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Why Do So Many People Go To Vegas

Why Do So Many People Go To Vegas?

Established in 1905 as a rest stop after the completion of a railroad between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, Las Vegas has primitive beginnings. There was little in the area at its founding, and even fresh water had to be piped in from another location.

However, once water was available in the region, farmers were quickly drawn to the small town, and its population began to increase. By 1931, when construction started on the Hoover Dam, the city truly began to expand. The increase in residents led to further construction projects and the establishment of multiple theaters and casinos—something the city is now world renowned for. 

Today, the city is a hive for tourists. In 2022, it welcomed 38.8 million visitors. With these numbers expected to increase year on year, it is clear that plenty of people are excited to see what the city has to offer. But what exactly draws in that many travelers? Read on as we find out!  

The Atmosphere

One of the most appealing things about Vegas is its atmosphere. Although the climate is worth mentioning because it is primarily dry and clear throughout the year, the atmosphere we’re talking about—and why people visit the city—has nothing to do with the weather. 

Whether you call it the vibe, atmosphere, or the electric feeling in the air, Las Vegas offers a unique sense of excitement and thrills. The bustle of the city center and the famous Strip provide a feeling of wonder and excitement that no other place on the planet can fully emulate. 

This atmosphere makes the city one of the top event destinations—including bachelor and bachelorette parties, conferences, and (of course) weddings. 

The City

Home to more than 60 casinos, Las Vegas is a sprawling web of incredible architecture. From the famous musical fountain proudly displayed in front of the Bellagio to the miniature Eiffel Tower, the city boasts architectural feats for tourists to discover. 

However, it’s not just the Strip’s glitz and glam that makes the city’s buildings stand out. Historic buildings such as the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse (now the Mob Museum) and the Historic Westside School are symbols of the city’s origins and marvels of the founders’ craftsmanship and the region’s history. 

The Casinos

One of the most defining traits of Sin City is its casinos, the first of which opened in 1906, just a year after the city was founded. The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino marked the start of the local casino industry and gave birth to what eventually became the largest gambling city on the planet.

Today, millions of visitors come to experience the thrill of placing bets at the glamorous casinos. The Strip, home to around 31 casinos, is where the best of these establishments can be found and where tourists regularly flock to try their luck.  

The Nightlife

Aside from places to hopefully win some money, other venues Las Vegas is bursting with include nightclubs, exclusive lounges, and hangout spots. Each offers a unique take on the Las Vegas atmosphere and helps visitors experience the city at its finest. 

Bustling primarily in the evening, these venues contribute to the city’s thriving and energetic nightlife, with visitors dancing the night away. These venues are also the prime location for parties and celebrations—making them even more popular with those looking to throw a memorable bash. 

The Food

Although many cities worldwide are known for their cuisines and local delicacies, Las Vegas is arguably chief among them. Not because it offers any particularly unique local flavors but because it is home to some of the best restaurants that will satisfy any palate—and in vast quantities.

With an estimated 4,000 eateries, Las Vegas offers a place to grab a bite at every turn. Among these is the famous buffet—which has been a symbol in the city for generations. Although many of these buffets have ceased operations in recent years, there are still eight incredible options for those looking to eat as much as possible and make the most of their culinary experience.  

The Shows and Events

Many of the casinos in Vegas go beyond simply offering gambling. They operate as casino resorts and include awe-inspiring entertainment venues that can accommodate thousands of visitors looking to have a good time. 

These play host to incredible shows like Ka by Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield, and Penn & Teller. Other artists known to perform in the city include Adele, Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, and Garth Brooks. Sporting fans are also catered to, with the town hosting events like UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Formula One, and NASCAR. 

The Hotels

Alongside some of the most incredible casinos the world has to offer, Las Vegas is also home to many of the most luxurious hotels on the planet. Accommodations at venues like ARIA Resort and Casino, Skylofts at MGM Grand, and the Venetian Las Vegas are bursting at the seams with luxury and class. Stay at one of these, and you’re guaranteed to make memories for a lifetime. 

These and the many other hotels in the city go beyond offering just a place to rest your head. Many also feature wellness centers (or fitness centers), day spas, concierge services, event centers, and many titillating amenities.

The Shopping

Visiting a city as energetic and dynamic as Las Vegas without leaving with a souvenir would be almost criminal. To ensure that nobody takes off without finding something they want, the city is home to incredible shopping opportunities. 

The city is awash with shopping venues, from high-end retailers carrying the latest items from international brands to unique pawn shops where you never know what you’ll find. However, you might want to skip the casino stores, as these charge excessive prices for goods sold elsewhere in the city at much lower rates.

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