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How To Find A Suitable Travel Nurse Staffing Agency?

Traveling for work can be a harrowing experience for most, especially to a remote location that does not meet their expectations. As a travel nurse, this difficulty can become even more daunting if you have little to no experience in this vocation.

Fortunately, a reliable travel staffing agency can help novices get started on the right path, overcome obstacles and learn to adjust and enjoy the profession quickly. They can help you efficiently tackle housing problems, location issues, contract nuances, etc.

But finding the most appropriate staffing agency may be challenging for many first-time travel nurses. Here’s a quick, brief guide to help you understand the qualities you must look for in a reputable and trustworthy agency.

Reputation And Expertise

The first thing you should note about an agency is their reputation, enabling you to understand the kind of support to expect on the job. Do they inspire trust among aspiring travel nurses? Do various hospitals in the country trust the agency? Do they have expert recruiters?

Ask these questions, and the answers will help you understand how reputable and trustworthy an agency truly is.

Also, look for steady and progressive expertise in an agency, setting them apart from the rest. In a highly competitive industry, it is worth partnering with a company that has stood the test of time.

Variety Of Jobs 

Good quality of job matters, so it’s essential to select correctly from the plenty of healthcare jobs available across various states. Besides volume, look for the variety of work an agency offers, enabling you to choose from an unending list of options. For instance, while contracts typically last for approximately thirteen weeks, dependable agencies must have contract options ranging from four to twenty-four weeks.

This way, nurses can choose jobs that suit their personal preferences and family needs, helping them maintain an effective work-life balance. Several staffing companies will also draw exclusive contracts for professionals specializing in more rare fields.

Housing Options

Many travel nurses consider housing the most critical component of a staffing agency, basing their decision of whether or not to join them on this very aspect. Understand that different agencies have markedly different approaches to travel nurse housing, with some offering free accommodation while others pay subsidies so that the nurses can afford their own homes.

Sometimes, you may not like the kind of housing a company provides or find the stipend they offer is not enough to rent a decent home. Therefore, it is crucial to know the agency’s type of housing options before registering with them.

Having a frank discussion with the representatives will ensure they understand your needs and requirements.

Pay Policy

It is crucial to register with a travel staffing agency that offers a fair pay grade in exchange for your services. Today, many agencies are quite capable of providing you with food and stay reimbursements while helping you navigate tax concerns expertly. You can enquire about the guaranteed hours of pay, clearly understanding whether or not the agency will bill a hospital that decides to cancel a shift at the last minute.

Furthermore, get clarity on their missed shifts policy and its penalty. Finally, ensure your hourly rate aligns with what travel nursing professionals can expect to earn in the current market.

Extra Benefits

A good travel staffing agency, besides regular pay, provides additional perks such as dental care, paid vacation, car rentals, medical assistance, special bonuses, overtime pay, etc. Note that some or all of these benefits may cut into your final payment, but that does not mean you have to earn less.

The idea is to find an honest agency that puts your interests above theirs, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits and enjoy a fulfilling career.

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