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Does FedEx Deliver To A P.O. Box

Does FedEx Deliver To The PO Box?

Have you ever used FedEx to send your packages? If yes, you might know that FedEx delivers packages to residential and business addresses. But, sometimes, customers don’t want the package delivered to their doorstep. In this case, sending a package to a PO Box or Post office box.

It is an alternative to ensure that delivering a package to a PO Box is safe. It protects the package from theft and weather conditions that might damage the package. Also, they will deliver the packages to one safe place. However, there are cases where delivering a package confuses delivery persons. So, people often want to know if FedEx delivers to the PO Box?

Before if find an answer to this question, let’s know in detail about FedEx:

What Is FedEx?

FedEx or Federal express corporation is an American multinational that focuses on transportation, e-commerce, and other business services. Now, it’s one of the best-known companies for air delivery. Also, it was one of the first companies to offer overnight delivery service as a flagship service.

There are several subsidiaries of FedEx that is one of the top contractors of the US government. It assists in transporting some of the United States postal service packages by its Air cargo network.

After understanding what FedEx is, let’s know: Does FedEx deliver to the PO box?

Does FedEx Deliver To A PO Box?

Generally, FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes at addresses located within the US. Even if you try to select a PO Box as the destination for a package to transport, you will receive a warning that will recommend that you can’t use the address.

There is a reason for this; by law, FedEx cannot walk into a post box, open the box or place the package.

So, FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box; let’s know if there are any exceptions by FedEx.

Are There Any special Cases Where FedEx Can Deliver A Package To A PO Box?

As mentioned above, FedEx cannot deliver a package to a PO Box. But, there are some rare exceptions, for instance, in the case of large post offices that are considered competitive offices. In that case, a postal package can be delivered to post office boxes at no cost to the post office if the box number is not in use. They will use the street address and the number with the PO reference in that situation.

If you are thinking about how a post office allows this (because they don’t make any profits), the answer is simple. Post offices at such places are more expensive. So for this reason, competitive offices allow these Transport to take place.

Another situation where FedEx will deliver a package to PO Box is for military bases. Also, if the mailbox is at any post office location, in that case, FedEx will deliver there regularly because they address it as a box office number or suite number (and not a PO Box number).

Now, you know about the exceptions where FedEx can deliver at a PO Box. Let’s know about some tricks in this case.

What Are The Tricks Of FedEx Delivering A Package To A PO Box?

Technically, FedEx cannot deliver a package to a PO Box. But, as we mentioned, it’s because they can’t walk into a post office facility, open a mailbox and place the package.

But, there is something called FedEx smart post. It uses the USPS system during the last part of the delivery process for delivering to domestic PO Boxes. In addition, FedEx Express can transport to a PO Box in some international locations, including Puerto Rico. For that, you need to give a valid telephone, fax or telex number.

So, when you try to send a package through a FedEx smart post, you should necessarily add the street address of the PO and then the PO Box office number. You can add the number of the box by mentioning that it is a PO Box.

After understanding the tricks of FedEx to deliver at PO Box, let us tell you more about FedEx smart post and PO Box delivery.

Additional Information About FedEx SmartPost And PO Box Delivery:

FedEx SmartPost offers personalized solutions as per the average daily shopping amount. It picks up, gives a line haul, and delivers the outrageous to the USPS facility for the last delivery by a postal carrier.

The normal delivery time for smart post-delivery is 2-7 business days. Also, it depends on the distance to the destination. The package can be delivered on any weekday from Monday to Saturday. FedEx smart post can deliver at all locations in the US. They can send it to the military as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use FedEx group or FedEx home to transport it to a PO Box?

FedEx group or FedEx home can be used to transport for all PO locations. FedEx uses FedEx smart post for the last part of delivery. In this case, FedEx can drop off the package for postal employees to take it into the PO and add it into the box.

2. Can a courier deliver to a PO Box?

Boxes are used for receiving mail items sent through federal postal services. Carriers don’t deliver at PO Boxes.

3. Can I Cancel a FedEx shipment?

The answer is yes. You can cancel a shipment before the scanning of a package. For this, go to the FedEx ship manager at

4. How to edit a label after it’s created?

It is possible to edit a label immediately after creating it at FedEx Ship Manager at You can select edit in the label’s confirmation screen.


We have reached the end of the article. We hope that we have answered the question, Does FedEx deliver to the PO box?

Let’s take a quick recap, FedEx does not deliver to the PO box, but there are some rare exceptions. For example, it delivers at PO Boxes for military bases. Also, the only way to deliver to domestic PO Boxes you can select the FedEx smart list that uses the USPS system in the last part of delivery.

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