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Find Out All About The NZ Betting Shops From Tim Harrison Of BetZillion

Find Out All About The NZ Betting Shops From Tim Harrison Of BetZillion

Sports betting in New Zealand has always been fun for most gamblers. But with so many betting shops coming into the picture, the bettors are often confused about which site they should choose. Well, we get your dilemma! Tim Harrison from BetZillion helped us a lot to figure out the top platforms. We help you with the best local betting shops in New Zealand.

The BeingHuman team has personally joined each site to assess their features and quality of service. Gladly, there are many such NZ sports betting sites where you can enjoy betting on the top sports worldwide and also get lucrative bonuses. So are you excited to learn more about the local NZ betting shops? If yes, stay hooked!

How Do We Choose The Best Betting Sites In NZ?

Thank you! We are lucky to have you as our reader because you trust us. But at times, you need to ask yourself why you should believe in us? Or, what do we do to ensure that the sites recommended in the guide are genuine, secure, and enjoyable? Even if you do not have these questions, we would like to answer them for you. Here are a few major factors that all our gambling experts take care of while recommending any betting shop to you:

We check the security policies first

We think your security and privacy matter the most when gambling. You need to provide your info and banking details to a bookie in sports betting. If you choose a fraudulent site, it will not be worth it. You will soon get scammed with all your money, and even your system might get hacked. Sounds like a nightmare? Guess what it is! That is why we check the terms and conditions, security policies, and the gambling license of the betting shop first. If everything looks fine, then only we proceed to the next checks. 

We check the sports available

As the gamblers are joining the site for sports betting, they must get enough sports options to bet on. Several sites offer no more than five sports events, which is very limited. That is why we ensure that the betting shops recommended by us have enough sports selections to keep you entertained throughout. You should be able to bet on multiple gambling sectors right from one side. Major events of both popular and non-popular sports should be there. Besides sports, other opportunities for betting on politics and entertainment are also checked. 

We check the bonuses available

If you find that the security and sports are on point, it’s time to go through the list of rewards. Is the welcome deal profitable enough? Are there enough weekly reloads? Players who ignore the deals often suffer because they cannot place good bets. That is why we never make this mistake. We always check the bonuses, and if they look fine, only we suggest the site. 

We check the payment methods

The bookie must provide several trustable payment options to their users. If you have plenty of secure payment methods in hand, you can choose any of them with which you feel comfortable. We also pick such sites that allow the bettors to pay using cryptocurrency because many gamblers use this payment method currently. The withdrawal speed of the betting shops is also quite fast, within 3 to 5 business days. Fast withdrawal speed ensures you get your winnings on time!

We check the availability of mobile apps

Even though not every betting site has a mobile app, we try to include only those in the list with a mobile app. Gambling through a mobile app is easy for mobile bettors. 

We check the service provided by the customer support team

Last but not least, we get in touch with the customer support teams of the sites to see how quickly they can solve our queries. We also check if they are patient enough to listen to our problems and solve them one at a time. 

Betting Opportunities Provided by the Best NZ Betting Shops

There are loads of betting opportunities provided by the betting shops. But some of the major ones that Tim and other gamblers mostly love are mentioned as follows:

  • You can bet on the players of your choice. Find out the player’s odds on your chosen betting site and then place your bets.
  • Placing bets on teams, usually labeled as underdog or favorite, is also possible. According to the betting shop, the favorite is the team with a higher chance of winning the game. On the contrary, the underdog is the team that the site assumes to lose
  • You can bet on more than one sport at a time. There are several sports options available in the best betting shops. Some include tennis, basketball, rugby union, golf, football, auto racing, baseball, etc. 
  • You can also place your bets on major tournaments like Cricket World Cup, FIFA, etc. 

List of NZ Betting Sites to Join

Some NZ sports betting sites Being Human team would like you to join are:

  • 22 BetFansBet
  • LVBet
  • Energy Bet
  • Bet Regal
  • Power Play
  • 10Bet
  • BetHard


Are NZ Betting Sites Legitimate?

Yes, NZ betting sites are legitimate and can be used for sports betting. However, they have certain terms and conditions to ensure that your privacy is not compromised at any cost. Moreover, most betting shops have been working for more than a decade. With their commendable service, they have won many hearts, and hence, you, too, can put your trust in them. 

Do I Need to Pay any Fees for Joining an NZ Betting Site?

No, a registration fee is not required to sign up for any NZ betting site. Signing up and availing of the welcome bonus is free of cost. Tim does not recommend you to join such sites that charge extra fees for signing up. 

What Is the Withdrawal Speed?

The withdrawal speed in most casinos we suggested is around 3 to 5 business days and not more. This withdrawal speed is considered quite fast compared to the speed of other sites. However, remember, it might take a little more time in the case of holidays and weekends. But other than that, the withdrawal speed does not disappoint usually. 

Final Word

We hope this blog helped you learn a lot about NZ betting shops. Tim Harrison made sure to simplify things for you as minutely as possible. Our team also tried to add their best suggestions for making this blog even more helpful. 

Remember, whenever you are joining a new betting site, you will need some time to explore the platform first. So when are you planning to place your wager on the NZ betting sites, and which platforms are you eager to join? Make sure you share with us before leaving! Once done, you can easily start placing your bets.

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