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Do Cockroaches Hide In Clothes

Do Cockroaches Hide In Clothes?- Popular Roach Hiding Places

Cockroaches are an annoying species of pest. They are one of the hardest invasive species to eliminate, as they reproduce rapidly.

One of the reasons roaches are difficult to eliminate is that they are good at hiding. The insects squeeze into cracks and holes, making it difficult to find and kill them.

Roaches are a resilient species of pest. These insects can go weeks without food and up to a week without water. The trait enables them to stay in hiding for lengthy periods.

Many species have evolved to disguise themselves in ordinary places. Lice hide in hair, fleas, ticks in animal fur, and bedbugs in clothing. Roaches, however, are the hardest to detect.

Roaches hide in many places but do cockroaches hide in clothes?

Roaches do hide in clothes. These insects can slip into closets and hide among your clothes. What’s worse, roaches may lay their ootheca on clothes as closets are dark, therefore providing a secure place to breed. They prefer to stay in piles of dirty laundry.

Other Common Hiding Places For Roaches

Cockroaches have evolved to become masters at hiding. The creatures have flat bodies. It helps them to squeeze into the most compact spaces and hide. Roaches particularly love dark places.

Here is a list of common hiding areas for roaches:

1. Furniture

Roaches commonly hide in furniture. You can find them in drawers, cabinets, cushions, couches, and cupboards. 

They love hiding in the hollow spaces, as they receive very little light. It allows them to go undetected for weeks.

These locations are convenient since they are dark and quiet. They provide ideal concealing, breeding, and egg-laying places.

Roaches may also find food in cabinets. Cockroaches will thrive in such conditions and spread swiftly.

2. Hallow boarded walls or ceiling boards

Cockroaches are frequently seen lurking in hollow wooden walls. Once cockroaches have infiltrated the walls, they are difficult to eliminate. You’ll need a professional exterminator to fumigate your home and get rid of the roaches.

Cockroaches deposit their eggs in walls. They also store food inside them. The best way to eliminate the roaches hiding inside the walls without calling an exterminator is to flash them out using a trap.

3. Uncovered bins

Roaches are known to live in bins, particularly in the kitchen. Inside the containers, they have an endless supply of food and water.

They are drawn to the aroma of discarded particles and crumbs. To avoid a roach infestation, ensure your garbage containers are firmly secured.

It would be beneficial if you emptied your bin regularly.

4. Electronics and other appliances

Roaches love to hide inside electronics and hallow appliances. If left inside, roaches could cause serious problems.

These insects love to hide inside kitchen appliances like toasters, fridge vents, microwaves, ovens, and mixers. They also lay eggs inside the devices.

Getting roaches out of electronics is difficult, as you can’t just spray them down with insecticides. 

You would have to be careful not to damage the electrical components. Liquid droplets from bug spray are corrosive to the internal components and fire hazards.

How To Keep Your Clothes Roach Free

Clothes are conducive to hiding and breeding spots for pests, including roaches. How can you prevent roaches from hiding in your clothes?

Ensure that your clothes are properly dried.

Dump clothes attract roaches. You should only store clothes in your closet if they are dry.

Do not leave dirty clothes exposed.

Invest in a bin with a lid. It is better to store dirty laundry in laundry bins. It will help keep roaches away.

Wash your clothes in regular intervals.

Have a laundry schedule and stick to it. Regular washing cycles can help prevent roaches from settling on your clothes.

Keep food away from your closet and clothes. 

Keeping food in your closet will only encourage roaches to live in your closet. Do not leave food or crumbs in your closet.

How To Tell If Roaches Are Hiding In Your Clothes

Roaches are not easy to detect. Their ability to hide makes them one of the most difficult pests to eliminate. You can use signs to tell if roaches are in your closet and your clothes.

What are the signs of roaches in your clothes?

1. Roach feces

Like all living organisms, Cockroaches must expel organic waste from their bodies. There is no stench to these droppings. It’s all possible to mistake feces for stains.

Examine your clothes and closet for organic roach waste. It’s possible that these feces. A significant number of roach droppings indicates a large number of roaches.

2. Roach eggs

You’re probably dealing with an infestation if you locate cockroach eggs in your house. The eggs of cockroaches are laid in linen.

They can lay up to fifty eggs at once. These eggs are found in castings.

The casting might be brown or yellow. The castings are around a centimeter long.

These castings have a strong exterior.

Until the eggs hatch, the shell shields them from the cold and predators.

3. Roach odor

Cockroaches release musty-smelling chemicals called pheromones. The hormones are important to breeding, as it is the medium that attracts female roaches.

The odor will be worse if there are a lot of cockroaches. Cockroaches have a foul odor and might cause allergic reactions in certain people.

It’s preferable to get rid of the cockroaches while they’re still in small numbers. Your clothes will have a musty smell if your closet is infested.

How To Eliminate Roaches

While eliminating roaches is difficult, it is not unachievable. In only a few days, the roaches will be gone. 

Some approaches are more successful than others. While insect spray may work on a few bugs, dealing with an infestation is far more difficult.

So, how are you going to get rid of the roaches?

1. Repair any leaky pipes

Roaches are drawn to damp or wet conditions. They give enough hydration, and roaches thrive in such conditions. Roaches will be compelled to search for water if leaks are sealed.

2. Seal any food you have in your home.

Finally, roaches will enter your home to gain access to food. It would be beneficial if you put all of your food in containers. Because roaches can subsist on very little food, roaches will drive them to move if they are denied food.

3. Get rid of the trash.

Do not put the rubbish out in the open. It’s preferable if you seal your garbage correctly if you don’t plan on disposing of it anytime soon. 

Dispose of rubbish regularly. Roaches reproduce in and feed on rubbish, therefore, and you should never let them into your home with it.

4. Use insect repellent.

Every day, spray down your house, paying extra attention to corners, below the refrigerator, and in the kitchen. To achieve the greatest effects, use a strong pesticide.

5. Make use of boric acid.

Boric acid is not harmful to humans; however, it is extremely harmful to roaches. The roaches’ insides dissolve as a result of consuming the acid. It works rapidly and is an effective approach to eliminating cockroaches.

6. Keep your home neat.

A clean home should be enough to keep roaches away. Roaches flourish in filthy conditions. Roaches will breed wherever there is dust or filth. Particularly in the kitchen, make careful to clear up any crumbs or food particles.

Do not leave unwashed dishes in the sink.

7. Fill any cracks in the home with sealant.

Roaches are masters at hiding. These organisms spend most of their time in small crevices. Roaches emerge to look for food, and because they can store food in their hiding places, they can go undiscovered for weeks.

8. Get rid of roach eggs.

Depending on the species, roaches can lay anywhere from 20 to 50 eggs at a time. The eggs stay in an ootheca, which is a protein structure. The ootheca is reddish-brown and is 8mm in length.

This ootheca protects the eggs until they are ready to hatch. You should use diatomaceous acid to get rid of the eggs. 

Diatomaceous is a corrosive material that destroys eggs from the outside. The chemical may be found at food shops for a reasonable price.

Roaches can find breeding areas in cracks or holes. Dealing with roaches growing in your walls may be a nightmare.


Cockroaches are among the most common house pests. These insects can survive in nearly any climatic condition. They are masters of hiding and can live in your house unnoticed for weeks. They happen to be particularly hard to eliminate.

Roaches hide from holes in the wall, inside electronics, and furniture in many places. The creatures are common in dirty kitchens but also live inside clothes.

Closets present an ideal location for roaches to hide and breed as they are dark.

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