Does Walmart Copy Keys? The Answer Here

Walmart is one of the top retail stores in the country. They offer almost everything under the sun. The answer to the question, does Walmart copy keys is it does indeed make keys. While the question seems a bit silly—it only makes sense that Walmart would copy keys, as key duplication is one of the most common reasons to use Walmart’s key-making services—the question does have important implications for anyone who decides to have their keys copied at Walmart.

Walmart key copying services are available at all locations, and these services include both key cutting and key duplication. Most people choose to have their keys copied at Walmart because they are already at the store for other errands and don’t want to make an extra trip or avoid paying more than they might expect at another retailer. To copy your key, you’ll need to bring it to your local Walmart store. This article will look at all aspects related to the question does Walmart copy keys?

What Does The Key Copying Service in Walmart Include?

While the key copying service in Walmart includes many things, it is important to check does Walmart copy keys and what it does not include.

The key copying service in Walmart does not include the replacement of broken keys. That is a separate service and will require a different price. It also does not include making new keys for a lock that has been completely lost or destroyed. In this case, you may need to replace the whole lock and have new keys made.

What Is The Cost To Make A Key Copy At Walmart?

The cost to make a key copy at Walmart depends on the type of key you need to copy. The cheapest option is a standard metal key, which costs $2, while a transponder key or an electronic fob may cost as much as $6.

Walmart’s standard metal keys are designed to unlock standard doors and ignitions. These keys are the least expensive option, costing just $2 for a copy and $4 for original keys. Walmart offers a bulk discount if you have multiple copies made, making each additional copy just $1.50.

If your key has a built-in computer chip or features some other advanced technology—in other words, if you have a transponder key or electronic fob—then it will cost more to make a key copy at Walmart. A transponder key costs $4 for the original and $6 for a copy, while an electronic fob costs $4 for the original and $8 for a copy (though the price of these keys can vary).

If you want to know if does Walmart copy keys, you should also know that they offer standard metal keys with a decorative design. These keys generate an extra fee of 25 cents per key when they’re made into copies.

Which Keys Does Walmart Make Copies Of?

Several of our customers have asked does Walmart copy keys of only homes or car keys. The answer is yes! Walmart offers a wide range of key-cutting and key-copying services for car keys, house keys, and other kinds of keys. They are not currently able to make car remote keys, but they can copy or cut the metal part of the key.

As you might imagine, several people don’t realize that Walmart offers these types of services, so it’s always worth asking us first if we can make a copy or duplicate a key for you—especially if your local store has a hardware department.

Do All Walmarts Have MinuteKey Kiosks?

While the answer to the question does Walmart copy keys is yes, you should know not all Walmart’s have MinuteKey kiosks. Some Walmart locations have the kiosks, but some do not. To find out if your local Walmart has a key copying machine, you can use an online tool to search for your nearest Walmart and see if it has a key copier. If your local Walmart does not have a key copy machine, you can search for other nearby locations with MinuteKey machines.

What Is The Procedure To Make Keys Using MinuteKey Kiosks?

MinuteKey kiosks are in 1,800 Walmart stores, and they allow you to make duplicate keys in minutes. If you need another key for your home or office, here is how to use the MinuteKey Kiosk.

What You Will Need

Before you go to the MinuteKey kiosk, gather all of the keys you want to duplicate.

Step One: Go to the MinuteKey Kiosk

The kiosk will be located near the front entrance of Walmart. It is approximately six feet tall and has an interactive screen.

Step Two: Select Your Key Type

After interacting with the screen, choose the type of key that you want to duplicate. MinuteKey can make most standard keys, including house and car keys and some specialty keys such as padlocks and mailbox keys. They cannot create any patented or registered keys—for example, if your car requires a “smart key” that fits into a slot in your dash instead of into the ignition cylinder, they cannot duplicate it.

Which Keys Does Walmart Not Make Copies Of?

If you’re looking for a key that can’t be copied, Walmart might not be the place to go. The nation’s largest retailer has a policy of refusing to duplicate keys with a “Do Not Duplicate” stamp. If you need a copy of any key, including a master key, Walmart will likely make it for you. They do have the right to refuse service if they believe someone is trying to make illegal copies of keys.

There are some keys that Walmart won’t duplicate. Namely, they don’t copy any car key or transponder key. This is because car keys are typically only given out by dealerships and auto shops. Making duplicate car keys without authorization from the manufacturer violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


Making key copies seems like a small, insignificant task, yet it can be so annoying, especially when you have to interact with annoying key makers. Ultimately, going to Walmart to make copies of keys is probably one of the best things you can do. It is quick and, in most cases, hassle-free.

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