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How To Solve A Customer's Problem They Don't Know Exists

How To Solve A Customer’s Problem They Don’t Know Exists

When people aren’t even aware that they have problems, how can they buy solutions to them? That might have been your first thought when reading this post. But solving problems that don’t exist is the definition of innovation and the most proactive marketing approach ever. 

As a marketer, you have specific strategies in place. For example, maybe you’re focusing on B2B demand generation and analyzing various parts of your funnel to solve your sales issues. 

But no matter your strategies or processes, your effectiveness is directly linked to what you can offer the customer. And if you can solve their problems before they even have a problem, you will be successful. 

Selling to someone when they have a particular problem is one thing. That’s not a problem. But ensuring a seamless and practical customer experience by addressing (and solving) potential problems is much more complex. Ultimately, it’s more successful too. Here’s how to make it happen. 

Ensure that customers receive convenient service

Customers expect convenience and fast service when shopping for vacations, office supplies, or subscription-based fashion.

A store should display its products in an orderly manner and have friendly staff available to assist you. It is only natural to expect the same when visiting a company’s website. A clean, easy-to-use website and a customer service department ready to help.

To provide fast, convenient service to customers, follow these steps:

Enhance customer service with digital technology

Customer service isn’t something people want to waste their time on, and they don’t want to wait on hold for a representative or wait days for an email response. Customers now want something more than these slower methods of communication. Customer service should be digital.

Provide easy access to information

Doesn’t that sound easy? In your header or footer, under a menu, they should be able to find your customer service contact information. Making yourself accessible no matter where your customers are will simplify the process of finding you.

Ensure your website has a live chat box so customers can immediately contact customer service. Is Instagram a popular platform for your customers? What about Twitter? 

Having more places where you can answer questions increases customer satisfaction. In addition, there will never be a need for them to look for help since you’ll always be available.

Be proactive in serving your customers. Most problems can be avoided if they are prevented before they occur. 

Be proactive in preventing communication inefficiencies

It is often customers’ time that determines their needs. Therefore, inefficient communication only frustrates your customers. 

An IVR system can be frustrating if you have ever used one. Waiting on hold or receiving an email response won’t help you regain your time.

In those moments of need, your customers do not want to be interrupted. Therefore, customer loyalty is determined by these critical moments.

Anticipate customers’ needs by working within their schedules and workflows. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Communicate asynchronously

The most frustrating part of calling help centers has to put your day on hold. Your service center’s schedule should not be forced on your customers. Provide asynchronous messaging instead.

In addition to providing answers to more complicated questions, web chat and voice communication require customers to block out their time and respond immediately. 

Customer responses can be sent via asynchronous messaging at any time. Additionally, multiple interactions can be handled simultaneously by your customer service representatives.

Use chatbots to your advantage

Customers crave immediate responses, and chatbots enable you to provide them without overwhelming your customer service team. Whenever a customer has a question, they are always ready to respond or acknowledge it and let them know when a representative is available.

As customers navigate your website, chatbots can prompt them with messages to help them anticipate their needs. Then, during checkout, provide answers to FAQs or product recommendations based on browsing history.

Reducing repetition

Create pre-built responses for common questions to speed up redundant tasks. As a result, your customers will receive the same accurate and helpful information regardless of which customer service agent they speak with, thereby speeding up response times.

The right decisions can be made by CSAs when they are empowered

To anticipate customers’ needs, you must understand that you cannot expect them all. Website bugs occur, problems arise, and mistakes are made. In situations with no plans, the trick is to devise a strategy.

Give your customer service representatives the authority to perform the following tasks:

  • If a customer encounters a problem, offer a discount.
  • In the event of a lost or damaged shipment, expedite the order.
  • Ensure that customer issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Agents can’t exceed customer expectations without the authority to make these decisions independently.

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