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How To Deal With Critters In Your Attic

How To Deal With Critters In Your Attic

Nobody wants to hear strange noises coming from the attic of the home, particularly when these noises sound as if an animal has taken up residence there. When they hear noises, the homeowner may attempt to remove the critters from the home. They know the animals can carry disease and damage the home. The best way to stop this from happening is to prevent the animals from moving in. However, once they have, take steps to remove them. 

Squirrels remain a problem

If you have critters in the attic, they are most likely squirrels. The Eastern Gray Squirrel loves to move into homes, and they will chew their way into a residence. Once they make it inside, they chew the wood along with electrical wires. The attic is warm and dry, and the squirrel equates it to a hollow tree outdoors. Many times, pregnant squirrels move into a home to give birth and raise babies. Squirrels often return to a home yearly, and they add to the damage each time they return. 

When will squirrels be heard? 

Noises coming from the attic during the day suggest you have a squirrel problem. These animals are more active at dawn and dusk, so this is when the noises will be most noticeable. Residents of the home will hear a fast scamper, and the squirrels may roll nuts across the attic floor. Mother squirrels don’t make as much noise, but when the babies grow, the noise level will increase. Squirrels tend to remain at the entry hole, and they may scurry up and down the walls of the home. How They Get In

A squirrel only needs a small hole to move into a home. If they find a small hole, they’ll chew it until the hole becomes big enough for them to get inside. Look for holes at roof level because squirrels can climb anything. Any gap in the home is an invitation for them to move in, and squirrels will use the entry hole repeatedly. 

Signs squirrels live in the attic

Squirrels leave behind droppings when they move into an attic. If you see what looks like fat brown grains of rice, squirrels are the problem. These droppings are only .33 inches long. Homeowners might also find nesting debris, like sticks and leaves in the attic, or trails throughout the insulation. They may also cause damage to wood or electrical wires. 

Seasonal indications

Female squirrels deliver two litters each year. One arrives sometime in the summer, and the second arrives during the winter months. If you hear noises in the attic in March, the babies are old enough to move around, and the same holds if noises come from the attic in September. When unusual noises from the attic during these months, the chances are good you have a squirrel infestation. 

Removing the squirrels

Many people purchase mothballs, ammonia, and ultrasonic sound emitters to drive the squirrels out. These methods do not work, so don’t waste money on them. The squirrels will need to be removed from the attic and relocated to a safe place. Once they are gone, seal the home so they don’t return. 

If you have squirrels or any uninvited guests in the attic, call a pest control specialist for help. They will remove the critters quickly and take measures to ensure they don’t return. Once the process is complete, you can sleep in peace once again. You’ll know your home remains protected from damage and the risk of your family becoming ill from these unwanted intruders is gone. 

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