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Hallway Laundry Room Door Ideas

32 Hallway Laundry Room Door Ideas: Classy and Functional  

There are many hallway laundry room door ideas to pick from; you’ll find one that meets your needs. 

A laundry door helps conceal your clothes and machines when friends drop by. The door will also dampen the noise from appliances, which makes it a handy feature. 

As much as a standard door can get the job done, choosing something that complements your home’s style is best. Read on to learn about the various door designs that can make your laundry room stand out. 

32 Hallway Laundry Room Door Ideas 

The laundry room is usually among the smallest spaces in the house, but it still deserves much attention. Plus, having a laundry space is a luxury; it helps your home stay organized.

If you’re looking to upgrade the laundry door, there are many creative door ideas to pick from. They include; 

1. Accordion Doors for Laundry Closets 

Accordion Doors for Laundry Closets 

The accordion door is also known as a bifold door. Unlike the sliding doors that move along the track, you can partially open or close these doors as needed. This becomes quite useful if you’re using them to hang clothes and more. 

Accordion doors also offer easy access to the washer and dryer. Paint the accordion doors to match your laundry room color. 

2. Hidden Door 

Hidden Door

Some homeowners prefer to make a statement with their laundry room and let people know where it’s located. 

But if you want to hide your laundry room from people, you can opt for the hidden door. People will only know where your laundry area is if you tell them.

3. Dutch Door 

Dutch Door

Don’t just go for the regular laundry room door, i.e., plain, white, slatted door. There are incredible options, and the antique Dutch door is one of them. It’s best for places with little ventilation or where more ventilation when needed.

4. Well-vented Door  

Well-vented Door

If your laundry room shares space with another room, you might need a cabinet door to conceal the laundry appliances. 

There’s no excellent way to do this than using a well-vented door. These doors are mostly made using a metal mesh that allows hot air to circulate. Plus, they also blend well with most room designs. 

5. Vintage Door 

Vintage Door 

The vintage-inspired doors with laundry room signs never go out of style. The vintage door is the best choice for laundry rooms in a farmhouse, but you can also use it in any home.

Go with the vintage door to recreate the old laundry vibe. Choose one that has a frosted glass pane; they look great.

6. Modern Sliding Door   

Modern Sliding Door

If your space is small, the sliding door is a great way to enhance the laundry space while saving space. 

The sliding barn doors are the most popular, but it isn’t a must that you use the rustic design. Most modern sliding doors are minimal and sleek and work with different design styles.

7. Artsy Door 

Artsy Door

A great thing about sliding doors is they can be used as additional wall space for calendars, art, and bulletin boards. They’ll make your room more attractive.

8. Bright Yellow Laundry Door 

Bright Yellow Laundry Door

You can go bold with a bright yellow door; this color is usually impressive and striking. It can be a vivid yellow Dutch door or just a typical door. It’ll provide a punch even in the most neutral home.

9. Vintage Pocket Laundry Door 

Vintage Pocket Laundry Door

The sliding doors save so much space, but a pocket door saves much more. This vintage pocket laundry door offers some personality to the room. It also lets the homeowner close the laundry room and hide any mess. 

10. Shutter Doors 

Shutter Doors

You shouldn’t just install any door in your laundry room. The shutter doors are unique, more so the rustic design styles. The coastal, cottage, and rustic shutter design styles are the best. They’ll offer both personality and function.

11. Swinging Door 

Swinging Door

You can make your laundry room beautiful and classy using a swinging door. Choose a swinging door that’s glitzy and well-polished. 

You’ll also love how practical they are because of their hands-free nature. This comes in handy when your hands are full of clothes or towels.

12. Folding Door 

Folding Door 

Do you want to separate or close your laundry room, but the space doesn’t allow you to use standard doors? If so, this folding door is excellent for your space. It’ll allow you to close your laundry area from the rest when laundry starts piling up.

13. Glass Door  

Glass Door 

A laundry glass door will allow enough natural light into your laundry space if it doesn’t have windows. There are plenty of glass door designs to choose from. 

14. Rustic Barn Door 

Rustic Barn Door

The rustic barn door doesn’t only offer functionality but is also beautiful. The sliding feature makes it easy for one to enter and exit the laundry room.

15. Mid-Century Door Style 

Mid-Century Door Style

There are a variety of mid-century door styles to choose from and install in your laundry space. This deep brown mid-century door style with horizontal window slats will add a unique design element to your room. It allows natural light into the area. 

16. Black Door with White Trim  

Black Door with White Trim

The black-painted door with white trim has maximum style and contrast. It’s undoubtedly a creative way to add drama to your laundry room. 

You can enhance the appearance of your laundry room by adding features such as black and white mosaic tiles. You can also install light wood shelves in the space.

17. Black Door with Laundry Room Sign   

Black Door with Laundry Room Sign

You can make a statement on your black laundry door by adding a laundry room sign to it. The laundry sign will also help visitors know exactly where the laundry room is. The laundry sign you put should match the enclosure and door colors.

18. White and Weathered Laundry Door 

White and Weathered Laundry Door

Maximize the character of your laundry space using a high-style sliding barn door. A white, weathered barn door will be a great addition if your laundry space is bright white. 

19. Frosted Glass Door 

Frosted Glass Door.

A frosted glass door is an excellent solution for the laundry room. This particular one has a natural stain with a satin finish. It’s also a sliding design which means enough space will be saved. Lastly, this door makes your room appear classy and airy. 

20. Folded Louvered Doors

Folded Louvered Doors

The wide plantation louvers on this door add a modern style to any décor. These folded louvered doors are easy to install and ideal for use in your laundry space. Lovers are also a functional solution for shallow areas.

21. Black Shutter Doors  

Black Shutter Doors 

The black shutter door is an inspirational design that’ll give your laundry space character. Ensure the door matches the room’s décor, including cabinets and walls.

22. Semi Outdoor for Laundry Space 

Semi Outdoor for Laundry Space

If the climate of your residence allows it, you can set up your laundry area outdoors. This means the heat from the machines won’t affect your home. Locating your laundry space outdoors makes it easier to do laundry. 

You can enhance this space using a semi-outdoor laundry door. It can be a simple yet beautiful screen door built using lightweight wood or bamboo. 

23. Single Pocket Laundry Door 

Single Pocket Laundry Door

You can try the single-pocket door if the laundry entrance is too small for two doors. It is easy to build and install, and this makes it affordable. The single pocket door will offer closure and enhance your laundry space’s look. 

24. Metal Mesh Door 

Metal Mesh Door

The metal mesh door would fit well with an industrial look. The door frame inlays of this door are best for structural bulkheads and arches. 

Other than their fantastic look, these doors are so functional. They’ll allow passage of light and air while closed. 

25. Single Glass French Door 

Single Glass French Door

These doors are usually custom-built to fit well in a particular space. This French door has been designed with the old-fashioned antique and rustic look in mind. 

It’s simply a well-accepted and beautiful French door. If you love the French style, this door is your best pick. It’ll make your laundry room stand out. 

26. Classic Double Wooden Doors 

Classic Double Wooden Doors

You can get these doors in any style or size, usually made from high-quality materials such as mahogany. Most classic wooden doors are superior quality and thus expensive. But they’ll add class to your space. 

The classic door style works well in modern, rustic designs with organic elements. Using a semi-gloss finish will do so well if you’re in a Victorian home. Keep its handles black for a subdued look. 

27. Double Antique Farmhouse Door 

Double Antique Farmhouse Door

This door design is the best for the pantry but can also be used in your laundry room if the space is small. 

Install double doors that swing outward to make it easier to access your laundry room and have more space. However, they are super expensive because of the material used in making them.

28. Simple Door with Metal Rods 

Simple Door with Metal Rods 

Do you want a space-saving door idea that enhances your home’s functionality? If yes, try this simple yet eye-catching door design. 

This door design will have your laundry room look classy and organized. Plus, it allows proper air circulation and enough light into your laundry room. 

29. Laundry Room Bypass Doors 

Laundry Room Bypass Doors

Having a separate laundry space in your home is a luxury. But the area can quickly become dysfunctional and cluttered if it lacks excellent cabinets and a door. 

If you have a copious laundry room, the bypass doors are a sure way to make a statement and keep everything looking great.

30. Accented Laundry Room Door  

Accented Laundry Room Door 

Are you craving something simple but functional? This flush laundry door may do the trick. It is made of wood, and its color adds character to the laundry room. It seamlessly complements the white interiors of the laundry room without stealing the show.

31. Half Glass Laundry Room Door 

Half Glass Laundry Room Door

Using the half-glass door, you can let in light and maintain your laundry room’s privacy. The half-glass door features a translucent panel on the top and an opaque panel on the bottom to conceal the view of the laundry machines. 

So, anyone on the outside won’t see your laundry machines. You can also choose a door with additional louvers on the lower half for better ventilation. This will be so helpful if your laundry space is narrow or small. 

32. Sliding Yellow Door 

Sliding Yellow Door

This list has several sliding doors, but you can make it different by boldly painting the glass door. You can revamp it with bright yellow; it’s more fun than white color and also blends well with a space that’s painted white. 


You now know some of the best hallway laundry room ideas that’ll make a statement. There are many things to factor out when choosing a laundry room door size, ventilation, and location. 

However, ventilation is the most crucial factor because laundry rooms have a lot of heat and humidity from the washer and dryer. So, pick a laundry door that allows proper air circulation.  

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