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Tips On The Best Curacao Beaches

Tips On The Best Curacao Beaches

Curacao is a small southern Caribbean Island off the Venezuelan coast. The whole of the island is narrow and lengthy, with some beautiful beaches found on the shores where the waters offer a brilliant blue hue. 

Heavy storms and trade winds constantly batter the east coast with a rocky, rugged shoreline. Private beaches make up a few of the most ideal in Curacao, but these are accessible only to paying guests. 

Fortunately, visitors will find several public options open to everyone. These benefit those not staying on the beach and searching for the perfect free beach. 

Each beach offers its own unique advantages, with some almost hidden away and others quite a distance traveling north—these boasts of being the best on the island. 

For those hoping to find beaches closer to the cruise port, the area offers some manufactured beaches. These consist of imported sand surrounded by rocks to protect them. They’re still gorgeous. 

The southern area will provide a great deal of entertainment, the party scene, with many bars, activities, and fun things to do. Let’s look at what some consider the best beaches in Curacao. 

Which Are Among The Top Beaches In Curacao 

All the beaches in Curacao offer something unique for each person to enjoy, with the east coast being the least favored spot with constant heavy storms and trade winds making it tough to enjoy the experience. 

The north boasts the best of what Curacao offers, but these are a distance to travel. 

The west offers beautiful options; the south is the party scene with beach pubs and plenty of activities.

It’s challenging to narrow down a list to what everyone would consider the best of all the beaches because each person would have their preferences and for different reasons. But let’s look at some favored as among the top choices. 

Klein Curacao 

Or “Little Curacao” is a popular southwest beach for a day trip while on holiday on the island. You can visit as part of a day tour, the only way to access the beach with no overnight accommodation.

The beach is scattered with general amenities. The tour companies have available small beach shelters with food usually provided as part of the tour, or it will be up to you to bring food for the day. 

Guest can snorkel, considered one of the best areas for snorkeling, and swim with the turtles on the island or bask in the sun on the beautiful white sand. You’ll find plenty of places to explore since the island was abandoned, leaving shipwrecks, deteriorated churches, and other structures for an adventure. 

Mambo Beach 

Mambo Beach, located in Willemstad, is among the favored options for those looking for pubs and much entertainment. It not only has a hopping scene at the beach, but the nightlife boasts of being fantastic.

The hotels and resorts are located on the beach, with many having private beaches exclusively for the guests. 

There are public, accessible areas of the beach, but what visitors to this beach appreciate is the ability to bar hop. This particular beach is one of a few manufactured with a rocky wall that protects the sandy grounds and allows for sheltered swimming. 

The entire scene is not only beautiful but exciting. 

Playa Porto Marie 

The water is crystal clear with white sandy beaches for this vast beach with snorkeling and swimming as the primary activities. This one is recommended as a family beach due to the ground’s natural sloping, providing a slight shelter when moving toward the water.

Something you may have never seen that this beach has is swimming pigs, a common feature of the Bahama’s famous pigs. The swine saunters along the coast and swim at will, following their own internal clock. You might not always get a glimpse of them. 

The amenities are relatively generic, including restrooms/showers, a diving school, beach massages, and a restaurant. You can also hike on the “Seru Mateo” trail to the back of the beach. With its double reef, this beach offers an incredible snorkeling opportunity. 

Playa Santa Cruz 

The Playa Santa Cruz beach offers more activities and facilities than other beaches in Curacao, but it isn’t crowded with bars and resorts lining the beach areas.

The beach is another fantastic site for snorkeling, with the chance to catch a boat from the beach to the location of a stunning underwater cave called the “Blue Room.” You won’t find the gear you can rent, so hopefully, you have snorkel equipment. 

Playa Kenepa Chiki 

This beach is perfect for solo travelers or those who prefer a quiet location with beautiful white sand and clear blue water. The sunsets boast breathtaking, with snorkeling and swimming as activities to enjoy without commotion in the surrounding area.

Locals enjoy this beach, especially on the weekends. With there usually being no facilities, perhaps a food truck occasionally, it’s wise to bring all you’ll need for your visit, including plenty of food and water. Vendors are available to rent umbrellas and loungers. 

Final Thought 

These are a mere sampling of what are a myriad of beaches on the lovely island of Curacao. As mentioned, different people will have their own preferences as to which is genuinely the best suited for their purposes. The ones listed here are among the favored options for travelers.

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