 

You might not be able to play your vinyl records, but they can make for amazing décor like in this idea. 

It is an entire wall of vinyl records, record titles, and art that are creative ways to improve the look of a room.

9. Girl Power Lady’s Room Décor 

Girl Power Lady’s Room Décor 

You need a cheerful room concept to raise your spirits each time you go in; this is one of the best. The stickers and lights are positive, and the luminous stars make everything more beautiful at night.

10. Hippie Inspo 90s Bedroom Idea

Hippie Inspo 90s Bedroom Idea

Are you a fan of the 90s? This is the perfect color for you. It features many dull colors of different shades that complement each other. The posters on the ceiling and walls are a cool addition to make it stand out.

11. Neon Lighting With Pictures

Neon Lighting With Pictures

This is one of the most common designs on TikTok because it is realistic and achievable. String lights and the pictures on the wall bring beauty and a calm vibe to the room.

12. Decorated Fan Concept

Decorated Fan Concept

This is another amazing option for plant lovers. The artificial plants of the fan will create a relaxing shadow on the bed and walls to enhance your room’s beauty.

13. Fauna Themed Bedroom Wall Décor 

Fauna Themed Bedroom Wall Décor 

This is a more aggressive décor style with artificial plants working as wall décor flowing from the roof to the ground. The string lights at the edge of the room make it more appealing on the clean white background.

14. Bedside TV With Poster Décor 

Bedside TV With Poster Décor 

This is a dull-themed bedroom with a TV at the foot of the bed for quality entertainment before you sleep. It is a window-side bed with enough natural lighting to see all the awesome posters during the daytime.

15. 80s Record Wall Decoration Idea

80s Record Wall Decoration Idea

This is another amazing option for people interested in old music from the 80s and 90s. You can dedicate one wall in the room to vinyl records to create a paradise for music fans.

16. 80s Posters Room Concept

80s Posters Room Concept

This will be an awesome idea for a room studio, especially if you want to capture people’s attention. It features a flood of posters from the 80s and 90s that creates an old-timey feel that most people appreciate.

17. 80s Bands Themed Room Décor 

80s Bands Themed Room Décor 

The 80s were an amazing time for Rock and roll fans, and you can relive those memories with this room idea. You can include pastors from all your favorite bands, including the Beatles, Metallica, and more.

18. Forever 80s Neon Sign Décor 

Forever 80s Neon Sign Décor 

This Inspo TikTok room idea uses modern décor and neon to create an unforgettable 80s feel. The décor is simple with affordable art pieces, but you will feel like you are taking a trip back in time.

19. 80s Tribute Sticker Walls 

80s Tribute Sticker Walls

Sometimes all you need to create your dream room are posters and a nice bed. This room has a collection of different-sized posters that create a more wholesome feel. The string light going through the posters adds to the vibe to make the design memorable.

20. Artificial Fauna and 80s Stickers Concept

Artificial Fauna and 80s Stickers Concept

You can create an amazing TikTok room with string lights, photos, stickers, and artificial plants. You can hang photography or other posters on the walls to create an amazing platform for the string lights to shine.

21. Traditional Bedroom Design

Traditional Bedroom Design

This is a nice room without flashy decorations or lights and might be perfect for your personality. Sometimes, you need a nice room to come into and relax before bed. The walls are free for you to decorate as you want.

22. Retro Large Bedroom Design

Retro Large Bedroom Design

You can use this room idea if you live in a huge house. It features amazing lighting designs and neon lights on the pillars to complement the room’s beauty. The bright colors make it an amazing choice for most people. 

23. Butterfly Décor Wall Idea

Butterfly Décor Wall Idea

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful insects on the planet, and you can take that beauty with you when you go to bed, thanks to this idea. It features butterfly décor on the walls with tiny lights that create a serene and beautiful environment. 

24. Flower Pots and Art Décor Concept

Flower Pots and Art Décor Concept

This is an excellent design option for someone with a small room since all the décor can fit in a small corner. It includes posters, art, photos, and plants to complete the look and complement the all-white background.

25. Modern Stars and Shaped Bedroom Idea

Modern Stars and Shaped Bedroom Idea

You can add several stickers to your wall and leave the rest as a beautiful galaxy. You will feel like you are sleeping in outer space with this décor. This is an excellent option that doesn’t overwhelm you with numerous colors and art pieces; thus, it can be worth a try.

26. Art, Fauna, and Record Collage 

Art, Fauna, and Record Collage 

This is an intense decorating option that can be suitable for many people. It features artificial plants, posters, and vinyl records to create a timeless vibe. You can add flowers, string lights, bigger posters, or anything else to improve the room’s aesthetic.

27. Starry Night Wall Decoration

Starry Night Wall Decoration

Light shapes are an amazing decoration idea since they bring dim light to the room while creating amazing aesthetics. 

This décor idea features light shapes amidst a collage of photos and posters. The combination creates a beautiful scene that seems like the night sky in a movie. 

28. All White Elegant Room Idea

All White Elegant Room Idea

Some of the best rooms don’t need much décor. White is one of the best indoor colors, and this house focuses on using it entirely to give an elegant look. The numerous sources of natural light make everything more glamorous 

29. Photography Enthusiast Room Concept

Photography Enthusiast Room Concept

If you are a fan of photography, then this décor idea can be awesome for your room. You can pin a couple of your photos on the walls around a mirror or another centerpiece option. You can easily change and update the photos to make the room better.

30. Minimalist Bedroom Idea

Minimalist Bedroom Idea

Sometimes simple designs offer the best outcomes, as is the case for this concept. It does not have any wall décor, but you have excellent natural light sources and a projector to have some fun in the room. This is a spacious room that allows for the addition of more décor and accessories. 

31. Feminine Light Blue TikTok Inspo 

Feminine Light Blue TikTok Inspo 

This is a nice idea for the ladies, as the elegance and responsibility that comes with this blue paradise can be overwhelming for a guy. It features blue walls, a fluffy blue carpet, and nets t decorate the bed and complete the look.

32. String Lights On Photography 

String Lights On Photography 

You can create amazing décor on the wall with such patterns. You could write a name or create another meaningful pattern from the mural. 

String lights on the walls and the neon lighting create a nice comfortable feel that makes the room one of the best ideas on this list. 

33. Dark Themed Room Idea

Dark Themed Room Idea

This is a dark-themed design that is both elegant and functional. The clothes are in a separate area from the rest of the bedroom. 

There isn’t any décor on the wall, and the plain nature of the room is its appeal, using only brown and black to create a dull feel.

34. Korean Aesthetic Bedroom Design

Korean Aesthetic Bedroom Design

Exotic designs are a goldmine on TikTok, and creating this small and simple room design could be a game changer. 

The minimalist design uses barely any decorations to create a simple pleasure unmatched by other designs on the list.

35. Large Mirror White Bedroom Idea

Large Mirror White Bedroom Idea

White rooms are an amazing showcase of elegance, and this room brings the best of this. It features a large bed with all-white bedding, and all the furniture in the room is white. The mirror with lights creates an ambient lighting effect that makes the room stand out.


You have 35 of the best bedroom Inspo TikTok room ideas, and you are better positioned to start a design for your room. It is relatively easy to find stickers, neon lights, and other décor options for your room on Amazon or other online stores.

You can create a beautiful room for your kids or yourself and use it as a studio if you want to be a content creator, especially for TikTok. The freestyle nature of TikTok content allows views f many rooms, and you can use yours similarly. 

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