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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Ferry

When in Greece: 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Ferry

Today, we have the option to travel in a variety of ways by choosing the most comfortable mode of transportation based on our needs, whether we are traveling for leisure or work. In particular, we can take a plane or, even better: a ferry to our favorite location in Greece.

Here are the top five reasons why you should travel by ferry.

You have guaranteed access to the best accommodations.

Whether you prefer a low-budget trip with a more adventurous spirit with the deck passage solution or prefer to travel comfortably in an opulent and spacious cabin, booking in advance will allow you to be one step ahead of everyone and ensure your preferred onboard accommodations before the others.

You can take your vehicle on the ferry with you.

Remember how convenient it is to bring your car or camper with you? Going in your own vehicle is always preferable to enjoy your vacation completely. When taking a ferry, you can load your car onto the ferry rather than immediately renting one. 

The ability to move while on vacation with your car makes the trip much easier in terms of movements, timing, and space. Additionally, there is financial consideration since car shipping is frequently less expensive than car rental, particularly for trips longer than a week.

You can explore the area’s natural beauty, learn about the numerous archaeological sites, plan wonderful excursions, and sample regional specialties by visiting the most distinctive locations with your car and travel agency.

You can spend time enjoying the trip itself.

By taking a ferry, you can enjoy the journey in all of its facets, from the sea breeze you breathe during the crossing to the breathtaking views you can capture on camera at the most romantic times of day, like at sunset, to the onboard amenities like cabins, relaxation areas, restaurants, swimming pools, and discos.

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to meet people from all over the world, with whom you may socialize more comfortably compared to a plane or train. The time spent on a ferry will be more fun thanks to the variety of activities and leisure spaces available to adults and younger passengers, who will also find several services that will make the trip enjoyable. Most ferries provide access to a play area where children can interact with other children and experience the magic of traveling by ferry together.

You will have quality time for relaxation.

Another critical factor in choosing a trip is accommodation. Ferries provide options for all requirements and budgets. In reality, you have various lodging options, ranging from affordable deck passage or armchairs to cozy and inviting cabins. The choice of the cabin is crucial, particularly if you travel at night.

Special support is usually available for passengers with disabilities during boarding and arrival, the trip itself, and the distribution of accommodations to ensure the crossing is peaceful and safe.

You can bring your pet with you.

Planning a trip only to say goodbye to your four-legged pals is never fun. However, if you use a ferry, you can securely have your pet with you, so this won’t happen. All pets are allowed on most ferries, provided their owners follow the rules established for transportation to ensure a relaxing trip for all passengers.

Leashed and muzzled, the animals will also be allowed to travel with their owners on all of the exterior decks, giving them the freedom to move around in the open air instead of constrained spaces on trains and planes.

Access to animals is forbidden in the lounge chairs and communal spaces for everyone’s health and safety, but your four-legged friends can travel inside the cabins with their owners. 

These are all the good reasons for choosing to travel to Greece by ferry. All you have to do is decide on the details of your itinerary, book your next trip, and enjoy the most wonderful and unique experience.

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