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Which Rapper Has The Most Number One Hits?

Which Rapper Has The Most Number One Hits

Rappers have been named Artist of the Year more than a dozen times. This includes categories like Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, and Combined Artist of the Year. But which rapper has the most number 1 hits? Every hip-hop fan worth their salt knows the …

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How Many Face Cards Are In A Deck? We Have The Answer

How Many Face Cards Are In A Deck

How many face cards are in a standard deck of playing cards? You may have asked yourself this question growing up but never found an answer. Well, no need to worry anymore because here it is! In a standard deck of 52 cards, there are 12 face cards. To determine …

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What Instrument Does Kenny G Play? Facts About The Artist

What Instrument Does Kenny G Play

You may have asked yourself, “what instrument does Kenny G. play?” — and that’s a valid question. If you haven’t asked this question before, don’t worry. You’re not alone in assuming he plays the guitar. His smooth saxophone sound is why some people would guess he plays the flute, trumpet, …

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What is Indie Music? Facts About The Genre

What is Indie Music

Indie music can be a bit confusing. Everyone seems to have a different take on it, partly due to its large number of subgenres and the fact that it is still evolving. Most people don’t know what it is. Is it Rock, Pop or Hip-hop? Or is it something completely …

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Where Is Bad Bunny from? Facts About The Artist

where is bad bunny from

You’ve probably seen Bad Bunny’s face floating around the internet, or even heard him on the radio. But where is Bad Bunny from? Is he originally from Puerto Rico like his song says? Or maybe somewhere else? Let’s break it down. Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican reggaetón singer, songwriter, …

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Where Is Marilyn Monroe Buried?

where is marilyn monroe buried

The world has witnessed awe-inspiring actors, and this streak will never end. But amongst these, some imprint their names on the hearts and minds of people. One such versatile actor was Marilyn Monroe. The story has just begun, my friend. Her career doesn’t fold up in acting alone. Or some …

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