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Fitness And Health Tips For Families

Fitness And Health Tips For Families

Staying active and focusing on fitness is essential for children and adults alike. Regular exercise increases physical and heart health, improves sleep, reduces stress, minimizes illness, and can increase attention. Families who prioritize getting in shape together will benefit from spending time together in addition to all of the health benefits. Keep reading for tips to keep families fit and healthy.

Schedule Routine Medical Exams

Annual well-checks with a pediatrician are essential for growing children. Checking growth curves by height and weight can help determine if a child is healthy. Children should also receive family dental services twice a year. Routine cleanings and X-rays will ensure oral health and clean teeth.

Keep Physical Activities Simple

Getting physical activity can be as simple as parking further from the door when shopping. It could mean walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or walking to the convenience store rather than driving. 

A daily walk is the perfect easy way to relax at the end of the day while still getting some exercise. It allows family members to share what’s happening in their lives, too. Nature or neighborhood walks after dinner can help children’s digestion and re-energize them before they have to sit down to do their homework.

Try a Healthy Activity Together

Instead of taking kids to sports activities for them to do with their friends, consider joining in the activity. There are plenty of sports children and adults can participate in together. Tennis, karate, Taekwondo, and dance classes are just a few. There are even family soccer and basketball leagues that some families enjoy together.  

Get Outside

Most outdoor activities require more effort than indoor activities. In the spring and summer, riding bikes, flying kites, and gardening can be fun while providing great exercise. In the winter, building snow forts and snowmen can build muscles and work the cardiovascular system. The right weather can yield anywhere from a few minutes to a full day of opportunity for physical activity. 

Get Healthy for a Good Cause 

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in a 5K or a walk-a-thon for a good cause. Talk to the family about choosing a cause, training for the event, and participating together. The whole family will be getting healthy while contributing to a great cause. 

Skip the Screen Time

Not all screen activities are bad, but they cause kids to be sedentary. From video games to computers and TV, many children sit in front of screens for hours every day. Take screens out of children’s bedrooms, challenge them to be active during commercials, and limit the time they spend in front of a screen daily. Providing them with fun activities to participate in will help make this transition easier.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make people feel physically fatigued, making exercise seem like drudgery. Proper sleep is necessary for overall health, school performance, behavior, and weight. Establish routines and stick to established bedtimes for the healthiest outcomes. Put children to bed at the same time each evening, and wake them up at the same time each morning to ensure adequate sleep.  

Staying healthy as a family can be easy and fun. Get the whole family to brainstorm ways they would like to be active together and start on the road to better health.  

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