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Four Fashion Trends Your Entire Family Will Love

Four Fashion Trends Your Entire Family Will Love

We know that fashion trends come and go, but then there are timeless wardrobe pieces that remain a classic staple decades later. While we often get our fashion updates from runways and magazines, nowadays it’s the social media influencers that drive what’s hot in fashion trends. With streetwear culture and blooming ideas in the digital world, we’re finding all kinds of fashion trends suitable for the entire family. Here are four you and your family are sure to love.

Hoodies Under Blazers

You’ll love one of the most popular styles in cozy and comfortable fashion trends in the hoodie and blazer combination. Who would have guessed, right? But it’s a fun and bold way to combine casual with dressy. And with the bold and bright fashion colors that are bursting onto the scene this year, you’ll enjoy mixing and matching blazers in many colors with your favorite hoodies. 

Mom and dad can sport this trend just the same since this mainstream look transcends generations. Indeed, wearing a hoodie under a blazer adds a stylish layer to your overall look. Shop for a hoodie with a slim, tapered design and pair it with a solid-colored blazer. Wear slacks or denim, either choice will work.

Leather Jackets & Bombers

Not a fashion season passes by without the introduction of the classic and timeless appeal of leather jackets. Add bomber jackets to this year’s fashion trends and you’ll be reliving the 80s and 90s with a hip and cool look that’s still attracting fans everywhere. Leather jackets, coats and bombers are a perennial of most popular fashion trends and come in a plethora of cuts, styles and shades. But if you prefer vegan leather jackets, you’ll have no problem finding styles that match the popularity of their leather designs.

Cool Kicks by Vans

Vans shoes have been in style for decades. They offer great support and a comfortable fit for the entire family. The shoe is the ultimate combination of function and style, whether you’re wearing a pair for outdoor walking or completing a stylish look. Vans are available in many styles and colors to match anyone’s taste, from the casual slip-on canvas shoe to laced-up sneakers often seen on the soles of skater boarders. Consider the deck shoes or boat shoes for a beach vacation or choose a style that can transcend from the office to the gym. Vans shoes are famous for their versatility, and you’ll stand out with class when you don a pair of these timeless shoes.

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is back in style and selling better than ever. The bucket hat is the ideal headgear for completing a fashionable outfit. It’s also a hat that evokes memories of a time past when being both charming and fun went hand-in-hand with fashion. And while the hat was originally designed to protect its wearer from the sun or rainy days, its resourceful use and cute style are what transcend this piece into a wardrobe staple you’ll want in your closet year after year. Recently spotted at shows such as Kate Spade, Anna Sui and Bode, bucket hats are proving that they are here to stay.

Setting Fashion Trends With the Family

Consider the aforementioned fashion trends and dress your entire family in style this season. Choose popular pieces that are likely to stick around year after year and you’ll have a timeless look that your entire family can enjoy.

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