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Common Mistakes That Animal Owners Make

Common Mistakes That Animal Owners Make

Pet owners make an effort to provide the right living and eating conditions for their pets. But mistakes are often made. The authors of the expert articles on Cheap Writing Service have prepared an article on common pet care mistakes in hopes that it will help you avoid them in the future. 

Abrupt switching from store-bought food to homemade food (and vice versa)

Changes in your pet’s diet should be gradual. Sudden changes in the menu are stressful and often cause digestive distress, refusal of food, and other unpleasant symptoms. The change in food should last at least five days. A portion of new food should be added daily to his regular menu and its amount should be gradually increased.

One litter box for several cats

If you have several animals, be sure to provide each of them with separate food and water bowls and a separate litter tray. The smell of another cat can permanently discourage a cat from going to the litter box.

Making your pet obese

Excess weight negatively affects the pet’s heart, blood vessels, and musculoskeletal system. The presence of obesity can be determined visually. A dog with normal weight should have a clearly defined waistline, and the ribs should be covered by a small layer of fat.

Irregular feeding of the animal

The owner will not forget to feed the pet, but the lack of water in the pet’s bowl may not be noticed. It is very important to have clean water in a special bowl at all times. This is especially true for animals eating dry food. Water should be freely available to the pet, to prevent dehydration.

Don’t give credit for words

Animals are quite intelligent and, living with humans, have a rather large passive vocabulary. If a word or phrase is said frequently, the animal will remember it. Be consistent. Words should correspond to actions. For example, it is incorrect to say “It’s okay” while trying to calm your pet when you bring him to the vet for a vaccination. He will commit those words to memory and become alert every time you say the phrase.

Feed your pet unspecialized food

Every pet needs special food. It is available for different categories of pets: for spayed and able to produce cubs, for young and old individuals, and different breeds. Do not offer your pet one-size-fits-all food. Give him specialized foods, and the pet will be in great shape. They contain the most important vitamins and minerals your pet needs.

Let the cat outside

The benefits of outdoor walks are proven, but it’s not safe for cats to be outside. There they can run into aggressive dogs, cars, infectious diseases, ticks, and other parasites. Let the cat out only if you live in a private house and your area is fenced. Be sure to treat your cat periodically for parasites after walks. Consult your veterinarian on the worming, tick, and flea treatments that best suit your cat.

Be inconsistent

“Always” or “never” are two words that capture the essence of an animal’s understanding of your commands. There are no halftones here. If you allow something, then always allow it. But if you need the cat not to sleep on your bed at night – don’t let him do it during the day (i.e., don’t let the cat sleep on your bed at all). 

Locking the dog inside the car and walking away

This is a gross mistake that many owners make. The dog may get hot in the car – this is a first. The animal can easily get heatstroke. In winter, it is cold in the car, and there is a risk of frostbite for the animal.

Treat your pet yourself

Once a pet is sick, owners try to diagnose and prescribe therapy themselves. They choose their medicines, and folk remedies or give them “human” preparations. It is important to understand that the diagnosis is made only by a doctor and in the presence of tests taken. Accordingly, the therapy is also selected by a specialist. If the medicine is intended for humans, only a specialist will tell you the correct dosage. In addition, you should bring animals for preventive examinations. And you should not ignore visits to the veterinary dentist.

Letting the cat sleep on the radiator

Cats like to sleep in a warm place. In winter they lie down on radiators to get warm. This should not be done categorically. Lying in a too warm place causes the cat’s internal organs to overheat, which may lead to various diseases. The cat will not notice this, but the owner must forbid it to lie on the radiator.

Tip: If the cat does not want to get off the radiator, put a layered blanket or thick towel there.

It is not wise to use vitamin supplements

Minerals are extremely beneficial. But don’t forget about the ration. An overdose or the wrong amount will provoke brittle bones, which are fraught with fractures.

Beating an animal

If you hit an animal once, it will develop fear. This feeling has a destructive effect on the animal’s psyche.

Important: If you hit a dog or cat, you will get an inadequate pet.

Use the kennel for educational purposes

If your pet is misbehaving, you don’t need to corral him into the kennel. Soon he will begin to associate the punishment with the kennel and will no longer go there voluntarily. Let the dog house cause only positive emotions.

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