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How To Start Off On Instagram Without Wasting Too Much Time And Effort On Gaining Your First Followers

How To Start Off On Instagram Without Wasting Too Much Time And Effort On Gaining Your First Followers?

Sadly, things aren’t as easy on Instagram as they were before anymore – earlier in the days you could spend some time following other people and asking them for the favor in return and it worked, but today everybody is so taken away by the quick tempo of the modern life, that they simply don’t have time for things like this. People are following exclusively the stuff they want to see in their feed daily and the people whom they sincerely adore, and there is no way for a novice to get into that feed without putting in a lot of work. Or is there? 

Well, if you’re reading this article, you’ve already probably guessed that there is such an opportunity, but you ‘re probably confused about what it has to do with gaining your first followers quickly and effortlessly. You see, online promotion nowadays (its methods, to be exactly clear) can be divided into two big categories: the first being free methods and ways, and the second one being paid ones. We cannot say which one is better – truth is, if you’re looking for quick results, it’s better to combine them into one big campaign for your profile. However, paid services take away way less of your time and effort, when the free ones are highly time-consuming. We’re going to tell you about the one that’s free and about the second that’s paid, and you’re going to decide yourself which one is better.

So if you’re not into spending money at all, you can try this: go to your competitors’ followers list and look through them, starting from the ones that have subscribed to them recently. Check if this is a real person (yes, there might be lots of bots and fakes) and see if they have any activity on their pages. If yes, subscribe to them. This is an upgraded version of mass following: but you’re excluding people who will definitely not subscribe and making sure that you’re not interacting with the dead pages. You have to spend about half an hour each day to make sure that you gain enough subscribers over the week or a month of doing the same thing over and over again. You can also create several universal messages that you’re going to send to those people – if you’re on Instagram as a brand, you can offer them a discount or a free product/service that’s going to increase their loyalty and make them more interested in following you. 

But as we have already noticed, this is a highly time-consuming method. You’d have to dedicate some time each day, and not everybody is ready to just sit and mechanically do the same action over and over again. If you’re one of those people, you can simply buy Instagram followers and free yourself from such a boring duty. But if you decide to invest your money into such a service, you should clearly know several nuances to keep yourself safe and away from indecent purchases. 

It’s clear that your aim is to buy real Instagram followers – meaning that these should be real people coming to your page and willing to subscribe. But why would they want to do it? Well, companies that sell real subscribers usually find their way to assure people that following somebody they don’t know might be beneficial – for example, by offering them some sort of discount or a gift afterwards. If a company does that, you can be sure that those followers you buy will stay on your subscribers count for a very long time. Otherwise, you’re going to waste your money on bots: and those are useless no matter the case. 

Bots are fake pages that are being created massively by indecent companies that sell them afterwards: the number of followers grows, but the practical use is close to zero.These subs won’t make any change to your profile’s activity statistics, they can even harm it and weigh it down sufficiently. Instagram’s algorithms are getting smarter every day and they will see that your page is being majorly visited by fakes and bots and will do what they have to – they will hide your content from real people to make sure that they aren’t bothered by fakes. Your content won’t be seen by actual users and your growth will stop or will be limited by only gaining fake followers. 

However, you’re the only one to decide what you’re going to use to develop your page. We highly recommend to first understand what you’re buying and what for, and only after that give anybody your money. Make sure to read the reviews from the previous clients of the company and figure out if they are selling high quality services or the fakes, and ask all of your questions beforehand. It’s quite hard to get out of the situation where your profile is being flooded by the fake pages and it’s also very hard to get out of the shadow ban that Instagram can put your account into. 

And if you decide to turn to paid services, don’t forget that your profile has to be developed organically and look natural – we mean that if you’re deciding to buy several thousands of followers, make sure to divide this purchase into several portions (as if you were gaining them naturally over time) and add some thumbs up, comments and stories views to that purchase. Yes, it is going to cost money, but that way you’re not going to ruin your reputation and people won’t realize that you’re simply faking the success to attract real Insta users attention. It’s okay and there is nothing bad in that, but many people still have that stigma about paid promotion, so it’s better to make it invisible to everybody. 

Be smart with what you’re doing and remember that the main step to success is being in touch with your audience always: if they have any questions, answer them in comments or in direct messages, update the information on time and always try to tell people something new about yourself or about your brand. Today’s Internet users value sincerity and authenticity, so make sure to give them some if you want to form a loyal and stay-through audience. Your brand’s legend should be modern and appealing to many people, therefore, try to make it as inclusive and sympathetic as possible to modern world problems. This will attract more subscribers and will not leave them indifferent to what you are trying to do in your profile. Daily posting of stories and regular posting of publications will help you maintain interest, and paid services will complete the picture, helping you with a constant increase in audience and validation of your content.

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