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Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras? And For How Much?

Walmart does more than just grocery. They also offer key copying, grooming, photo development, and printing services. However, does Walmart develop disposable cameras? 

Many Walmart develops disposable cameras through their Walmart Photo Centers. You drop your disposable cameras and pick up your images. The price is $7.96 for 12 prints of 4 X 6 inches photos. It may take around seven days to process.

In this article, we explore how Walmart develops disposable cameras. We also discuss the process of getting the disposable camera developed with Walmart and the prices. 

Lastly, we look at alternative places for you to develop your disposable camera photos if your local Walmart cannot do so. 

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

Walmart does develop disposable cameras through its Photo Centers. You simply drop the disposable camera with an order form on dropbox. You may come back and pick up the photos within a week, although it may be faster. Enquire with your Photo Center for possible faster processing. 

Walmart does offer the service to develop disposable cameras. The technology may be old and rarely used, but Walmart still offers to develop it. This is something to salute Walmart for. You can get your disposable cameras developed at any of Walmart’s Photo Centers.

Aside from printing, Walmart also may be able to perform some enlargement on your disposable camera images. 

You usually drop your cameras at the Photo Center, together with an order form for disposable cameras. The waiting may be up to a week, although you may be able to have it back faster. You usually do not get your camera and film back, although your images will be digitized into a CD.

Generally, for disposable cameras, Walmart sends the camera out to third-party developers to be developed. This is because Walmart only handles digital printing and editing in-house. This may likely mean you need a longer waiting time for developing disposable cameras.

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How Do You Develop Disposable Cameras At Walmart?

Developing disposable cameras at Walmart is simple. First, visit a Walmart Photo Center, and fill in an order form. Place your disposable camera into the provided envelope and your order form in the ‘film processing’ dropbox. You may come to pick up your photos once you receive an email notification that they are ready.

The best part about developing disposable cameras at Walmart is that it is a simple process. You do not even need to meet or talk to anyone. 

  1. Visit a Walmart store with a Photo Center. You may look for the nearest Photo Center on Walmart’s website. 
  2. Once you arrive, look for the photo center. You may need to talk to a staff member to locate it. 
  3. Pick up a film processing form. The form may ask you about your information and preferences, such as:
    1. Types of the film ( Choose disposable cameras)
    2. Amount of prints wanted
    3. Size of prints wanted
    4. Preferred delivery option
    5. Contact details such as email and phone number
  4. Once you have completed the form, place the form into the provided envelope and include your disposable camera together. 
  5. Drop everything into dropbox. 
  6. Simply leave, and you should receive a notification that your order is accepted and is being processed. 
  7. Walmart sends your camera to third-party developers, which will take some time. 
  8. When the photos are ready for pickup, you should receive a notification over email. You may go pick it up. 
  9. If you opt for mail delivery, you may receive your photos in your mailbox.
  10. Your photos will normally come with a CD that contains the digital version of your images, and your disposable camera may not be returned. 

How Long Does Walmart Need To Develop Disposable Cameras?

It normally takes around seven days for Walmart to develop disposable cameras. This is because Walmart sends the cameras out to be developed by third-party developers. However, you get all your images developed, as well as have them digitized on a CD.

In many cases, it may take around 7 days for Walmart to develop your disposable cameras. This 7-day is valid if you drop off your disposable camera before 9AM on delivery and pick it up after 5PM on the seventh day.

For example, say you filled in your order form and dropped off your camera on Sunday at 8.30AM. This means you should be able to pick up your photos at 5PM Saturday. 

However, suppose you dropped off your camera and order form on Sunday at 10AM. In that case, you may only pick them up beginning at 5PM Sunday itself. 

The 7-day pickup also does not cover things such as extreme weather. If storms happen at your location, expect a longer wait time. 

The longer wait time makes sense as Walmart needs to send the photos to third-party developers. Aside from the time needed to process and develop the cameras, there may also be mailing times, which eat into the seven-day wait. 

For example, it may take two days for the disposable camera to reach the developer from the Walmart Photo Center. The developer takes two days to develop images and digitize them on a CD. The developer then sends the completed work back to Walmart. 

When the prints arrive at Walmart, the staff member must process and ensure that all is good before contacting you to pick them up. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Disposable Cameras At Walmart?

If you develop disposable cameras at Walmart, expect to pay around $7.96 for 12 exposures, $9.96 for 24 exposures, or $13.96 for 36 exposures. The print sizes are 4 X 6 inches, with no other options available. You, however, get your images back on a CD, which means you can print in different sizes digitally if you wish. 

The final price of producing the film from a Walmart disposable camera may vary. Some of the factors include the number of exposures, as well as the number of prints.

For example, if you print 12 exposures, the price will be $7.96. If you print 36 exposures, it will cost $13.96. The pricing stated is for basic prints measuring 4 inches by 6 inches. Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer other print sizes for you. This may be likely so that they can simplify the ordering process.

You also do not get your disposable camera back. If you send in a roll of film, you will not get your negatives back. However, you do get your images digitized on a CD. 

If you intend to reprint or print a larger image, you may use the digital image and print it digitally. You can print digital photos and have them immediately at Walmart’s digital photo printing kiosks. 

What Other Images Does Walmart Develop?

Aside from disposable cameras, Walmart also develops camera films of multiple sizes. These include 110 films, 126 films, and 35mm films. The prices and wait times for these films are similar to disposable cameras. You do not get your film back but have your images digitized into a CD.

The great thing about Walmart’s Photo Center is that it caters to all photo printing needs, from digital to older analog-type images. These include disposable cameras and also many types of imaging films. 

For example, you can drop off your 35mm films for Walmart to develop at the Photo Center. You can drop off your 110 of 126 films as well. 

The ordering process and wait times are similar to disposable cameras. You pick up an order form, fill in your details, and drop your film together with your form in dropbox. Walmart will then send the films out to third-party developers, and you should be able to pick them up in seven days. 

Like disposable cameras, you will not get your film or negatives back. Instead, the images will be digitized in a CD, meaning you can print these images digitally next time using Walmart Photo Center’s printing kiosk.

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Where Else Can You Develop Disposable Camera?

Aside from Walmart, you can also develop your disposable camera in many local drug stores and go online. Major drug store chains such as CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid offer the service. You can also go to websites such as Darkroom or MPIX to have your disposable camera developed. 

Say your local Walmart does not have a photo center. In that case, you will need an alternative on where you can go to develop your disposable camera. 

In this case, you have two options. You can look for a local drug store or go online. If you choose a local drug store, keep your eyes peeled and look for any CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid. They may just have a photo-developing service. 

Prices may start from $7.96 to around $21, depending on volume. Like Walmart, you do not get your camera back, but your images will be digitized on a CD. The quality may be similar to Walmart. 

If you go online, you may get a much better service, albeit at a higher price. Websites such as Darkroom. Richard’s Photo Lab or MPIX may be able to offer you a more customized experience, such as custom size. You can also get your camera or film back. The cost starts at $15, and you may need to include shipping fees.

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