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Does Shampoo Expire

Does Shampoo Expire? Read Now To Find Out

Springtime cleaning your bathroom has always been on your to-do checklist for what seems like an eternity. You notice you still have several containers of old shampoos or unused shampoo bars after taking an assessment of your bathroom rack and bathroom drawers. But unfortunately, the expiration date of each shampoo is not visible.

But the issue is, does shampoo have an expiration date? If this is the case, how do you know whether to use your old shampoo or purchase a new bottle?

Continue reading to discover all the facts.

Yes, the answer to this question is a big yes. However, you should be aware that the specific consumption date of shampoo is determined by the maker. This is because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not monitor the cosmetic shelf life of beauty products such as shampoos and conditioners.

Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration has declared that “no U.S. rules or regulations mandate cosmetics to have defined shelf life or even have expiry dates on their packaging.” As a result, it is up to the brand to assure product safety, which people should take extremely seriously.

Shampoos, for example, usually have an expiration date and/or a “duration after unpacking” recommendation. The latter relates to shampoo’s ideal shelf life. According to the Food and Drug Administration, this is “the amount of time you can expect the product to feel and function as envisioned and to remain safe for use.”

You can look for each element of information on the packaging of your shampoo to find out just how long it should stay in your bathroom cubicle.

Simply seek a little bottle label with a number if you’re looking for the “period after opening” (PAO) sign. It’s usually located near the bottom of packing labels in several ways:

  • 6M: After opening, your shampoo is valid for six months.
  • 12M: After opening, your shampoo is valid for 12 months
  • 18M: After opening, your shampoo is valid for 18 months.
  • 24M: Your shampoo is valid for 24 months after it has been opened.

If you’re still unsure about how long your shampoo will last once you unscrew the cap off, consider mailing or contacting the brand’s customer care department to inquire.

When Does Shampoo Expire?

Shampoo can expire, but you’re probably interested to know how long it can survive before you throw it out.

As a general rule, an unused bottle of shampoo may be stored correctly for 2-4 years. Meanwhile, an uncapped bottle of shampoo can spoil in six months to two years.

After all, the sort of shampoo recipe, especially, the nature of the preservatives used would also have a role.

If you’re curious why preservatives are used in hair care products, it’s because the majority of shampoos these days are water-based, which makes them a perfect growing place for harmful bacteria. To protect against bacterial infection, shampoo products often contain either organic, organically derived, or synthetic preservatives.

Natural shampoos, on the other hand, may have a limited shelf life than conventional shampoos. According to a 2018 report, organic preservatives are less effective than man-made preservatives in some product compositions.

You can probably also guess that opened containers of shampoo expire quicker than sealed ones. Bacteria are more likely to enter the container and blend with the substance inside with each usage. Even though you properly keep your new shampoo, it will someday expire since preservatives fade off over time, rendering the product ineffective.

Depending on the component list and the quality of your shampoo brand, you can estimate a use-by date ranging from a few months to several years.

How Can We Identify An Expired Shampoo?

The concern, “Does shampoo expire?” is now answered. The second step is to identify the warning indications of faulty shampoo.

It’s always a good idea to verify the expiration date on shampoos and conditioners, both opened and unopened. If it isn’t stated on the bottle, search for the Period After Opening mark to identify if the shampoo is safe to use or not.

If neither of these is accessible, or if you just cannot recall when you originally purchased and/or unpacked the shampoo, there are a couple of extra ways to identify if it has expired:

  • Perform a visual inspection: Remove the cap from the shampoo container and inspect the liquid inside. If it’s gone bad, the oil-based components (for example, butter and crucial oils) will normally separate toward the top. Also, thanks to chemical changes such as oxidation, the shampoo may seem damaged or lumpy.
  • Allow your nose to lead you: Take a careful sniff. Is the aroma softer than it used to be? Perhaps your nose is being assailed by a strong foul smell. In any event, your shampoo has most certainly expired.
  • Use it to wash your hair: If there’s no obvious sign that the shampoo has worn off and you’re prepared to take a chance, go ahead and use it. If you find that the shampoo’s cleaning powers are slightly lacking (for example, there is much less foam), this is a clear indication that it has lost its potency and should be quickly discarded.

As you can see, “does shampoo expire” isn’t the only question you should be asking. Equally crucial are the investigative abilities that can assist you in identifying whether the product has passed its prime.

Can Expired Shampoo Be Used?

Expired shampoo, like other expired items, should be avoided for health and safety concerns. Applying an expired shampoo on your hair may result in insufficient washing, leaving your hair dry, lifeless, and dull.

Furthermore, the component breakdown causes a mini-explosion of chemical alterations within the shampoo container. Even though such chemical reactivity is not visible to the human eye, it has been linked to several dermatological issues, including scalp itching and irritation.

It’s not worth the risk!

Proper Way Of Storing A Shampoo Container

Try giving your shampoo a good place to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate before its expiry date. Keep the shampoo away from broad sunlight and other sources of heat. It’s also a good idea to keep new haircare items in a cold, dark area.

After each use, ensure that the lid is completely closed or that the bottle is stored in such a way that external environmental factors, such as shower water, cannot readily enter inside. Every package of hair care products from brands should include optional pumps for hassle-free storage.


To conclude, sealed shampoos generally last longer than used ones. You must also consider the product’s ingredient list. Those that have a greater concentration of organic (or organically sourced) substances and fewer chemical preservatives will most likely have a lower shelf life.

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