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Bloxburg Front Yard Ideas

35 Bloxburg Front Yard Ideas: The Perfect Outdoor Designs 

Are you looking for some Bloxburg front yard ideas? If so, then you have come to the right place. 

Being an avid Bloxburg player, you might have realized that designing your front yard can be challenging. You need to work on many elements to come up with something worth your time. 

Bloxburg is a very interesting game in which players get work for money, achieve skills, and even build and customize their own homes. However, one may run short of ideas when designing the front yard. 

If you also face the same difficulties, do not worry. We are here for you. Here we will show you some ideas to get you started in designing your front yard. 

1. Lavish Green Lawn 

Lavish Green Lawn 

When other players visit you in Bloxburg, they will always first notice your lawn. This idea features a well-done lawn. Make your lawn perfect, and ensure that it is green to bring out the beauty of the exterior of your home. 

2. Front Yard Brick Walk Way

Front Yard Brick Walk Way

When building your house in Bloxburg, the walkway is always a very important element of the front yard. In this idea, we feature a brick walkway to the front door of your house. The bricks bring out a nice pattern that is so beautiful. 

Like in real life, you wouldn’t want anyone to step on the lawn that you spent a lot of time making. Therefore, having a brick walkway is a good idea. 

3. Front yard Flowers

Front yard Flowers

Flowers can make people feel better, and so will you. Flowers in the front yard signify beauty and love; you should try them out. Bloxburg provides many flowers you could try out in your front yard. 

The flowers you decide to feature in your front yard are up to you.

4. Tarmac Drive Through 

Tarmac Drive Through 

If you usually drive to work in Bloxburg, your front yard will need a driveway. This idea involves having a tarmac on your drive-through to your garage. The tarmac looks wonderful as it lies next to your lawn. 

5. Front Yard Fence 

Front Yard Fence 

No one wants anyone stepping on their marvelously cut lawn. This idea involves having a front yard fence to prevent other players from stepping onto your property. The idea is innovative and will give your front yard a great look. 

6. Front Yard Perimeter Wall

Front Yard Perimeter Wall

Sometimes a fence is not enough to protect yourself. In this idea, we feature a perimeter wall around your front yard. It is a brick perimeter wall that is strong enough and high enough to keep all your property in Bloxburg safe. 

7. Front Yard Gate

Front Yard Gate

You cannot be sure that your Bloxburg property is safe without a gate. A nice front yard gate would be nice since it displays a sense of orderliness in your house. Most houses in Bloxburg do not have front yard gates; you can stand out by having one. 

8. Flower Thicket Line On Drive Through 

Flower Thicket Line On Drive Through

Another way to make up your front yard in Bloxburg is by having flowers by the roadside of your drive-through. It brings a stunning image of the house, making it more palatial. The flowers and thickets you decide to use will depend on your liking. 

9. Front Yard Display Pool 

Front Yard Display Pool 

If you want your Bloxburg front yard to look like a palace, this idea is definitely for you. It involves having a small pool in your backyard just for display. The pool is by the pavement, and it has some water lilies on it. It is just perfect for your front yard. 

10. Front Yard Fountain 

Front Yard Fountain 

This Bloxburg front yard idea is for fountain lovers. It features a round fountain ejecting water from different points. You can have it in front of the house, and it will shock other players with the beauty of your house. 

11. Large Front Yard Spring 

Large Front Yard Spring 

You might be interested in this idea if you own a large mansion in Bloxburg. A beautifully trimmed lawn surrounds the spring. It is green, and a circular driveway also surrounds it. Visitors can get in one way and out through the other. 

12. Front Yard Trees

Front Yard Trees

Trees are wonderful for your front yard, and they add beauty to your house. They also add a sense of nature to it, making it look more relaxing. Bloxburg provides you with many trees, and you are the one to decide the ones to put in your front yard. 

Depending on your liking, you can also have more than one tree in your front yard. 

13. Front Yard Garden 

Front Yard Garden 

Your front yard can also be a lovely place to grow some food. You want to avoid ending up hungry when your pocket runs dry in this game. 

You can have foodstuff in your front yard garden, such as carrots and pineapples. This innovative idea will help you create more food for yourself in Bloxburg. 

14. Boulders


Another interesting way to have your front yard looking more interesting in Bloxburg is by having boulders around it. White boulders are the best to use in your front yard as they perfectly complement your house’s color. 

15. Front Yard Gravel

Front Yard Gravel

Many people love the sound of gravel as they walk to the front door of their houses. If you also do, then you might consider trying out this idea.

It involves placing gravel in the front yard in places where you do not intend to put a lawn. It’s pretty, and you’ll love it. 

16. Front Yard Soccer Field

Front Yard Soccer Field

If you love soccer, consider this Bloxburg front yard idea. It involves having a small soccer pitch where you can exercise and play. It is great if you have a large front yard of space. 

17. Front Yard Cone Trees

Front Yard Cone Trees

This idea is for you if you love having a forest-like front yard. It involves having a front yard with many cone trees and some bushes to make it greener. It is perfect for creating a strong shade during the day 

18. Front Yard Basketball Court

Front Yard Basketball Court

Basketball is a very interesting game, and if you are a player, you ought to practice often to improve your shootouts. This idea involves having a half basketball court in your front yard where you can do more practice. 

19. Front yard In ground Trampoline 

Front yard In ground Trampoline 

Trampoline lovers will be thrilled to have this idea. Trampoline helps us carry a lot of memories, and you might want to have it in your Bloxburg front yard. The size of the trampoline you go for will be up to you. 

20. Perennial Shrubs In Front Of The House

Perennial Shrubs In Front Of The House

Perennial shrubs can add beauty to your front yard. This idea is to have them around the side of your house. 

It will make your front yard look great, and it will also add a touch of elegance. You may even notice other Bloxburg players commenting about your front yard. 

21. Front Yard Lighting 

Front Yard Lighting 


Lighting is a very important element of any place in your Bloxburg house, and your front yard isn’t an exception. Ensure you properly install lights in your front yard so that you can see how beautiful it is at night. 

22. Front Lawn Mail Box

Front Lawn Mail Box

Even in Bloxburg, the mail is an important factor to consider. It contributes a bit to showcasing a decent home; you might want to have it. 

Consider having it at the end of your front lawn where people can access it without stepping on your grass. 

23. Front Yard Potted Plants

Front Yard Potted Plants

Potted plants bring beauty, and you should consider them in your front yard. They are a wonderful decorative option and can help in improving the home’s aesthetics. 

24. Front Yard Resting Place

Front Yard Resting Place

After a long work day in Bloxburg, you ought to sit in your front yard and relax. However, you cannot just sit anywhere. You need a resting place. This idea involves having a designated rest area in your front yard. 

It adds good aesthetics to your front yard, and you will love it. 

25. Raised Flower Beds

Raised Flower Beds

If you love your flower beds, you should try out this Bloxburg front yard idea. It involves raising your flower bed to increase your home’s beauty. Your front yard will look new, with flower beds all around it. 

26. Front Yard Pebbles

Front Yard Pebbles

Pebbles are a great design for your front yard. If you love simplicity in all your designs, you should try out this Bloxburg front yard idea. 

It will not only be suitable for your car, but also for people to walk on. You can also add a small lawn around your front yard pebbles just for visual aesthetics. 

27. Front Yard Swing

Front Yard Swing

If you are a playful person, you know how important swings are. They are perfect for chilling and relaxing while you enjoy the view of your home or observe what other people are doing. Try it out in your Bloxburg front yard and enjoy the beauty it will bring to your home. 

28. Boho Plant Trees With Cactus 

Boho Plant Trees With Cactus 

Cactus and boho plant trees build a wonderful front yard aesthetics for your modern cottage in Bloxburg. This idea makes your front yard more natural, with exotic trees and plants. 

29. Grass Padding On Fencing 

Grass Padding On Fencing 

This Bloxburg idea is perfect for those who want complete privacy in their front yard. It involves adding a layer of grass padding on your fence to make it more opaque. 

Other people cannot see through your property, and you can even decide to have meals in your front yard. 

30. Green Grass Fence

Green Grass Fence

This idea features a green grass fence around your front yard. You can have it surround your front yard to the entrance pathway that leads to your house. You can also include some flowers on your fence to improve on aesthetics. 

31. Double Pool Front Yard

Double Pool Front Yard

If you own a big mansion in Bloxburg, this is your idea. It involves having two L-shaped swimming pools. The pool is the first thing one will see when they enter your home through your walkway. 

32. Luxury Coconut tree Water Springs

Luxury Coconut tree Water Springs

This Bloxburg front yard idea is for those who own luxurious mansions. It features large coconut trees in the front yard arranged in order. Next to the coconut tree is water. It makes the front yard cinematic and elegant at the same time.

33. Broken Pathway 

Broken Pathway 

Broken front yard pathways are perfect for adding some aesthetics to your home. You can have grass in between the stone pathway to your front yard. It is wonderful and demonstrates a sense of order in your front yard. 

34. Front Yard Fire Place 

Front Yard Fire Place 

Your front yard is perfect for rest when you do not have any work in Bloxburg. This idea features an outside fireplace where you can sit and rest as you get warm. 

35. Front Yard Fruit Trees

Front Yard Fruit Trees

A fruit tree is an interesting Bloxburg front yard idea; you can have several. They contribute a lot to the visual aesthetics of your front yard, and they are easy to place. 

It is good to combine two to three of them with other trees. They will greatly contribute to the decorative actions of your front yard. 


We hope these Bloxburg front yard ideas will make your game more lively and fun. Your front yard says a lot about your house, so you have to get it right. Depending on your house size, there are many ways to implement a wonderful front yard. 

It is good to consider all your options and decide what fits you. Ensure you focus on aesthetics if you want to build a front yard other players only see in their dreams.  


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