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Does Jewelry Make Women More Attractive?

Does Jewelry Make Women More Attractive

With a little bit of sparkle and shine, jewelry can help women feel more confident and attractive. But does it actually make them more physically attractive to others? Or is it all in their heads? There is no denying that jewelry can make a woman feel more confident. When we …

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Difference Between Boxers And Briefs? Which Is Better For You?

Difference Between Boxers And Briefs

Underwear can be a divisive subject. Most men swear by their choice, be it their tidy whities, boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. Yet many people still fail to differentiate between boxers and briefs. So what is the difference between boxers and briefs? Generally, briefs do not cover the thighs, unlike …

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Dreads And Locs: Is There A Difference Between The Two?

Difference Between Dreads And Locs

Dreads and locks are hairstyles that remind us of rappers and reggae singers such as Bob Marley. They also look cool, and many people actually try to keep their hair as well, with varying levels of success. However, are dreads and locs different? If yes, how are dreads and locs …

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Shine On With Silver Pendants

Shine On With Silver Pendants

When it comes to jewelry trends, silver is stealing the show. The millennials are not a big fan of chunky pieces and silver jewelry is just the thing one needs to cater to this requirement. Today, more and more people are looking for items that are not restricted to a …

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Is Columbia A Good Brand? The Truth About The Clothing Brand

Is Columbia A Good Brand

Columbia is an American maker and retailer of outdoor clothing brands, making jackets, boots, gloves, and many more. However, Columbia does have its share of issues and controversies, making people wonder if it is worth supporting. Is Columbia a good brand? Generally, you can assume Columbia Sportswear is a good …

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Is Patagonia A Good Brand? The Truth About Patagonia

Is Patagonia A Good Brand

Patagonia is a well-loved outdoor clothing brand, making things from jackets, boots, gloves, and many more. However, Patagonia also has its share of controversies, making many think if Patagonia is a brand worthy of support. Is Patagonia a good brand? Patagonia is generally a good brand. This is because it …

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How To Solve A Customer’s Problem They Don’t Know Exists

How To Solve A Customer's Problem They Don't Know Exists

When people aren’t even aware that they have problems, how can they buy solutions to them? That might have been your first thought when reading this post. But solving problems that don’t exist is the definition of innovation and the most proactive marketing approach ever.  As a marketer, you have …

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How To Cancel Duolingo Plus? A Quick Step By Step Guide

How To Cancel Duolingo Plus

Duolingo is a subscription-based language learning service, similar to Busuu or Rosetta Stone. You learn almost all of the world’s major languages here. However, suppose that you are no longer keen to use Duolingo anymore. In that case, how to cancel a Duolingo Plus account? There are multiple ways you …

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Why Lululemon Is Bad? Sustainability, Work Practices And More

Why Lululemon Is Bad

When it comes to athleisure wear, one of the most memorable brands would be Lululemon. Lululemon’s yoga pants are the crowd favorite and are well-loved by their legion of fans as well. However, Lululemon is also rather controversial, causing some to label it as a bad company. Why is Lululemon …

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