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How To Install A Single Sink Vanity For Small Bathrooms

How To Install A Single Sink Vanity For Small Bathrooms

Not every home has beautiful, big bathrooms. Older homes, especially, have smaller bathrooms. These require more planning and care when trying to renovate. This article will explain how to install a single sink vanity in a small bathroom.


It’s important to measure the bathroom carefully and select the right size, as there are many single sink vanities. Look at local home improvement stores, online stores, or even home good resale shops. These vanities can be as small as 18 inches wide and 16 inches deep! A few tools that will be needed are a crescent wrench, channel locks, level, utility knife, bucket, drill, wood shims, and a stud finder. 

Remove The Old Vanity Sink

First, turn off the water. This can be done by turning the water shut-off valves completely to the right. Next, disconnect the vanity from the P-trap. Remove the water supply lines from the shut-off valves. Use the bucket to catch any water that might still be in the lines. 

Remove The Vanity Cabinet

There are probably only 2-4 nails or screws holding the cabinet into wood studs of the wall. These can be easily removed, allowing the cabinet to come right out. 

Install The New Vanity Cabinet

After choosing just the right cabinet, place it where it will go in the bathroom. In many cabinets, the back is cut out to allow the water lines to go through. If not, a hole must be made by using a hole saw. It’s important now to position a level across the width and then the depth. If the cabinet is not level, use some wood shims under the cabinet to make it level. 

Before securing the unit to the wall, it is important to find a wood stud. Use a stud finder, or knock on the wall until a high pitch thud is heard. Try hammering a small nail into the stud. It should feel hard and there should be a bit of resistance. This means that the nail has gone into the wood and not just the drywall. Mark the wall where two studs are located. Drill a hole into the cabinet that is below the stud mark. Make this mark in at least two places along the perimeter where the stud lines up. Now screw the vanity to the wall. It’s that easy!

Install The New Sink And Faucet

Some vanities come with a sink and faucet attached, while others require a separate purchase. If the sink requires separate mounting, follow these directions. Insert the new faucet into the sink, and then place and tighten mounting nuts on the faucet tailpieces. Insert the drain into the sink and slide the rubber bushing up the drain. Slide a plastic locknut up the drain and tighten it with channel locks. Attach the stopper, and the water supply lines. Now re-assemble the P-trap to the sink drain. Tighten everything, use some caulk on the vanity cabinet top perimeter. Turn on the water, and check for leaks!

Remodeling a small bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. After replacing a small vanity, try adding some new lighting, a mirror, and ample storage in closets or shelves. These simple steps can take a bathroom from old and dingy to elegant and beautiful. 

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