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Everything You Need to Know About NAC Supplements

Everything You Need to Know About NAC Supplements

People take supplements to get adequate minerals to maintain and improve their
health. The human body needs to maintain a healthy balance between free radicals
and antioxidants. They are both beneficial and harmful to the body. Free radicals
cause cell damage and play a crucial role in developing cancer, heart diseases, and
other diseases.

NAC stands for N-Acetyl Cysteine. Doctors generally recommend NAC supplements
to patients to protect their cells from damage caused by the free radicals. If you do
not know what is N acetyl cysteine, here is the information.

N Acetyl Cysteine is an antioxidant that healthcare providers use to treat different
sorts of ailments. For example, it is used to treat toxic acetaminophen formed in the
liver. Doctors mention it could also play a crucial role in preventing cancer.

What are the Uses of NAC Supplements?

NAC is used to treat a variety of health conditions. Here are different ways it can

● Treat Psychiatric Conditions

NAC supplements help increase levels of some neurotransmitters that help improve
mental function. Medical experts mention use NAC supplements have helped
alleviate symptoms in different psychiatric conditions like:
● schizophrenia
● obsessive-compulsive disorder
● bipolar disorder
● Treat Lung Ailments

Doctors recommend NAC to people suffering from various lung ailments like cystic
fibrosis and bronchitis. You can use the inhalable form of NAC to reduce excess

● Improve Insulin Sensitivity

People with polycystic ovary syndrome develop insulin resistance that causes an
increase in blood sugar levels. Researchers have evidence NAC helps in lowering

blood sugar levels, especially in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. However, it
does not mean it is a substitute for insulin; NAC can only be used as a supplement in
the treatment.

● Reduce Risk of Preterm Birth

Preterm birth refers to the delivery of a baby before the 37th week of pregnancy.
Some of the reasons for preterm birth are infections like bacterial vaginosis. The
body responds by an inflammatory response that increases preterm birth risk. NAC
supplements can suppress inflammation and reduce the risk of preterm birth.
A 2009 study indicates that giving a daily dosage of 0.6 grams of NAC to pregnant
women taking progesterone helped prevent preterm delivery in women with a history
of bacterial vaginosis and preterm delivery.

Now that you know what is N-acetyl cysteine, you must know its dosage and

What is the Dosage of NAC Supplements?

NAC is available in various forms as an over-the-counter medicine. Here is the list of

● Powders
● Effervescent
● Softgels
● Capsules
● Tablets

Most NAC formulations have the strength of 600 mg doses, but you can also get
1000 mg doses. The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements. Hence, there are no
appropriate guidelines for using NAC. You have to consult your doctor regarding the
correct dosage of NAC.

Doctors prescribe a daily dosage of up to 1200 mg of NAC to adults, divided into two
dosages. For best results, you need to take NAC on an empty stomach as food
affects how your body absorbs amino acids like NAC. You should store NAC
supplements in a dry, dark, and cool place. Avoid using NAC supplements that show
signs of deterioration and discoloration. Also, do not consume NAC supplements that
have expired.

What are the Health Benefits of NAC?

NAC is also recommended for various health benefits it provides.

● Boost Brain Health

NAC is capable of regulating brain glutamate levels by replenishing glutathione.
Glutamate is an important brain neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in memory
actions, behavior, and learning. The antioxidant glutathione helps suppress oxidative
damage in brain cells due to aging.

● Improve Fertility in Men and Women

As per leading research, 15% of couples trying to conceive are affected mainly by
infertility. The infertility issue in males is due to insufficient antioxidant levels to
combat free radicals in the reproductive system. NAC helps in tackling the increase
in free radicals by introducing antioxidants. Thus, NAC prevents cell death in the
reproductive system due to oxidative stress.

Thus, the NAC supplement is helpful to humans in many ways. However, you need
to make sure you take these supplements under medical supervision.

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