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How Fast Can A Mako Shark Swim

How Fast Can A Mako Shark Swim?

Do you know that a shark is also known as the “Cheetahs of the ocean”? The shortfin mako shark is also known as one of the fastest sharks in the ocean. So, let’s know more in detail about these Cheetahs and know “how fast can a mako shark swim?

Also, we will tell you the reason behind their speed that makes them quick. Let’s begin!

Why Are Humans Curious About Sharks?

Do you know that around 80 unprovoked shark attacks are reported around the world every year? For this reason, humans have been commonly fearful about sharks. At the same time, Sharks have always made humans curious to know more about them.

They have a scary reputation, but they rarely eat humans in reality. Instead, they feed on fish and other marine animals. Interestingly, the fossil record of sharks dates back to 400 million years. For this reason, they have outlived the dinosaurs.

Also, they have outlined various other living creatures that are currently found on earth. Sharks seem scary because they can smell blood and reach the prey quickly. Along with it, they have a large body size with sharp teeth that make humans feel threatened.

After understanding sharks, let us know more about mako sharks. Also, we will tell you about the species and lifespan of the mako sharks that are commonly found. So, let us read on.

What Is A Mako Shark?

A Mako shark or a shortfin mako shark is also known as the “Cheetah of the Ocean”. This endangered species takes its name ‘mako’ from the Màori language that means shark or shark tooth. It is a large species with fast growth. This cylindrical-shaped shark is found in temperate and tropical seasons so that you will find it in the gulf or warm streams.

However, these species stay at 150m below the surface and far from land and Shores. As a result, shortfin mako sharks can keep their bodies warm even in cold temperatures underwater. As per Newsweek, the strongest shark bite ever has been delivered by the shortfin Mako shark. It measured 3,000 pounds of pressure.

Interestingly, mako fish is one of the most prized game fishes with expensive and rare meat, fins, and liver oil. For this reason, it is getting close to extinction each year.

Now you know who are mako sharks, next let us know how fast a mako shark can swim and how many mako sharks are found around the globe.

How Fast Can A Mako Shark Swim?

Shortfin mako sharks swim at a speed of 70 to 80 miles p/h. This high swimming speed always has interested researchers, so a research team from the University of Alabama researched the cause for the same.

They focused their research around the microscopic scales found at some particular locations of the mako shark, like its flank and fun. These microscopic scales flex at a 40° angle from the body in the opposite direction. So, these scales give resistance to the mako shark.

How Many Species Of Mako Sharks Are There?

The Mako sharks have two species. There is a longfin mako shark and a shortfin mako shark. These two species have many resemblances and few differences too. In scientific terms, shortfin mako is also known as Isurus oxyrinchus. On the other side, the longfin mako is known as Isurus paucus.

Earlier, the two distinct species of mako sharks were not recognized, and all the mako sharks came under shortfin mako sharks. Later, the mako fishes with longer fins were titled shortfin mako sharks differently.

Both the species are open sea predators who are inhabitant in warm waters and keep touring around the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

So, you would have understood that there are 2 speakers of mako sharks. Now, let us know whether humans eat mako sharks or not.

Do Humans Eat Mako Sharks?

Everyone has a common perception that sharks eat humans, and you might have thought that mako sharks are not different. But, you might be surprised to know that mako sharks don’t eat humans.

So, the answer to this question is partially correct. Humans hunt the mako sharks but not for eating them. Humans hunt mako sharks for their flesh and oil. But, humans don’t commonly consume mako sharks.

We also mentioned that mako sharks don’t consume humans, but there have been 8 reported attacks by mako sharks on humans. However, none of it was fatal. It is just difficult to manage them like other sharks.

Due to their big side, they have dense flesh low in fat. Often, people get confused between mako sharks and swordfish. For now, it falls under the ‘Endangered list’ by IUCN.

Now, we know that humans don’t eat mako sharks, and even mako sharks don’t eat mako sharks. So now, let’s look at some interesting facts on the mako shark about their lifespan, killing, and shark attacks.

Some Interesting Facts On Mako Sharks

Mako sharks had always enticed humans. So now let’s talk about some exciting facts on Mako sharks:

  • A mako shark lives from 28 to 25 years. Also, similar to other species, the mako sharks live longer as time progresses.
  • The mako sharks frequently get caught in human nets, and then their flesh, oil, and teeth are sold in the markets.
  • There is no record of shortfin mako shark attacks on humans. However, longfin mako sharks had attacked humans in the past.
  • Interestingly scientists say that there is some feud between male and female mako sharks. This is because they don’t come together until they have to mate.


Now we have come to the end of this article. We hope that you would have got an answer to your question, ” how fast can a mako shark swim”?

Now let’s take a quick recap. Mako sharks are also known as the Cheetahs of the ocean because they can swim too fast. They can swim at speeds between 60-80 miles p/h. There has been no record of fatalities reported from mako shark attacks in the past. However, they have attacked humans 8 times.

There are 2 species of mako sharks, the longfin mako and the shortfin mako. These sharks have a lifespan of up to 25-28 years. The mako sharks are one the rarest sharks in the world, and they are found in warmer waters of the oceans.

However, the mako sharks as ‘Endangered’ species by the IUCN because their population is decreasing after being caught in human fishnets.

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