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Can You Put A Beverage Cooler In A Cabinet

Can You Put A Beverage Cooler In A Cabinet?

What happens when your kitchen refrigerator is always full, and you need extra storage for your beverages? Do you get an extra refrigerator or let your drinks lie in the open space? Absolutely not!

Based on our experience, the best thing you can do is to introduce a beverage cooler to complement your storage efforts. And in this case, it will function as drink storage. 

How then do you introduce a beverage cooler into the kitchen without making it look busy? 

Well, that leads us right to today’s question. Can you put a beverage cooler in the cabinet? If yes, what type of beverage cooler is best suited for this? 

Can You Put a Beverage Cooler in a Cabinet?

Yes, you can place a  beverage cooler in a cabinet. However, not all types of beverage coolers are suitable for this intent. If you want a beverage cooler that can function properly in a cabinet, go for the built-in rather than the free-standing one.

Built-in or under-counter beverage coolers, as they are otherwise known, are the only type of beverage coolers that you should ever put in a cabinet. This is because they are already specifically designed for that purpose. They also have fans on the lower side and a vent in front, that let’s cool air to be drawn inside the beverage cooler.

How to Install a Beverage Cooler in a Cabinet 

You can either install your beverage cooler inside an existing cabinet or a new one. Regardless of the option you are going for, here are the steps to guide you through the installation process;

Measure the Cabinet Open Space

You need to measure the cabinet space to ensure that you get a beverage cooler that will conform to the space. It should have about 0.25 to 1-inch extra space at the back and sides to permit easy placement and air flow. 

Also, it would help if you took the measurements to figure out whether you have enough room to be able to open the doors fully.

Check the Beverage Cooler’s Dimension

Suppose you’re installing the beverage cooler in an already existing cabinet. In that case, you need to get the measurements of various beverage coolers before buying to know if any will fit into your cabinet. If you do not have a cabinet, you can use these measurements to determine the size of the cabinet to install. Check out Kismile for different beverage coolers and their measurements.

Check for the Wall Power Outlet 

It would be best if you made sure the cabinet has a power outlet fixed to the wall. In addition, your beverage cooler should have uninterrupted access to the power outlet that will supply it with electricity to avoid using an extension cord or power strip as  much as possible. 

Do not be discouraged if you do not have a power outlet in the cabinet. You can always call your electrician to install one.

Remove Cabinet Door

The cabinet door should never be placed in front of the beverage cooler. Therefore, you should remove it as you won’t need it anymore.

Place in Your Beverage Cooler 

Carefully place the beverage cooler into the cabinet on a dry, hard floor surface. You can do this with some help if the cooler is too heavy to carry alone.

Plug it in and Enjoy

After installing your beverage cooler into the cabinet, you should wait for about 2 hours before plugging it into the power source. This will help to prevent operational problems. After the wait, plug in the beverage cooler, fill it up with drinks, and enjoy!

Answers to FAQs About Beverage Coolers

Can a Free-standing Beverage Cooler be Built-in?

No, it would be best to use a free-standing beverage cooler only in large spaces. For example, placing a beverage cooler inside a cabinet will block its vent, thereby restricting its airflow. If this happens, the cooler will have to work harder to cool down, increasing energy consumption. Additionally, you must put a free-standing cooler in the appropriate setting to perform at its best.

Can I Put a Beverage Cooler on my Island?

Yes, you can put a beverage cooler on your island. To do this, ensure that the cooler is positioned at the end of the island. This ensures that the beverage cooler doesn’t disrupt any cooking activity.

Can You Put a Beverage Cooler on a Carpet?

No, placing a beverage cooler on a clean and dry surface would be best.


A built-in beverage cooler can be placed in a cabinet not only to save space but also to give the kitchen a modern and sophisticated look. Follow the above steps to install your beverage cooler into the cabinet easily. 

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