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Is Personal Injury Court Real

Is Personal Injury Court Real? What You Should know About Personal Injury Court

The Personal injury court is a half-hour court that features real cases involving real personal injury cases. The show also involves tending videos and oral testimonies as evidence acceptable to the court. Often, accident scenes are recreated, and so are the eyewitness accounts before the final judgments. The personal injury court is one-way entertainment has been brought into legal proceedings to educate and entertain the public.

So, Is Personal Injury Court Real?

Yes, Personal Injury court is real, with confirmed cases handled and absolute judgments handed out.

What You Should Know About the Personal Injury Court

The following are some facts about the Personal Injury court show;

1. The Show

Personal Injury court is an American non-traditional entertainment show hosted and presented by Gino Brogdon, a certified personal injury Attorney. The syndicated court show was produced by the famous 501 East Entertainment company and was re-launched on Orion TV. The show was produced by the famous David Armour and his crew.

Though the show was a season, it came with 120 episodes that ran several years on TV. Each episode had a running time of 30 minutes, and there are several episodes aired weekly. The show was initially released on September 16th, 2019, and ended on September 26th, 2020.

2. The Claims

Personal Injury show producers claimed that some of the most extensive personal injury claims on TV were awarded during the 120-episode show. The resolved cases involved original litigations, even though the names of the characters involved were changed.

According to the show’s executive producers, the jury applied authentic legal principles in all the cases resolved, and some of the participants were paid as professional actors.

3. The Statistics

According to statistics, the Personal Injury show was aired on 47 out of the 50 largest and top TV stations. The show was reported to have hit its highest rating a week on February 20th, 2020- This was the last week of the show’s first run. It earned the highest rating of 0.7 out of a maximum of 1.

The show was conducted inside a specialty court offered by MGM TV. The show had preceded another famous court show-Paternity court, which Lauren Lake anchored. The paternity court focused mainly on paternity tests conducted after mothers and children came forward to know who their real father was.

Couple’s court was another popular show preceded by The Personal Injury show. The show, alongside Paternity court, was ended by MGM television in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic.                                        

Is Injury Court Show Fake

Everything pointed to one thing that the show- Injury Court is actual, with real compensations awarded to victims of personal injuries caused by a third party. It also seems that real people were involved in the show, but many people still believed that all the episodes were completed stages.

According to a follower of the show who rated it very low, it appears that the victims always wear bandages that look like cosplay. Another observation was that if the victims were truly injured physically emotionally, why would the audience, even the plaintiff, laugh uncontrollably. Many fans believed that the participant in the show was somehow induced financially to make it real, but their body language showed otherwise.

Some followers have come to defend the show and did rate it high. Some even believed that the episodes were actual, and the laughter was elicited from the mockery of the accused persons or the way the victims hilariously dressed their wounds.

The show is also fake because the injured persons always appear with injured arms in a sling. Though comparing the number of victims who appeared in arm slings with head injuries and others, it seems this assumption may be valid. Until these claims are debunked, they will remain assumptions. Perhaps if some of the victims come out to confess in the future, perhaps the assumption that Personal Injury court is fake may be true after all.

Another severe allegation that some fans brought forward was that some victims wear arm slings and bandages for injuries that happened several months back. Some injuries were relatively minor based on the evidence submitted by the victims to get compensation. Perhaps some injuries should have subsided in a few months after they were reported, and the victims were expected to be free of bandages or slings at the time of court appearances.

An episode where a medical doctor on vacation at a resort injured himself after falling off a cliff close to his hotel. Some viewers reported to have conducted some research on the doctor and found no information about him and the incidence. Though some people claimed the doctor either lied or the people or organization paying the compensation might have removed any information relating to the accident from the internet.

Whichever way you want to look at it, there should at least be information on the resort where the accident happened, but to the surprise of many, such a resort never existed. This is one of the similar cases mentioned by many show fans. They reported that the stories told by the compensated victims never existed or the location where the reported accidents and injuries occurred never existed.

Several watchers also believed that the show was poorly managed as some of the actors are not good at faking it, so to say. Some confessed that they often contemplated staying away from watching the show, but for some interesting parts and the hilarious reactions of the participants, they had to keep watching.

Personal Injury Court- A Few Episode Guides

In episode one of the first season, a woman by the name- Taylor sued an ex of her date for about $280,000 after she threw a rock through his window and caused some personal injuries to her.

In the tenth episode, titled Taylor versus Martin, a man by the name of Taylor sued a driver by the name of Martin. He was suing for personal injuries sustained after a hit and run. Taylor was found to be running around naked at that time, and the judge tried to see if his mental state could have contributed to the accident that led to his injuries.

The 11th episode was titled Moore versus Ryan. A woman accused a horse owner by the name of Ryan of her injuries after she was kicked in the mouth by the horse. In the 20th episode titled Morton vs. Abernathy, the family of Morton had sued Abernathy, a house agent, after a rattlesnake bites the father. Though he was treated and survived the attack, he wanted compensation for his personal injuries and medical bills.

In the 31st episode titled Jenkins versus Flores, Flores sued Jenkins and his store after she slipped and fell at a store restroom. In the 40th episode titled Platt versus Hopper, a coupled sued a driver for about $250,000 after their car was hit during a police chase. It happened to be one of the most dramatic episodes of the season.

In episode 50, a man sued for a whopping $450,000 after he fell from a ladder during an interior house painting job. In episode 60, a woman sued a spa for $86,000 after some parts of her private parts were severely injured during waxing procedures. It also happened to be one of the most interesting sessions.

In the 80th episode, a woman by the name of Garcia sued a manicure company after she got some hand infection after a manicure session. In the 90th episode, a woman had sued a restaurant owner for $140 after suffering eye injuries caused by a Greek performer.

In the 100th episode titled Dawson versus Main, a woman sued her friend for $375,000 after she suffered serious injuries from an acupuncture treatment that went wrong. In episode 110 that was titled Brown versus Botsford, a woman sued a man for $118,000 after she was injured as a result of her car flipping over a hill.

In episode 143, which happens to be the last episode in the season, a man fell into a septic tank during a family reunion party and suffered serious injuries. He sued the landlord for a lot of money and won the case.


The controversies surrounding the Personal Injury Court must have subsided by now, but viewers were thrilled to some of the most serious and most hilarious real court sessions. Most of the losses of the personal injury cases were forced to make a financial plea bargain with their victims where compensations were paid installments over a period of time. Some of the defendants had to take their cases to another court for appeal once an established case of defense was established. The show was quite entertaining and was voted one of the best court shows of the season while it aired.

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